Destiny 2 'Cheese Community Event'

‘Cheese Community Event’ For Destiny 2 Players Is Meant To Last Weeks, But It Only Lasts A Day Or Two

The community event for Destiny 2 that had been predicted by datamines for weeks was ultimately presented to the community on Tuesday. To provide Guardians with something to accomplish prior to the start of Season 19, the “Improving the Eliskni Quarters” event was planned to run until December 6. However, an exploit made the event run just over a day as opposed to the anticipated two weeks.

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Collecting Captain’s Coins from various endeavours was required for enhancing the Eliksni quarters in Destiny 2. However, the chest in the Eliksni Quarters began accepting Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments in addition to Captain’s Coins once the first two event improvements were made available. This appears to have been a part of Bungie’s event strategy, but a bug that allowed Guardians to obtain endless Treasure Coordinates wasn’t in the game’s original idea.

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Simple steps to fix the bug in Destiny 2include opening the donation crate, launching your Captain’s Atlas from the mission menu, inserting the rumoured treasure map, and then swapping in any other expensive map. To keep gaining more Treasure Coordinates, simply keep switching them back and forth. Continue until the quest’s relevant step is complete.

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All about Destiny 2 ‘Cheese Community Event’

The community event’s first phase, which allowed Guardians to donate planetary materials rather than Coins, was completed in a matter of hours since so many Guardians were made aware of the bug. The entire community event was over by Wednesday since most Guardians had a huge amount of planetary resources hanging around (or can quickly get some from Raul).

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And that might be advantageous. The Destiny 2 Cheese community event is over, so Guardians may relax until Season 19 debuts on December 6. There were already quite a few complaints about the community event’s awards being fairly modest for something that would last two weeks. A few days ago, the season finale cinematic leaked, so you may watch it now if you want to.