CopyBuilder Review – Best Copy Writing Software 2020

CopyBuilder Review

Today I am going to do review of a awesome copy writing software named Copy Builder . I took some time to write about this copy writing software because I wanted to make sure that I ll be writing for a good product only. Now aI am well satisfied from CopyBuilder copy writing software.I hope you will also enjoy CopyBuilder review.

CopyBuilder is build on SAAS framework that make process simple and effective to generate high quality and conversion-able sales copy. To create this high level of copy writing software couple of master mind / brilliant marketer clubbed. Alex Costan And Precious NG combines there copy writing skills ,sales copy, video sale copy,landing page copy,leadpages copy etc to create CopyBuilder and now this software is well know as best copy writing software 2015.

How Much Money Creator Made by High Converting Sales Copy – CopyBuilder Review

CopyBuilder Review

CopyBuilder Review

You can ask any to any good marketer that how important is your sales copy to get more sale and conversions.If he is good marketer then he ll tell you that sales copy always play a vital role in your product launch. Let me tell you and admit here that couple of week ago I did a product launch ,even got good traffic also but my sales copy didn’t convert.

Affiliates promoted my products but traffic didn’t convert for me and I knew at the end of launch that fault lies in my sales copy. That’s why from now onward I am going to see sales copy of my all upcoming launches myself. This time I ignored my sales copy and handed over other the responsibility but result is front of you.

I have seen many time that bad products get more sell because of sales copy and presentation and some time good products convert badly due to sales copy and presentation on landing page. So guys this is you golden opportunity to grab CopyBuilder which is best copy writing software 2015. No other copy building product is even close to this software.

The best part of this software is that , CopyBuilder comes with whole automation process ,It means you generate your sales copy with in some clicks only.


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If you want to save your thousand of dollar by spending on copy writer than you must grab your copy of CopyBuilder. Do not repeat my mistake and do focus of sales pages and landing pages.


Before going further on review of CopyBuilder let me tell you basic information of this software.

Product Name –  CopyBuilder

Creator – Alex Costan And Precious NG

Official Site –

My Opinion –  Must Have Tool To Generate Best Sales Copies 

Price – $67 (Launched Price)


CopyBuilder Review

CopyBuilder is first software of its kind and it is able to generate tailored made sales copy for your product and services with in no time.

Most of us always struggled to get written high converting sales copy and very few between us can write such good copy . And when you need them they charge a lot of money to you.This is happen to every one ,no need to be shy on that , So CopyBuilder has potential to help you and to get rid of you from all copy writing problems.

We are working in the era of automation and drag and drop application but copy writing is still depend on manual work. But from now scenario is going to be change for ever, you can generate highly convertible sales copy by this CopyBuilder with in couple of clicks only.

The database of sales copy with all the elements has been loaded in this best copywriting software 2015. if you are looking to see such bold statement in action and You can check the demo video of CopyBuilder here.

Step to Generate Sales Copy With CopyBuilder – CopyBuilder Review

Step 1 – Log In into CopyBuilder And Select the type of copy you want to create.

Step 2 – Choose the high converting templates for you sales copy and every thing ll complete in couple of clicks.

Step 3 – Enter the empty boxes like your product names, price, launched date , description etc and you are done here.

What Type Copy Can CopyBuilder Build ?

  • High Converting Sales Pages with best design
  • Explainer videos
  • Bullet Points Facebook advertisement
  • Newsfeed posts
  • Headline Packages
  • Squeeze  / Landing Pages
  • Live Webinar Training
  • Bonus Infographic


The total bonus value is approx $53000 + and if you get CopyBuilder before launch end you ll get extra 10% discount .


I hope you get my point why I did a review of this copywriting software , This is a need of every online marketer now and you also must get it before price goes high.




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