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    Dead Space Skin Peeling System: The Dead Space remake adds skin flaying with a new peeling system

    Dead Space Skin Peeling System : Following the gameplay reveal just a few days ago, Motive has provided an overview of the gameplay changes that are coming to the Dead Space remake, some of which have been previously noted in developer diaries, and others that have been revealed for the first time.

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    Motive shared a new blog post on the Dead Space website earlier today titled “Inside Dead Space #1: Remaking a Classic”, seemingly launching a new series of deep dives into the game. The blog focuses on detailing all of the changes that have been made to the game within the remake, including the “Peeling System”, improvements to the zero-gravity sections, and an intensity director that dynamically changes the game.

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    There is no doubt that the Peeling System is the most interesting thing detailed within the post, especially considering how important gore and dismemberment are to Dead Space. According to the blog, the Necromorphs have been “reconstructed” around the system, which gives them layers of flesh, tendons, and bones that “break, tear, and shatter”. It is grim, but it is perfect for Dead Space.

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    Next, we highlight the Intensity Director, which will change what happens in-game dynamically depending on how the player performs, including Necromorph spawns and attacks, as well as environmental effects. In addition, Isaac’s breathing and speech will change in response to his stress, which was described in a developer diary a few months ago.

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    Additionally, zero-gravity movement was a focus of improvement in the gameplay trailer. The creative director of the game, Roman Campos-Oriola, stated that players will now have “much more 360-degree freedom” in their movement. It is also mentioned in the blog post that Ishimura is now interconnected for an “unbroken” experience, allowing players to progress through the whole game without encountering any loading screens or camera cuts. There are also new rooms that have been added to the ship, presumably to facilitate the single-shot approach.

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