CPA (cost per action) tutorials for newbies (Part1) 2020

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Using CPA marketing is the fastest & the easiest way to make heavy earnings online

CPA (Cost per Action) marketing has been one of the most underrated ways of earning serious money online and has been used by bright marketing brains to make a heavy profit from the past few years. And even though CPA marketing is getting recognized more & more each year yet it still remains to be one of the most undervalued ways of earning online. There are ways to succeed with CPA (cost per action) marketing that we will be revealing, so stick with us & go through out article” CPA tutorials for newbies” because you never know it might just be the thing for you.

CPA (cost per action) marketing is almost like any other online business system, which means you won’t get rich right away. One of the basic & most important things to keep in mind about CPA marketing is that you need to keep re-investing your profit again & again so you can reach to the figure of earning you have drawn for yourself in your mind. Now with that being said anyone can get in CPA marketing with little or absolute no money to invest. You can start as small, build yourself consistently & then become a name in it.

The most important thing you need to succeed in CPA marketing is ambition, patience and the discipline towards your work. And keep it in mind you should never stop learning new things because the moment you do that you will be planning your own failure.

So What exactly is CPA marketing?

CPA (Cost-per-action) marketing is a kind of marketing system where you are being paid for having a visitor you generated  perform an action such as an impression, click , sale or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc ). Don’t worry if you are new to all this, I will explain you how CPA marketing works with an easy example.

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Have you ever seen an attractive page that says “Review & win exciting prizes worth Rs 3000” now this is CPA (cost per action) marketing. There is a smart marketer behind that who will definitely be paid on an average of $5 to $20 per lead just for getting you in or having you sign in to that page. The whole action  depends on the terms & stipulation drawn by the advertiser, but it mostly include having your visitors fill out a simple form that includes their email address, contact number and other personal details. There are even CPA offers that collect credit cards for actual products and free trial offer that pay way much more, but we will see that later.

How the process of CPA (cost per action) marketing works

 CPA tutorials for newbies

  1. At first you sign yourself up with a CPA (cost per action) network.
  2. You will pick the best offer that you are going to promote.
  3. You can direct traffic either from your website to their landing page or you can line up the traffic straight to their landing page through a unique link.
  4. You will get paid for each lead that fulfills the action (usually filling in the form with their personal details).

CPA marketers are just like the Boxers of marketing who carefully measures the risk & opportunities. This type of marketing is made for those people who strive for really fast results and are willing to measure current offers and improvise with new offers. The great thing about CPA (cost per action) marketing is that an increasing amount of advertising clients are joining in due to increasing amount of click fraud that cost-per- click is facing.

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 CPA tutorials for newbiesInfo Alert:  CPC or cost-per-click advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising used by publishers on networks such as Google adword, Facebook ads, Yahoo search marketing and MSN Adcenter. As advertisers are increasingly realizing that their advertising dollars are not being used in the correct direction and a huge amount is primarily wasted because anyone can click on advertisement. But in CPA marketing, an actual action such as filling out a form has to be executed before the advertiser is charged, thus making it a fair deal for both advertisers & you.

Now let’s understand how you can make serious healthy earning by living in the rapid world of CPA (cost per action) marketing. . .

Step 1 – Join a CPA network:

CPA tutorials for newbies

First off you need to join a CPA network so you can start promoting CPA offers. It is very very important that you choose a legitimate and well recognized CPA (cost per action) network as there are hundreds out there who are not as big, reliable, and may not be active or paying on time.

First off you need to understand this that joining a CPA network is not as easy as creating an account in Facebook. CPA network literally makes you fill & sign in a short application and then manually chooses you to be a part of this network. So for this reason, you need to follow the directions below to insure yourself a place into each network:

  1. Prove them that you have a good  quality experience in marketing world.
  2. Prove them that you have the talent to draw a good amount of traffic.
  3. Prove them that you have an good progressive website (If you ain’t got a website to reference then its better you create a free blog at and write few blog posting on affiliate marketing , CPA (cost per action) marketing, or any sort of marketing . Try to make it as real as possible because they will go through it before accepting you)

In short you need to show the CPA network that you are not a “newbie” who is just trying his luck as these are the kind of people they are trying to distance themselves from their network due to the amount of wasted time they would spend on technical issues. These CPA (cost per action) networks are always eyeing for experienced marketers who know exactly what they are doing and are absolute serious about making money. After Reading this tutorial you will be at their level so don’t worry.

I’ve created a list of CPA Networks I work with that are 100% genuine, who provide healthy rates, on time, and are quiet stable.

 CPA tutorials for newbies

 CPA tutorials for newbies


 CPA tutorials for newbies

Step2 – Understand the importance of CPA Affiliate Manager

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Just after you signing up most CPA (cost per action) networks will assign you to affiliate manager. An Affiliate manager is a very crucial person for your success because they have all the information YOU need! First off, CPA Networks more than any other networks don’t have much of a patience for “newbies”. You can call it discrimination, call it unfair or unprofessional but this is the reality. So before you start to interact with your affiliate manager I’d advise you to get the complete knowledge & understand the “lingo” and know what exactly you’re talking about.

