Convert Pro Review – Secret Weapon Behind Your Email List Building 2022

Why Email List Building

The internet marketing realm comprises of different types of tools and resources that you can utilize to increase your conversion rate. When it comes to attaining success in any type of online entrepreneurial endeavor, the significance of a robust email list simply can’t be ignored. The most advantageous part of an email list is that people willingly choose to be a part of it and receive promotional offers, newsletters, news about products and service launches, and discounts, amongst others.

All these not only make your brand a trusted one but greatly help in adding up to your bottom-line through word-of-mouth advertising. Despite all these critical benefits of an email list, many business owners and online marketers don’t heed this tool. If you too belong to this league, it’s time to start working on building one right away and all you need to do is to have a good email-list building plugin by your side.

Convert Pro Review – What is Convert Pro?

Amongst all the popular WordPress plugins for lead generation, Convert Pro from the house of Brainstorm Force is perhaps the best one that is capable of doing incredible things for your business. With this plugin, you can attract prospective clients, uncover new business opportunities, expand your market, increase e-mail subscribers, and finally, improve your bottom-line. The advanced features and conversion techniques surely makes it a thoughtful alternative to existing solutions like OptinMonster, SumoMe, Thrive Leads and more.

Convert Pro is the advanced version of ConvertPlug which is now known as Convert Plus. It offers a user-friendly and simple interface together with some unique features in addition to the existing ones of the earlier version. With this all-in-one lead generation powerhouse, you can be rest assured of experiencing a significant rise in your subscribers and conversions.

How to use Convert Pro?

After developing Convert Plus, that has won hearts of several business owners and e-marketers, the adept team of professionals of Brainstorm Force has designed and developed Convert Pro – the most user-friendly and simple lead generation plugin available till date for WordPress-powered sites. After gathering ideas and suggestions from users of Convert Plus and top-level marketers, the team came out with this plugin that offers revolutionary drag & drop editor, which eliminates the need of any coding knowledge.

Apart from this, incorporation of the latest conversion techniques and different mailer integrations has made Convert Pro a preferable and reasonable choice amongst those looking to boost their conversion rates. Let’s take a look at how simple it is to use this plugin with some easy and quick steps.

Step 1: Install the Convert Pro plugin with the help of your license key.

Step 2: Select your preferred category of call-to-action.

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Convert Pro Review – Secret Weapon Behind Your Email List Building

Step 3: Create an eye-catching template using the drag & drop editor with ease. You can also select your preferred one from the vast library of in-built intuitive templates according to your requirements.

convert pro plugin review

Step 4: Configure the call-to-action by selecting advanced behavior triggers that would work best for you.

convert pro plugin review call to action

Step 5: Integrate Convert Pro with your preferred mail service providers. It can be integrated with almost every leading mailer platforms. And with this, you’re done! It’s that simple. Right?

convert pro plugin integration

If you want to test the ability of Convert Pro before purchasing it, you can do that as well. You can take the test drive and see how efficient the features of this plugin are. I’m sure that you’ll love this lead generation powerhouse and want to purchase it.

Convert Pro features

Convert Pro is the complete package of must-have basic and advanced features that you may ever need to generate leads and boost conversion rate. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of this plugin.

  1. User-friendly Drag & Drop Editor


If you have ever wanted a simpler editor, you need not to look beyond Convert Pro. Unlike other plugins that offer point and click editor with fixed layouts, Convert Pro comes with easy-to-use drag & drop editor to provide you with the complete freedom of creating eye-catching popups easily and quickly.

  1. Eye-captivating readymade templates

Vast in-built library of professionally designed beautiful templates of the plugin has made the designing and creation process easier than ever. All you need to do is choose your preferred template, modify it in accordance with your needs and go live.

  1. Mobile View Editor

convert pro plugin reviews

This feature of Convert Plug empowers you to edit specific things that are required to make the design look great on mobile screens. You can now control how your popup will look on smaller screens.

  1. Multi-step Popups

Popups that comprise of two buttons are capable of bringing more prospects in and keeping the audience engaged for a longer time. Convert Pro allows you to create two-step popups to retain the leads.

  1. Advance Behavioral Triggers

Time plays a crucial role when it comes to generating leads. With advanced behavioral triggers of this plugin, you can display an appropriate converting message at the right time to improve the chances of conversion significantly. Triggers include Exit Intent Trigger, Welcome Trigger, Well Timed Trigger, After Scroll Trigger, User Inactivity Trigger and After Content Trigger.

  1. A/B Testing


For the sake of your site’s better performance, you’ve to conduct A/B testing to identify the variant that works best for you. With advanced A/B testing feature of Convert Pro, you can compare any design with any other that you’ve created.

  1. Integration with Leading Mailers

convert pro plugin integrations

You can integrate this plugin with any leading mailer service provider. It takes only a few steps to integrate and you can start capturing prospects almost in no time.

  1. Real-time Google Analytics

convert pro plugin review analytics

For marketers, Google Analytics is the most assured tool to track website performance. Convert Pro allows all these performance details to pass into your analytics account seamlessly to help you take informed decisions and make alterations, if required.

Pricing & Support

One of the biggest advantages of Convert Pro is its unbelievable pricing options. You can get to use all the above mentioned features by shelling out approximately $4 per month. You can’t find another lead generation plugin with these revolutionary features at such an amazing price. Convert Pro comes at one-third the price of the current market leaders with similar features. Let’s have a look at the pricing plans.

And did I mention that all these plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee?

Should you go for Convert Pro?

Obviously yes, if you ask me. Convert Pro is the best choice that offers extreme user-friendliness and unique features, which can’t be found in any other lead generation plugin. Don’t go by the little price of this lead generation powerhouse as it’s capable of taking your email list and in turn your conversion rate to the next level, regardless of the type of entrepreneurial journey you’re into.

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