CPA (cost per action) tutorials for newbies (Part 2 ) 2020

 CPA tutorials for newbies


CPA tutorials for newbies

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So lets continue where we left off …

Step6 – Decision time

Now the time has come for you to decide, it is the very very important step which will help you develop your overall business. You have 2 options to choose from when directing your traffic. Either you can create your own landing page to line the traffic to you or you can direct the traffic for each CPA offer straight to advertisers landing page. There are both pro’s & con’s in doing both that we will discuss in a moment. This decision is very very crucial because it’s basically the “model” of your business so it’s advisable to take some time and carefully think about it before you get fully involved in CPA marketing.

 CPA tutorials for newbies

An Example of a good landing page

A landing page is simply building your own webpage or blog and then directing all your traffic into it. It can be a squeeze page, review page (most popular) or some type of blog. The plus point of having your own landing page is that you are in complete control of the traffic that reaches. You can collect their email address to create a list around the niche, you can promote all types & kinds of different offers, you can even do instant changes and can work to create a huge business that will never go down. It obvious that it’s gonna take some efforts, work & time but the main thing is you are in full control of the traffic you generate and you are going to have a website that will never die out.


You can direct the traffic straight to the advertiser. This means for every PPC campaign, video submission, article submission etc, you will be directly lining the traffic to the advertisers landing page through the link they have provided you. This means you will be making more profit because of the fact that the visit the visitor is going straight to the advertisers landing page which means a huge amount of traffic filling out the offer. If you are considering this option then I would recommend you to research how to “cloak links” and actually registering your own domain to cloak the links so that you are in complete control of the traffic. The method is much faster & will result in slightly more immediate profits but it’s not gonna be possible for you to build an email list, business, or anything that has any future profit possibility. Essentially you direct the traffic and then it’s gone forever. But with your own landing page you can get a hold on your traffic for future profit through a mailing list, word of mouth and other ways.

So what should I choose?

 CPA tutorials for newbies

In a heartbeat I would choose creating my own landing page .The reason being is as competitive & aggressive as internet marketing is getting day by day I would always prefer to steadily build a business, email list and virtual empire of websites over earning a bit more of immediate profits. Sure it takes more work to create a good landing page, increase your page ranking and generate a healthy traffic, but everything in life requires work, right?

Here’s a perfect example of an ideal landing page that has been build for the ringtone niche:

Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

[Video Course] How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites 2020

By signing up you agree to our terms

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Now, if you have made up your mind to build your own landing page before directing your visitors to the CPA offer I will tell you some information that you need to follow. If you have chosen to direct your traffic to the CPA  offer landing page then feel free to skip the next couple of pages.

(1) Registering a domain and purchasing hosting

 CPA tutorials for newbies

To be honest i will fall short of words if i start to tell you how important it is to get a good catchy domain name, you need to absolutely be sure that your domain name is directly related to what you’re going to be talking and discussing about. A great domain name that would suit the ringtone niche would be like “”,,” etc which should make your visitors want to click your website when they see it in the search engines. After registering your domain the next thing you need to do is find a suitable place to actually host your domain, which is why I would personally suggest as they are cheap, reliable and well renowned hosting company online today.

 CPA tutorials for newbies

(2) Design & fill in your landing page

Designing and filling in your landing page is one of the most crucial part to being successful with the offer you are promoting. Though i cannot teach you how to do content writing & web design but I surely point you in the general direction of where you can go & what you should be really concerned about.

CPA tutorials for newbies

First off, If you have little or absolute no experience on web design before then you can try this two great programs that I use myself Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. These programs are easy to use and they are quiet inexpensive, and will help you big time in creating an attractive and appealing webpage. If you don’t have a good hand in web designing I would highly advice you to hire a cheap graphic designer from places like Digital point forum, warrior forum, eLance to create a nice “minisite” or “header” graphic for you to use it on your website. Good or attractive design is the key to having a website that gains your visitors trust and make them stick to your website. After you have set up your graphics you are ready and all set to write the content and add CPA offer links on your webpage. You should now worry about the following aspects to make sure your new visitors will stick to your website and ultimately go to the CPA offer you are recommending:

CPA tutorials for newbies


HeadlineLike it or not but you have estimated 3 seconds to capture your new visitors trust and keep them hooked on your webpage. You need to work to immediately steal their attention through a catchy headline. Here are some decent & catchy headlines you can adopt for your landing page:

“Finally revealed – The top 5 best places to get free ringtones”

“Can you really get unlimited ringtones for free? Keep reading to find out ..”

“The top 5 Ringtone sites are finally in – keep reading to find out who won our award”

Clear landing page with a PurposeNow it’s time to decide exactly what is your landing page purpose? What does it stand for! Is your page there to review different CPA offers? Are you here to provide absolute free information to your niche? Are you there just to bash other CPA offers? What are you willing to give your visitors? Make your landing page purpose crystal clear so that there is absolutely no room for confusion whatsoever.

