How Did Clarence Gilyard Died

Clarence Gilyard, ‘Top Gun’ And ‘Die Hard’ Star, Passes Away At 66

Clarence Gilyard Death News- ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Die Hard’ actor Clarence Gilyard Junior has passed away. He was 66. His death has not been given any additional public information, according to a Variety article. The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) issued a statement confirming Mr. Gilyard’s passing. According to the source’s additional information, the actor was a professor of film and theatre at UNLV College of Fine Arts.

Professor Gilyard, according to UNLV film chair Heather Addison, “was a source of light and power for everyone around him.” “He enthusiastically responded, “Blessed!” whenever we inquired how he was doing. But we are the ones who were actually fortunate to work with him and learn from him for such a long time. Professor G, we adore you and will miss you terribly!”

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More About Clarence Gilyard

Variety reports that Mr. Gilyard was born in Moses Lake, Washington, on December 24, 1955. Mr. Gilyard spent a year as a cadet at the US Air Force Academy prior to starting his acting career. Later, he graduated from California State University with a bachelor’s degree in acting.

Clarence Gilyard Death
Clarence Gilyard Death News

In the 1980s, the actor appeared as a guest star on numerous occasions. In “Top Gun,” Mr. Gilyard made his acting debut as Sundown, and in “Die Hard,” he portrayed the terrorist computer genius, Theo.

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Following this, Mr. Gilyard was cast in the TV series Matlock and appeared in 85 of its episodes. In 1993, he left the program to become the lead in the crime drama Walker, Texas Ranger.

Before the show’s conclusion in 2001, Mr. Gilyard made appearances in all 196 of its episodes. After then, he made numerous film and television appearances.
Prior to this, he was wed to Catherine Dutko. Later, in 2001, Mr. Gilyard married Elena.