How To Select CPA Offers To Promote On Facebook 2020

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So What You Are Going To Learn Today ? 

You will learn – 

  • The Fundamentals of CPA Offer Selection
  • Affiliate Marketing vs CPA Marketing
  • How To Select CPA Offers To Promote On Facebook
  • Picking A Winning Affiliate CPA Offer
  • Who’s Gonna Buy Your CPA Offer Instantly

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To make money online, you just need to imprint this formula into your head:

Targeted Traffic + Converting Offer = Cash On Demand!

These are the only two areas you need to master to become ridiculously rich online.

This whole article “How To Select Cpa Offers To Promote On Facebook”  is based around getting you to focus on these two key areas and ignoring everything else.

So let’s get started!

The Fundamentals of Offer Selection


If you drive traffic to a crap offer, then nobody will buy it.

However, with our system, we don’t rely on guess work… We work only with certain types of offers. Offers that are proven to sell… offers that target innate human needs…

Take a look at the diagram below. It’s Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs:

How To Select CPA Offers To Promote On Facebook

abraham maslow hierarchy of needs

Many years ago, there was a theorist by the name of Abraham Maslow, who was hired by big businesses to find out how to motivate their employees to be more productive.

His end result was creating this pyramid or hierarchy of human needs, which motivate us to take actions.At the very bottom is our physiological needs – water, food, shelter. Most jobs meet this basic need and we’re motivated to work to meet this need.

Then it is safety and security – we want stability and will take actions that will help us attain stability i.e. sign an employment contract. Transcending that we have needs for love, self-esteem and at the very top its self-actualization.

The need for self-actualization is to find our calling, our higher purpose in life or to fulfil our full potential. If you offer your audience a product that meets any of these needs, they will buy your product!

The Best Niches That Meet Core Human Needs

Health – Acne, Diabetes, Anti-Ageing, Embarrassing Illnesses, etc.

Wealth – Make money online, trading, eBay, Amazon, drop shipping, etc. Fitness – Six packs, body building, lose weight without working out, etc. Relationships – Get a GF/BF, prevent divorce, marriage advice, etc.

Expensive Hobbies – Golf, martial arts, horse riding, etc.

I prefer to target the above niches… well you can probably guess why!

They help people find security, enhance relationships, improve their self-esteem, etc!


Now here’s my criteria for you to choose a niche:

Good Understanding of the Market

Start with a market that you’re comfortable with. If you choose an area, where you have zero experience, then you will have trouble identifying the best offers in that marketplace.


High Profit Potential

Are there a lot of players in the market? Are people spending money in the market? If they’re not, then you need to move on.


Low Barriers to Entry

There’s no need to be an expert to sell in that market, there’s no legal regulations restricting you i.e. like the medical field etc. You can start operating in the market with minimal technical skills and market knowledge.

My favourite niches are the business opportunity,Sports and beauty products markets.

Affiliate Marketing vs CPA Marketing


When you’re promoting an affiliate offer online, you’re usually selling some sort of an information product: eBook, CD, DVD, Home Study Course, etc.

The key is that this model is driven by direct sales that you generate.

CPA Marketing is Cost Per Acquisition. The acquisition could be a Lead or a Sale or a Free Trial sign up. You don’t need to generate any sales to actually cash in!

However, as a CPA Offer promoter, you are still an affiliate. An affiliate is simply someone who is a partner for a company.So Where Do You Find Affiliate Products/CPA Offers To Promote?

I prefer Clickbank for information products in a whole array of lifestyle niches.For Internet related business opportunities, I like Warrior Plus and also JVZoo.

For CPA offers, which are friendly to newbies, I like Peerfly and Max Bounty. They also have the least stringent application process to get an account with them.

At the end of the day an offer is an offer, it doesn’t really matter if you promote an affiliate product or a CPA product.

How To Select A Winning CPA Offer

My favourite CPA network is Peerfly. It has a simple sign up process and after 2-3 days you get access to your account, once they realise you’re not a fraudster!

I go to to get a snapshot of all the hot offers on Peerfly right now:


How To Select CPA Offers To Promote On Facebook

Peerfly CPA Network


Now with CPA offers. I personally like to focus on Product offers that have a high payout.