 Call to ACTIONYou can TELL your visitors what to do. As it’s a human tendency that people like to be told exactly what they need to be doing.

For example: Say a phrases like” Ready to get your free ringtone? Click here now! “

“Tired of same old ringtones? Click here to get new ones!”

Scarcity! – Scarcity is the #1 technique adopted by both online and offline marketing brains that still works like a charm. By making your visitors scare & believe that your offer is only valid for a limited time or for next 24 hours, you will see your conversion rates touch the sky! Add scarcity to your landing page and see how amazing the outcome is.

Step 7 – Research & Planning time! – CPA tutorials for newbies

 CPA tutorials for newbies


Well now that you have a decent niche and you have picked out a good offer, you have an attractive landing page and your links are ready to be clicked! The next thing you need to do now is planning and researching for which keyword you will be targeting. A good research & planning is the base of a successful marketing campaign. In step 8 we would be discussing the various way to market your CPA offers, but in this step we are going to talk about what you need to do research exactly which keyword is good for you.

No matter what promotion method or trick you apply you will need specific keywords, and without knowing what keyword you need to target your situation will be exactly like a guy who is going on a road trip without any particular direction or maps. You must do a proper research and planning for choosing exactly what keyword you will be targeting. Here are some awesome tools you will be using.

You want to look for the keywords that would most likely convert a visitor into sale. For example: “Buy ringtone” would convert way more than “free ringtone download” for the simple reason that the person searching “buy ringtone” is already willing to pay while the person looking for “free ringtone download” is most likely a freebie who is looking for a 100% free download.

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General keyword research tools:

(1) Free keyword suggestion tool from Wordtracker :

 CPA tutorials for newbies this tool provides you top 100 search results. And I’ve been it for years to execute general keyword research on what are the best keywords to eye on for any niche I enter. By any means this is not advanced but still it gives quiet an accurate result for top 100 searches plus it is free.

(2) Google keyword tool:   Just think about it what could be a better place to get keyword ideas from then Google itself! This tool gets more into detail as to what’s actually happening in your niche at the very moment. Google will feature related keywords, advertiser’s competition, the approx search figure of the previous month and the approx search quantity you can expect. This kind of information can really help you big time as to whether or not a keyword is worth targeting or not.

Let’s look at the top results for the keyword “ringtones”:

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Besides huge competition you can get the idea about how healthy the traffic is in this niche. With this superb tool you should be able to get some awesome keyword ideas, through which you can really start to add your list on which keyword is bet for you to target.

(3) Google keywords:

 CPA tutorials for newbies   This cool keyword targeting software consists of both free & paid versions. This software really evaluates every keyword to uncover site popularity, link popularity and words unbelievably to give you the best keyword suggestion and related terms. This software also features misspelled versions of your keyword which is very crucial considering 10% of all search queries online are misspelled.

Now, let’s do some spying on your competition’s PPC keyword bids!

PPC keyword search Spying software –

(1) SpyFu:

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Cost: $30 per month

Spyfu is without a doubt the best tool out there when it comes to spying on your competition. This little spy tool will tell you exactly what your competition is bidding on, what is there ad budget per day, the organic keywords, top organic competitors, top ad competitors, individual keyword pricing and lot more.

I have been using this tool for a long time and I’m really happy & amazed with its result. It has given me a really crucial edge over my competition that does not care about it. The service is as the name suggest is pretty self explanatory for any kind of user so simply land onto its website and start learning more.

(2) Keyword spy:

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Cost: 89.99 per month

Keywordspy is another superb tool out there that grants you facility to find which keyword are your competitors are using. It has similar features as SpyFu and shows everything in easy to understand text & graph format. This amazing tool also displays your exact market share compared to your competitor. Yeah it’s a bit expensive  but it is definitely worth it  if you’re looking to break into CPA and internet marketing.

 CPA tutorials for newbies

After using the four tools that I have suggested, I believe you have compiled a keyword list that you’re going to consider for your marketing campaign. An ideal campaign has both free and paid traffic, so in the next step I’m going to tell you exactly how you can use the keyword list you have created to start an all out aggressive marketing  campaign that is surely gonna bring in CPA leads and sales at a very limited time.

Step8 time to market

You are now reading the most important step of this tutorial. This is step from where all the money comes from, good marketing! You can have an excellent niche, amazing CPA offer, an attractive landing page and a best keyword list but if nobody is able to see it then it’s going to be impossible to ever make any money. I always focus on creating a equilibrium marketing campaign that has a good balance of paid & free traffic. The free traffic is basically the kind of traffic which is for long term and will play a big part in building a presence in your niche while the paid traffic is the instant traffic that you have spend money for. As you start your marketing campaign it is very important that you aim to create a good balance and spend some good time playing with your settings, keywords and bids to be absolutely sure that you are making the most out of your marketing efforts. Now let’s see the various ways you can market!

