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  • Hearthstone: Frost Death Knight Deck Guide

    Hearthstone: Frost Death Knight Deck Guide

    Frost Death Knight Deck Guide – One of the three viable deck archetypes for Hearthstone’s newest hero is the Frost Death Knight. This tutorial presents a Triple Frost Rune deck that utilises some of the most important brand-new cards, such as Frostwyrm’s Fury and Overseer Frigidara. It is a 40-card Renathal deck with strong board […]

  • Hearthstone: What Is Manathirst?

    Hearthstone: What Is Manathirst?

    What Is Manathirst? – The March Of The Lich King expansion for Hearthstone features a brand-new mechanic called Manathirst. Once you have obtained a particular quantity of mana crystals, it essentially grants additional bonuses to a card’s abilities. With Manathirst cards, you have the option of playing a card right now or waiting for it […]