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    Dirty Reactions on Dream Face Reveal- This is How People Reacted

    Youtuber Dream Face Reveal YouTuber Dream just disclosed his identity, and since we work in the news industry for newspapers rather than the never-ending internet stuff that is vying for your attention at any given moment, this is top-page news in our sector. I was only vaguely familiar with Dream; I knew we hadn’t seen his face, that his Minecraft avatar was smiling on a green background, and that he was a cheater. I think that’s it. I don’t mind that he disclosed his face, however, I guess in a way I’m a little upset that it’s news. However, I feel compelled to speak up for him right away.

    dream face reveal

    The reason I’m depressed is more of a personal note. Some of my contemporaries have laughed off the Dream face reveal, dismissing the very notion of it. However, on the first day, ten million people viewed it. Whether you like it or not, this is important news for the game industry. This is the place to go if you want to be where the action is.

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    The Dream face reveals- It is important to a sizable portion of the gaming audience, especially the younger, rising population. I feel disappointed by it because, while feeling so connected to gaming news in general, I’m a little out of the loop on it. But after observing the response, I realised why I hardly ever pay attention to this section of the media.

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    Dream Face Reveal – Just another White Man

    A dream just resembles a man. He is a white man just like any other; if you were to stroll down the high street, ten other men would look exactly like him. He is a regular man, yet because of his fame, he is fair game. A dream has received insults for both his normal and odd appearances. Approximately 7 million tweets have been written joking that “oh the Minecraft YouTuber is an average white guy?” by mocking their disbelief at the realisation. It reminds me of one of my all-time favourite tweets, which asserts that Twitter acts like the entire world is bullying someone who is deserving of being bullied by nine people, or something similar.

    dream face reveal

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    I don’t really know enough about Dream’s past to know if he ever made fun of anybody for their appearance, but it seems bizarre that people (especially journalists) are making him for looking normal and for having attracted a following who are interested in his appearance.

    However, that is nothing in comparison to the taunts he is receiving for his unusual appearance in the Dream Face Reveal. The continuous and smug “over it” vibes from those who dismiss him as “just a guy” aren’t necessarily offensive. He is a typical man who appears typical. That is true. The repetition of that, as if to imply that he should be given less attention or popularity because he appears normal, is when the backlash after Dream Face Reveal turns into an insult.

    Better that than describing the Dream Face Reveal episode as one grotesque freak who should have kept the mask on because of any characteristic that even slightly deviates from the ideal (a chin too pointed, lips too thin, eyes too shallow, etc.). In essence, he is just a guy.

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    Dream Face Reveal- Does He Really Deserve it?

    It seems to be somewhat gender-reversed. The majority of male streamers are free to present themselves in whatever they choose online, whether it be in terms of their inherent attractiveness (or lack thereof), their attire, their unkempt hair, or their unshaven face. They only need to appear.

    But that doesn’t mean Dream deserves it. I don’t know Dream well enough to know that he makes fun of ladies or anyone else for their appearance. Even if he did, it’s depressing that our initial response to one of the most well-known content producers in gaming’s most innovative type of media is to say, “haha ugly.”

    dream face reveal

    I worry that this is the largest challenge facing content producers and this exact challenge was faced by Dream as well during his face reveal.  Gaming journalists receive a lot of feedback on their work, which may give them more power to provide incisive criticism, keep publishers accountable, and breaking news. Content producers continually have to court attention since people judge them by their personality and looks. Over the next 10 years, these younger consumers will help change the gaming media, but Dream’s face reveal shows that the community of content creators still needs to mature.

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