There’s a lot of marketers out there who focus on offers that pay $1 for every time somebody submits their email. Those are called Email Submit offers and the sales page tends to look like this:

CPA Marketing - CPA Hot Offer Examples1

CPA Marketing – CPA Hot Offer Examples1

The reason why I focus on Product offers [apart from the high payout] is because it takes the same amount of time to set up a promotion for a Product offer as an Email submit offer.

So why not maximize the returns?!

I also like to focus on Free Trial Product offers. These present a low risk to the actual buyer.

A lot of the products on CPA networks tend to be potions and pills for weight loss, muscle gain, penis enlargement, anti-ageing etc.The Free Trial products are predominantly focused on the Beauty & Health niches.

Most people are very skeptical and cynical about these offers and wouldn’t want to fork out $40 for a months supply of pills!Therefore the product owners offer a Free Trial, where the buyer can pay the Shipping Fee of usually $5 and try the product out.

We get paid $35-$80 every time somebody puts in their credit card details to order a Free Trial.The product owner makes their commission on re-bills, especially because most people forget to cancel the Free Trial!

So if I go over to the Beauty Section on Peerfly Offers, this is what I see:

find best CPA offer to promote

find best CPA offer to promote


I sort the offers down by Conversion Rate because I only want to see offers that are being bought my people.So as you can see there, the stats show the Payout you get, the Conversion Rate [CR], Earnings Per Click [EPC] and Allowed Countries.

The EPC is an indicator of what other affiliates are getting paid for each click they are sending to an offer.It’s an important metric because it helps us determine how much we should be paying for our Facebook ad clicks to be profitable!

For example, if the EPC is $1.01 like the Stemologica offer, in theory if we paid 50c a click, we’d make a profit of 51c per click we send. Now this is all theory and we won’t know what EPC we generate until we actually send traffic to the offer!

For selecting a winning CPA offer the criteria is:

  1. The sales page must look good and
  2. The Conversion Rate must be above 1%

Note that not all CPA offers pay us from the re-bills that they generate. This is because they initially pay us $35+, when they themselves receive only a shipping fee.

So if I click on the Stemologica offer this is what I see

find best health CPA offer to promote find best health CPA offer to promote1

As you can see there, they pay $36.75 for each, the Conversion Rate is 2.74% – which means that from every 100 visitors, 3 are buying. The EPC is $1.01 as well.

You also see that this offer allows Social traffic i.e. Facebook, so is a good fit for us. Also we can only send Canadian visitors to the sales page.

This is what the sales page looks like:

high converting cpa offer sale page

Very slick and professional indeed!

So if we analyse the stats deeper…

Hypothetically this means, you can earn $110.25 for every 100 clicks you send to the offer.As long as you pay Facebook less than $1.10 for a click, you should make a profit!

Now this theory needs to be tested! Which is why I wouldn’t want to pay more than 50-60c per click initially. If I don’t get 1 sales after 30 clicks for this offer, then it would mean these general statistics don’t apply to me. So I’d need to re-evaluate my approach and maybe pay even less per click.

If you scroll down the page, you can see that the 2%+ Conversion Rate has been stable for the last 2 weeks.

Picking A Winning CPA Affiliate Offer From ClickBank

Okay, this is very important because if we choose a losing offer, we won’t make any money – even with the best quality Traffic!

There’s a couple of key criteria I use in determining if an offer will be profitable for me.

As a fitness fanatic, I have decided to find an offer targeting the Weight Loss niche. It’s a niche that I have some knowledge about and am comfortable with.

So let’s take a look at the Clickbank Marketplace to find a suitable offer here:

high converting cpa offer on clickbank


Then I jump straight into the Health & Fitness category.

Once there I sort the offers by Popularity

how to select high converting cpa offer on clickbank

Now here is how you read these stats…

Avg $/Sale is how much other affiliates are making promoting the product.The Initial $/Sale is how much the first sale usually generates.

The Avg% Sale is how much you will get of the total sale value.Gravity is an indicator of how many affiliates have promoted this product over the past 30 days. The higher the gravity, the more affiliates have made money from this product.

Here’s my method for selecting a winning offer from Clickbank:

The sales page needs to be HOT… It has to make me want to buy the product.The gravity needs to be above 100, so I know there’s others who are profiting from the offer.