The first and foremost thing I do after signing up for CPA (cost per action) network is what I like to call “getting real” with my assigned CPA affiliate manager. I will say stuff like “Hey Joe, I have just joined as my buddy told me you have some awesome converting offers here. What offers have been converting best lately? “After you start talking to interact with him or her more & more you can gauge what you can ask them for and you can even request them to increase the amount per lead they are presently paying.

 CPA tutorials for newbiesInfo Alert: Always ask your affiliate manager what type of wiggle room they have on the shelf on the offer you are planning on promoting before you start to market it. Many times they can payout even more then what they have advertised on their website.

Always remember your affiliate manager is not there to answer your doubts or questions related to Google Adwords account or to help you to figure out how to develop your new website, or to answer any question not related to their network. Use your affiliate manager as a precious tool and you will quickly notice this person is directly related to your overall profits.

Step3 – Choosing the most suitable CPA offer in a Good market

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Picking the most suitable CPA offer is very important for a profitable campaign. You should always consider to take the advice of your CPA (cost per action) affiliate manager as to which offer is converting well and then start to perform with earnestness and research.

One of my favorite trick to decide whether a CPA offer is worth considering or not is by using Google Adword’s Free Keyword Research tool. As it is quite easy to use plus is impressively accurate. It’s the 1st tool in my arsenal to decide if I’m going to carry on with a CPA offer or not. Because let’s face it , If there ‘s not enough relevant traffic out there , why would you want to promote it ?

Let’s assume you’ve found a n awesome offer that gives you $13.00 for each lead you get to sign up for a ringtone subscription. So now you wanna make sure that people are actually searching for ringtones online.

Let’s see what Google is telling us:

 CPA tutorials for newbies

As we can see there are over 6 million searches done in March alone on the term “ringtones”. Many other close terms also received thousands & even millions of searches as well. Looks like a winning market here. Another great option to find a into a good healthy market is called eBay Pulse, you can get to to find out what are the Top 10 searches of eBay:

 CPA tutorials for newbies

eBay is a precious free tool that helps you to understand what buyers are purchasing right now.

Step4: Analyse the competition

CPA tutorials for newbies

The first thing you need to understand is when marketing CPA offers  there will always going to be competition. All you can do is to experiment with and find the market where you can survive & flourish nicely. The more CPA offer you experiment the more efficient you will get at identifying what markets, offers and techniques are best and suits you for making the most profit.

What I first like to do was type in the keyword that I’m going to bid for in Google’s search bar and see if there’s any sponsored advertisement active.

For example purpose, I’m gonna show you what I came up with when I searched for “downloadable ringtone”

 CPA tutorials for newbies

The screenshot show shows some healthy competition just as i expected. But understand this competition is not bad because there’s plenty of tricks & strategies you can apply to earn your share of the market and beat out your competitors. The screenshot also symbolizes the competition for Google Adwords (Pay-per-click marketing). There is tons of different way to promote your CPA offers that we will get into later in this tutorial.

Ideally your best success is gonna come from your niches that are receiving a consistent and a good flow of traffic but lacks traffic. If you somehow find such a niche like then my advice to you will be to make them your top priority and really try to work on them and turn them into a serious profitable venture for you. Again I’m gonna say the same thing competition is not bad but if you can find a niche with little or no competition then you have a huge opportunity of making a consistent profit . Much of your initial time should be invested on this step to really look at your niches demand, competition, and overall possibility for bringing you profit for your time & money.

Step 5– Picking the CPA offers that pays out the Best!

This step is extremely crucial as it influences your bottom line, which is overall profit. Let’s assume you have decided to create a big review site on best ringtone service out there. Now you immediately find a CPA offer that pays you $12.00 per lead ?

It’s hard to believe but this is real so many CPA (cost per action) marketers are leaving thousands of dollars on the table every month simple because they have no clue about this free tool.  All you need to do is simply type the name, category or domain of the offer and you will instantly have results from practically all the major CPA (cost per action) network.

CPA tutorials for newbies 

Just for the sake of example I’m going to show you the result our lovely free tool Affspy came up with the category “ringtone”

 CPA tutorials for newbies

31 results for ringtone offers! I love to click “payout” and get the ranking for the offers from the highest to the minimum payouts. But keep this in mind this tool is still in Beta it does not include the entire CPA network online, but its lists many of the big ones. Always keep it in mind that just because CPA (cost per action) offers pay out more than the other one that it doesn’t always mean that it’s a super offer for you to promote. Beside the payout you need to inspect aspects such as Company, landing page & reputation.

That’s it for this part of  ” CPA tutorials for newbies (Part 1)” my friends, Stick around for the part-2 of this article .

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