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    Death Stranding 2 Ocean : A new Death Stranding 2 game is rumored to be named Ocean.

    Death Stranding 2 Ocean: Even though Hideo Kojima remains cagey about the details of Death Stranding 2, we have known for some time that the game is in development. The reason for this is that Norman Reedus spilled the beans earlier in May, resulting in him being razzed on Twitter for his indiscretion.

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    There has been no doubt since then that a Death Stranding sequel is in the works. As a result of a recent leak, this secret has been revealed even more.

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    It was revealed by ResetEra user Dusk Golem that Death Stranding 2 is being developed under the internal codename “Ocean.” Golem did not reveal anything else about the game, but did hint that Kojima Productions may be less dependent upon Sony in the future.

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    “Death Stranding 2 is in development (and for some insiders to know I’m not bullshitting about this in the future, its internal codename is Ocean),” wrote Dusk Golem, “but Kojima has had a long-standing deal with Sony on this, which is being analyzed if Sony and Kojima Productions should renew their contracts after DS2 or not at present, but was never in question before this due to a multi-game contract Sony and Kojima Productions have.”

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    Golem also stated that any rumors pointing to Death Stranding 2 being an Xbox title were “just false.” We will find out whether Kojima Productions continues its relationship with Sony following Death Stranding 2.

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    There was speculation that Kojima Productions would release a game on Google Stadia, but according to reports, Google canceled the game because it was “strictly a single-player experience.” Overdose is believed to be the rumored horror game developed by Kojima Productions in collaboration with Xbox. This game is still likely to be made, but it will rely more heavily on Microsoft’s cloud technology than Google’s.

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    Besides the fact that Margaret Qualley played Mama in Death Stranding, we know very little about Overdose. According to leaked early game footage, Overdose will be presented in the third person and will have at least one jump scare.

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