NFS Unbound Game Will Feature More Than 140 Cars, But Toyota, Audi, and Hyundai are not included | NFS Unbound Car List 2022

NFS Unbound Game Will Feature More Than 140 Cars, But Toyota, Audi, and Hyundai are not included | NFS Unbound Car List 2022

NFS Unbound Car List 2022:Over 140 vehicles from different manufacturers around the world will be available in Need for Speed Unbound, including luxury vehicles such as Bugatti and Lamborghini. Unfortunately, some iconic models will not be present, so Toyota cars will not be available as they have been in other recent Need for Speed games.

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According to Electronic Arts and Criterion Games, the full car list for the upcoming arcade racing title will include at least 143 cars, including the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, and Honda NSX Type-R. For those who prefer exotic vehicles, Unbound has also got you covered, but be prepared to pay a small fortune for cars like the Bugatti Chiron Sport, Ferrari LaFerrari, or Koenigsegg Regera.

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Nevertheless, some cult classics have been omitted from the list once again. The full list of cars does not include any Toyota, Audi, or Hyundai models. Like Underground 2, Unbound allows you to customize your own Supra or Celica. It’s even more bizarre that 2015’s Need for Speed featured several Toyota models, while a few years ago you could drive an Audi in Need for Speed: Heat. Unbound does not feature the car brands, but it is possible that they will be added later through content drops.

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A dev team member has stated that the handling and customization systems in the upcoming title will feature “thousands of thousands” of combinations for tuning cars, as well as many high-end prestige brands. Moreover, it was claimed that players would be able to “feel the difference” between a small European car and a large American muscle car due to the “deepest driving system and the best handling” Criterion has ever provided.

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Furthermore, Need for Speed Unbound offers a wide range of rides for (almost) every taste as well as a greater emphasis on its characters than ever before. According to the studio, each of the in-game NPCs has its own story arc, style, and personality, and you can even place side bets against them.

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