There MUST be a rebill function. If I am driving paid traffic, sometimes the profit is smaller on the initial sale, but the rebill commission gives me a much higher profit.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the top offers by Popularity, which match the above criteria:

The Venus Factor

CPA Fat Loss Offer For Female

There is a video sales letter and it is targeted specifically to WOMEN. This helps when we create our Facebook ads because we can target a very specific segment of the whole market.

The Average Rebill total is $55.45, on top of an initial sale value of $38.26 and I get 88% of it. I can also see that there’s a Gravity of 211.81 and the product owner is saying that he’s paid out $40 million in commissions to affiliates since June 2015.

The video is very convincing as well!

The 3 Week Diet

CPA Fat Loss Offer for week diet

The sales page on this offer has a sales video and also text copy. The design is very neat and uses a lot of appealing graphics.

What I like most about this page is that when I try to exit, it makes me a special offer to buy now:

Here the initial sale value is $30.45 with an avg rebill value of $23.22, of which I get 75%.

The Gravity is 264.44, so fits my criteria well.

I have looked at all the offers on that page and have decided to go with The Venus Factor.

That is because it is a highly promoted product with a good sales page and has a rebill function. Most importantly it’s made specifically for women. I know from my own research into the Weight Loss niche that the majority of buyers consists of women. Men are more into the Body Building/Six Packs niche.

I will be able to create advertising that specifically targets women, so hopefully by presenting an offer for only women – I will get more women to buy. That’s my theory anyway!

Internet Marketing is all about coming up with theories and testing our theories!

I am personally going to run with the Venus Factor Clickbank offer, to teach you how to set up your Facebook ads, so that you can generate daily profit on pretty much auto-pilot.

All we now need is to collect our affiliate link from the network and that is where we will be sending our traffic [web visitors] to. So when they buy through our link, we’ll get paid .So now that we’ve seen how you pick an offer – got out and find an offer!

If you’re struggling, then reach out to me.

Who’s Gonna Buy Your CPA Offer Instantly

Now before you do any advertising, you need to know who your ideal customers are.Otherwise, you might as well take your hard earned money and throw it in the trash!

This is absolutely crucial when you’re going to be running Facebook ads because of the Audience you decide to target.As you’ll find later on, FB has a huge amount of settings that you can use to target your Ideal Audience.

In a nutshell, any piece of information FB holds about its users, it lets advertisers target them by that info!

A bit sneaky you might think, but FB is a huge, multi-billion dollar enterprise that relies on advertisers’ dollars to keep functioning.So coming back to the Venus Factor offer, it’s an offer specifically targeting women.

That’s step one complete there… BUT the women market is very broad.What kind of women are going REALLY be interested in a weight loss product.

Where are they located, what’s their age range, what’s their social profile, what do they read online?Now, a lot of this is guessing and a lot of it is common sense.

So the offer is an English language product, so my target audience will be located in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.Let’s narrow it down further to just the US for our test campaign.

Women who spend money on weight loss products are likely over 30 – when their body clock slows down.They are likely to be single, with self esteem issues.

They are likely to read weight loss magazines, women’s magazines, etc. Here are a couple of questions you can answer, to define your Target Audience:


Who is your product generally targeted to?

Who else might be interested in buying this product, apart from the obvious market?

Where are your product buyers physically based?

What is their lifestyle like?

What’s their age range?

What’s their relationship status?

What do they read online?

You need to be able to form a mental picture of the person who will buy your product.The better you can define them, the easier it will be for you to design ads that will appeal to them.

So after you’ve selected an offer to promote, spend 30 minutes writing down the profile of your idea customer/product buyer.Think of it as if you were creating a Facebook profile for them, what information would you put there, what pages would you like?

Feel free to browse on Google and find some answers if you need to!

Don’t just guess or assume, go out online and see for a fact what women struggling with weight problems are writing on the different forums online. This little bit of research will go a long distance in setting up your offer to sell like hotcakes.

Remember, you only need to do this work once and then the system will run on autopilot, bringing you daily sales commissions!

Ok guys ,Next part which is promoting CPA offer on Facebook will be covered in some days but till then you can start working on your offer now. I am sure you have a detailed understanding on CPA offer . let me know your thoughts on this article and don’t forget to join my email new letter .

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