How Earth Networks’ Meteorological Services Help the Nationals Prepare for Game Day 2019

From the manicured field conditions to the air temperature during the first pitch, weather plays a integral role in baseball. John Turnour, Head Groundskeeper at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, enjoys a particularly close relationship with nature as he carefully monitors weather conditions leading up to game time.


At any given game, Nationals Park can host over 41,000 excited fans and Earth Networks’ meteorological services help Turnour make pivotal decisions regarding player and patron safety. Providing up-to-the-minute reporting and specific game day forecasts, Earth Networks helps the Nationals focus on winning the game, not fighting the rain.


Precise Technology and Real-Time Results

How Earth Networks' Meteorological Services Help the Nationals Prepare for Game Day

Earth Networks provides forecasts uniquely tailored to every phase of game day. Their network of weather sensors provides computerized, real time weather data. Turnour can view temperatures, rainfall information, wind speeds and severe weather threats as they occur within 20 miles of Nationals Park. Further alerts kick in when weather looms closer at 10 miles. This level of precision allows Turnour to relay the right information to team officials, maintaining optimum game play and safety.


24/7 Data Collection and Personalized Support


Because Earth Networks’ real time weather tracker never stops collecting data, Turnour confidently utilizes the system to make decisions. He uses Earth Networks’ StreamerRT tool to monitor impending rain and radar data up and down the Eastern Seaboard. As game time approaches, Earth Networks provides additional phone support from trained meteorologists monitoring his exact needs.


Multiple Communication Platforms


Managing the weather for a Nationals game is a high-stakes endeavor with significant safety and financial concerns. Canceling prematurely can cause rescheduling headaches and unnecessary revenue loss, not to mention a missed opportunity for fans. Failure to act in a weather emergency could prove fatal. Earth Networks equips Turnour with multiple streams of data to ensure the most accurate information available. He can access reporting on his computer, mobile device and through direct phone communication.


When weather throws a curve, Earth Networks steps up to the plate. John Turnour and the Nationals rely on Earth Networks’ superior meteorological services to provide the best experience on game day.

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