How To Earn Backlinks For Your Business 2020

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Backlinks are powerful and most common tool in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).  Previously, backlinks are the basis to rank a web page well in the major search engines.

Understanding how backlinks work can determine your online success.  In 2017, there are major revision of how backlinks work.

Link acquisition is no doubt time-consuming and expensive. So you should therefore fill in these requirements before moving on acquiring links:

Repair all technical mistakes

Errors can confuse the users. When this happens, Google would do something to hinder your traffic growth. First, ensure that your website is technically optimized.  Avoid errors by using Screaming Frog SEO Spider that detects issues, including 404 errors, incorrect uses of directives, canonical errors, 302 redirects, redirect chains and duplicate META data.

Make Valuable Content

It is important that you produce valuable content that will be make or break your SEO campaign.

Ensure A Strong Foundation

When you have a strong site architecture, you don’t really need to rely much on backlinks.

How To Earn Backlinks For Your Business

How To Earn Backlinks For Your Business



  1. Make sure you will be liked by the users.

When the users appreciate your web page, Google will like you too. Don’t play with the algorithms. Your goal is to focus on how you’ll be able to help your prospects.  You’ll earn backlinks the moment you offer them a satisfying user experience.

  1. You have well written content.

One of the ingredients to succeed online is to create valuable contents. A business that can stand out on their own, without copying others will likely succeed in the competition.  Check the Google ranking for your targeted keyword, think how you can make it on top.

  1. You should be unique.

It’s not easy to rank on the top page of the Google ranking. It takes great effort to surpass the competition. First, you need to be willing to do what others can’t. Although it’s difficult to be one-of-a-kind, you need to be willing to acquire the requirements to make it on top.

  1. Be creative.

You need to try a few ways to be unique. It’s a trial and error until you found that technique that would enable you to succeed.  You can still copy what others did, but ensure to come up something that is better than them.

  1. You must be able to outdo others.

To succeed online, you need to beat your competitors that are already enjoying the ranks. Check the ones that were already on top. Find  out what’s in their content that makes them grab the top of the search engine.  Understanding why they perform better than you is the key to outperform them. Is it their content, blogs, or audience?

  1. Be consistent.

You should submit content regularly. It doesn’t need to be stellar all the time.  Submitting content regularly counts a lot.  You can submit daily, weekly or bimonthly. What’s important is that you are doing something that adds value to your web page.

  1. Create an email list.

It is the easiest way to earn backlinks. When you published a content, you can easily send your email list a copy of your new post. This has been very useful in blog sites, where they can earn instant shares and numerous comments in an hour.

  1. Establish relationships.

To promote your business, you need to create and establish relationships with others. Your blog site couldn’t survive alone if noone is finding or reading your blogs. Establishing relationship will lead to backlinks. A relationship could be easily established with valuable and useful contents.

  1. Promote your content.

Another way to earn backlinks is to promote your contents. You can’t have backlinks if people can’t view your contents. Just always make valuable content that would serve something to the users. If you haven’t reached this point yet, you need to share your contents first on your own social media accounts. Moreover, you need to have engagements that would lead you to natural links.

  • Your content should satisfy the user.

There’s no standard how you can earn a user through the contents. There’s no rule on creating valuable contents. It comes in different shapes and sizes.  Make sure that you exist to serve the needs of the users.  Focus on creating a content that is designed to satisfy the user’s needs. For instance, writing something about your problems and how you solved them can help other people in dealing with them better or avoiding them.

There are no standards or quick fix in getting backlinks. You just need to satisfy the users.  When you serve their needs, backlinks will be automatically earned over time.


Chris Chapman is a well-rounded SEO guy, who can help businesses maximize their online presence and revenues. When not on his desk, you can find him playing basketball or working out in the gym. Aside from being in SEO world, he is also a contributor for

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