CPA tutorials for newbies

At first we are gonna discuss about the paid methods:

(1) Google Adwords

CPA tutorials for newbies

I’m sure you have heard about this one! Google has a PPC platform that is known as “GoogleAdwards” this is extremely popular, competitive and really simple to use. Now don’t get scared because its competitive as there is always a room for making money by you. Just as the image shows

Your aim should be to get your advertisement featured in favorable position every time when a person types the particular keyword. Every time a person sees and clicks on your ad you get paid at a particular rate (usually ranging between $0.20 to $2 ). The mantra is to find a good group of keywords that will bring stable profit for your business on regular basis. Google adwords is a fair deal but you must understand that they do give favourable position to those advertisers who have a good & established websites, good pageranks and account standing. Now get up & make a name a name for yourself, make your presence felt.

(2) Yahoo search marketing

Yahoo search marketing is another great way to earn inexpensive and healthy paid traffic. Though Yahoo search marketing is no way closer to Google when it comes to traffic, but still it’s a great solution that most of the marketers overlook. Yahoo works pretty much the exact same way as Google works.  The only main difference you’ll feel while using Yahoo is that there is quiet less competition among marketers but the but traffic is far less as well.

CPA tutorials for newbies

Info Alert: I have often noticed that my advertising PPC dollars are better utilized with Yahoo marketing due to the simple reason that there‘s less competition among marketers. If you can execute an advertising campaign perfectly on Google then chances are it will work even more amazingly on Yahoo marketing. So do not underestimate Yahoo search marketing, as it works stunningly.

(3) Facebook Ads

CPA tutorials for newbies

CPA tutorials for newbies

It feels like today everyone has a facebook account. All my loved once from my parents, my friends, my colleagues every person owns a facebook account to catch up with their family & friends. The fact that so many people use facebook, has made it excellent opportunity for marketers to take benefit from. Facebooks Ads were designed by keeping marketers in mind. The platform is closely related to Google Adwords & Yahoo search marketing except for one big difference.

Facebook ads provide you the facility to perform something called “profile targeting”. This means you can reach the target users on the basis of age, gender, demographics, interest and much much much more. This provides you a great opportunity because you can narrow down facebook user base to users who are more likely to fill out your CPA offer. After all you are trying to promote your CPA offer that requires you to fill in the credit card, because lets face it would do us any good to have a 11 year old kid on facebook click on your ad, would it ?

(4) MSN Adcenter

CPA tutorials for newbies

MSN adcenter owns only 2-5% of traffic share compared to Google who almost controls 90% of all traffic. But still 2-5% still represents thousands of cheap clicks for you. Just like Yahoo you should not underestimate MSN Adcenter. They are always eying for new advertisers and will personally help you to get started un advertising with them. If this is your first time with PPC and you wanna try out a cheap, low competition with a team that is always ready to help you out then this search engine is the best for you.

Their platform to set up a campaign is pretty much the same as GOOGLE or Yahoo. But that being said you do not wanna be completely dependent on MSN as it is smallest, but still it definitely worthy to be a part of your marketing arsenal.

Now let’s move on to Free & long term traffic method

(1)Article marketing

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Article marketing is without a doubt the best yet most inexpensive way of achieving long term free traffic. There are marketers who have single handedly build their empire of website from article marketing and have a earning of 6 figure a year. The fundamental to article marketing is endurance and soak out every drop of traffic juice. To do this you have to work on few important aspects in planning, creating & distributing your article.

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is very very important.  When people look for a particular key terms in Google, you have to show up on that list, you need to find long tail keywords that have less competition. You can read step 7 again that discusses about keyword. Do it is very important.

Coming up with a good title:

A good title of is very important for any article writer as it is the one which turns searchers into visitors. Let’s see the difference between a good and a bad title:

Bad title for any articleDownload a Ringtone – The place to get them.

Good title for any article Download Ringtone – The cheapest & the best place to get unlimited ringtone.

Noticed the difference? Descriptive & hype makes a person see & want to click  on your article over any other article out there in its competition.

Writing an Awesome article?

It doesn’t matter if you write your article or outsource it.  The thing you need to keep in mind is that the flow of your article needs to be, easy to understand and keeps the readers interest. Otherwise your viewers will never see your resource box and you will never receive traffic for your article marketing.

Writing a good & decent resource box?

A good resource box is really necessary for your progress. Your resource box has to create urgency & interest in the mind of readers, which will ultimately make them wanna click the link of your website. Now lets see what is a good resource box & what is a bad:

Good resource box

 Looking for best unlimited funny ringtones? Learn about the top 5 places to get unlimited and free ringtones at

Bad resource box

I can tell you how to download ringtones at

Gaining maximum exposure!

