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Callisto Protocol Cancelled In Japan As Developer Refuses To Make Changes For Rating

the callisto protocol Japan: The Callisto Protocol will not be available to Japanese players in December, the developers have announced. The upcoming horror game failed to pass CERO classification due to concerns regarding violence and gore, and the developers have refused to censor it for commercial release.

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Striking Distance Studios announced the news on its official Japanese Twitter account, offering refunds to all local players who have already pre-ordered The Callisto Protocol. The CERO board of the country is known for its strict stance on topics such as body horror and other graphic violence, and it appears the upcoming game takes an excessively violent approach.

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Instead of making additional efforts to fit the game into the requirements, the studio decided not to censor the project, and not to release The Callisto Protocol in Japan. As explained in the translation of the official statement, the developers explained that CERO certification would require significant changes to the game’s content that would not reflect the intended experience for players.

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Consequently, the Japanese version of The Callisto Protocol is no longer being developed, and all pre-orders have been canceled. In the near future, Striking Distance promises to refund all fans who purchased the game. The Callisto Protocol is still available in the country via international console versions that are not region-locked.

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According to the Australian Classification Board’s rating for The Callisto Protocol, it might be considerably more violent than the upcoming Dead Space remake. Dead Space is rated “MA 15+” in the country, while The Callisto Protocol has been rated “R 18+,” suggesting that the game offers even more mature content. Moreover, the title’s recent previews illustrate the team’s desire to exploit all fears.

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In one month, the Callisto Protocol will be released, and the developers are already eager to explore “a lot of cool ideas” in its potential sequel, which will be developed without any time constraints.