CloudBerry Remote Assistant Review – Best Alternative Of Teamviewer 2022

Hey Friends , I hope you are all doing  good . Today I am writing about CloudBerry Remote Assistant Review which can be called as best alternative of teamviewer 2018. I have tried this software and personally I liked it very much. Encryption and chatting feature is one of the best feature which I ll be using a lot in coming days.

If you use teamviewer then you must have use Notepad to convey your message , or if you record video to upload on youtube then also you have to use notepad . But if you use CloudBerry Remote Assistant then you dont need notepad any more. I will be showing you step by step to use this CloudBerry Remote Assistant and some if it coolest features. Lets start !!

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Review

First of all you need to click here and download the software and install it. Its a freeware so wont have to pay anything for this awesome piece of software.

This is the dashboard of Couldberry remote assistant


As you can see it is screenshot of 1.7 version of cloudberry. You can see the Computer ID , Pin and green circle which indicates us that we are good to go.

On top-left side of shot you can see “allow remote control”  and “control remote computer”


Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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Allow remote control enables you computer to get handled remotely and control remote control allow you to handle other computer.

When you share you computer id and pin with other person then only user can connect with your computer remotely. And now most awesome part is that , you can see Encryption is ON , it means you have to provide encryption key to other person other wise user will not be able to connect with you. This is very good feature for security purpose. I am using this encryption function ON always. Below is the shot of encryption key.


When other use trying to connect you with computer id and pin then you should get a message on your computer.


When you click on show advanced setting you see the interface like above image, Here you can choose what kind of entrance you want to give , Weather you want to full control or view only or if you want to give access you use any specific application only. Allowing access to specific application feature is one of the most awesome feature of this software. I always give access to my friends to use my some SEO related software and have to be all time in front of my screen to see what is going on but now I can give access easily and relax.

targeted screen

This is how you targeted user screen will look like and you can see that how high resolution the screen is..

Chat option will also look like this ..


Suppose you have given user the view only or any specific application permission but he can always request you to give full control and you will have to approve his request. This is most powerful feature because you dont need to terminate the session to change permission and this is addon feature for user like me.

full permission

Now lets talk about the one awesome feature “File Transfer” Yes you can transfer the files between source and target computer. There is no restriction of sending files but cloudberry remote assistant always suggest not to transfer huge media files.

files transfer

As you can see on above image that there is one button called “Upload files”  By clicking on that you can select multiple files to send to your target computer. You can send single file or multiple files and even you can select any kind of file to send , There is no restriction on that. Completion of file sending will depend on bandwidth so try to avoid huge media files.

You can find all you files in downloads folders and anytime you can cancel the transfer also.

So this is it for now , I hope you have liked the CloudBerry Remote Assistant review and do not forget to give a try to this software.  Let me know if you have any question about this software and do let me know your comment on this software..


For me this is one of the best alternative of team-viewer and even from my now I will use this cloudberry remote assistant. The reason is very crystal , I feel this software is very secure and provide some extra function which is very useful. I never tried this software before but Now I will using this software for all my remote requirements..

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