COD Warzone Mobile

COD Warzone Mobile For IOS : Open the pre-orders to the Battle Royale for FREE 

It’s time for COD Warzone Mobile to try to establish itself in the landscape of free-to-play games available on smartphones and tablets if OD: Modern Warfare II tops the Steam chart.

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COD Warzone Mobile

The pre-orders for mobile devices are open as of today, Monday, November 28, 2022. Since the games become available, iPhone and iPad users can access the App Store virtually to download the free shooter. Use a QR Scanner to read the QR code at the bottom of this article in particular to start the booking process.

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Activision also informed Google Play of the additional 20 million pre-registrations to mark the beginning of COD: Warzone Mobile pre-orders on the App Store. Anyone who registers for the shooter will be able to access the free offers we list below, according to the publisher.

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Release date of COD Warzone Mobile

The release date of COD Modern Warfare 2 was the most recent Warzone Mobile edition. Warzone is debuting at the app store at the beginning of the year. Activision is currently waiting for a general 2023 and hasn’t given any formal information regarding the game’s release.

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