The Doom Mod replaces the Space Marine with Hank Hill

The Doom Mod replaces the Space Marine with Hank Hill

Hank Hill and the unnamed space marine who repels the forces of Hell in Doom have many similarities. There is one business that sells propane and propane accessories, and there is another that uses fiery implements to extinguish the lives of countless demons. It is difficult to distinguish between the two, which makes one wonder why it took so long for someone to produce a mod that combines these two beloved franchises.

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The King of the Hill Doom Mod comes courtesy of creator FreewayHere (via PC Gamer), who stated they began replacing DoomGuy’s sprites with Hank Hill’s face “out of boredom.” In spite of the fact that the sprites were not originally intended for a mod, FreewayHere posted them to r/PixelArt where he received “considerable interest” in creating a full mod.

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“I suddenly felt responsible,” wrote FreewayHere in the mod’s description, “and so I began working on an actual mod.”

This work has been ongoing for the past few months leading up to the release of the King of the Hill Doom Mod on ModDB. In this mod, Hank Hill’s stately visage replaces both the player’s sprite and the animated HUD faces, as well as several in-game objects for those that are more appropriate for Hank. The explosive barrels were replaced with propane canisters, the health pickups with cans of Alamo beer, and the hazard suit was replaced with Dale’s exterminator outfit. A riding mower from Lawn of the Dead is also included in the shotgun, as is the BFG9000, which is a propane-burning barbecue.

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In addition to Smoking “Sammy” Salmon, Singing Manitoba Fish, and Ricky Nelson’s Travelin’ Man, Doom’s iconic E1M1 also includes King of the Hill’s theme song. Custom maps are also in the works, although they are still in the early stages of development.

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Visit to download the latest version of the King of the Hill mod release on September 29. In case you are looking to vent your frustrations on an older generation for which you may blame all your current woes, there is also this mod that allows you to blast an even more demonic version of Margaret Thatcher.

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