Gaining maximum exposure is the base to a good marketing effort. Because let’s face it if you can’t ever get anyone to see your article, how will you ever make a sales? While most marketers have different different  theories related to best  way to market articles, My theory is to distribute my article in to high PR article directories on internet. In my eyes duplicate content is not something you should worry about as its mostly a myth .

 CPA tutorials for newbies

The list above is the highest PR article directories online till this date. I’d suggest submitting my article to the 10 highest ranking article directories online along with the mass submission services. Mass submission services give you the facility to submit your article one time & then have them redistributed to thousands of other article directories for a minimum fee.

Check out the links below, these are the best mass article distribution service available out there today :

(2) Video Marketing

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Video marketing is getter bigger and bigger day by day. You can create some good informative videos either with the help of a camcorder or with Camtasia’s on screen recording program. Believe me I’ve seen marketers create the lowest budget and absolute dumb videos that helped them earn thousands of views and get thousands of dollars in sales. Keep this in your mind the more videos you make the more you will learn and actually would enjoy making them.

(3) Provide content to others

 CPA tutorials for newbies

Providing content to others is one of the best techniques of generating healthy traffic for free. Many people have seen what I have done and have personally invited me to help them out in writing few chapters of the book because of my expertise on this subject. When you help out others not only people will see you as an expert but will want to buy your products or service. Make an account on message board and help others. This is another great type of contributing content.

(4) Allow your articles to be used on other Publishers sites

If you have the skills to write excellent articles then you will definitely be noticed. You can grant the usage of your article to other publishers as long as they include your resource box in the content. They will circulate your site all over the internet for absolutely free of charge.

(5) Give away free viral report

When a visitor arrives to your website you can make them enter their email address for a free report and they can even give this report to their visitors for free. The report could be anything related to you niche. All you have to do is put the publisher information and your website name in the report. This is pretty much like article for example, but it is portable and can be given away over & over without any problems.

(6) Make an RSS feed for your content

 CPA tutorials for newbies

The full form of RSS is “Real Simple Syndication”, it is an excellent method to share web content. Publishing your own RSS feed is a manner to get you content expand all over the internet. If you’re RSS feed is really good, others will use it in linking your awesome content to your website for absolutely free.

(7) Offer testimonials

You can present testimonials to the publishers that have excellent products. When you offer them your testimonial you have to include your website address with your name, People will see these testimonial and land on your website.

STEP9 – You ought to Track

 CPA tutorials for newbies

In CPA marketing tracking is very crucial. Always remember if you do not track you will lose lots of money and would never understand from where does the actual money is coming from. For those of you who do not understand tracking or are new to this, let me explain you how it works. Imagine that you have put a list of 10 good keywords to use in Google adwords. Now when your CPA offer is at its full pace you’re making out 20% of ROI on the offer you are currently promoting.

Now you need to know exactly which keyword is making you the profit and which ones are not performing to the expectations. This way you can take off the “bad keyword” and put more advertising dollars into “Google keywords”. Tracking is more crucial in CPA than any other type of marketing because everything moves so swift. You have to know day by day precisely which keyword, method of advertising, landing pages are working and which are not performing well.

When it comes to CPA marketing its important to track all of the following things –

(1) Ad Group

(2)The source of traffic

(3) To know exactly which keyword is converting?

(4) form of advertisement (Image or text ad)

(5) Which CPA offer performs best?

(6) Which landing page is performing best?

(7)The Ad disparity (CTR and conversions)

CPA tutorials for newbies

The most significant thing to track is your PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements. In these days there are lots of advanced free tracking programs granted by Google, MSN & Yahoo to give you the facility to track your conversions and CTR rates. Google analytics is the most famous as it performs really well and helps you decide which ad, keyword and more is working excellent. All you have to do is get the conversion tracking codes from your PPC account and request your affiliate manager at the CPA network to have the advertisers place their code on the advertiser success page. I’m sure they will be happy to do this for you. Most marketers that are relatively new to CPA do not think about tracking results until they learn it the hard way about how significant it really is to track from where your converting and profitable traffic is generating from.

Step 10 – Rinse & Repeat!

CPA tutorials for newbies

The CPA marketers who make tons of money every single month are those who promote multiple CPA offers. Once you finally hit your first CPA offer, you need to move on and try the next one, then the next and keep on going! The more income streams you can bring in the better it is for you.

Sometimes you are going to find those Golden eggs where you will make tons of money but on the other side you will also find those who just won’t work out. Be determined, keep learning and never give up! The CPA industry is evolving at a really fast rate and looks like it’s here to stay. Learn from the base and be an advanced CPA marketer!

There are few more basic things that you need to learn but don’t worry we got your covered on this, Stick around for a Bonus article (CPA tutorials for newbies) just for you .