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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Best RAAL MG Build In COD MW 2

    Best RAAL MG Build In COD MW 2: In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, light machine guns aren’t necessarily the most accurate or mobile weapons. For a gun of this calibre, the RAAL MG allows for pretty amazing movement speeds and has a lethal rate of fire. When it comes to the Light Machine Gun category of weapons, this gun will make you feel right at home thanks to its superb time to kill and accuracy.

    It’s amazing how swiftly and precisely this weapon can eliminate the target practise dummies. When you use it in-game, you’ll be astounded by its killing power.


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    RAAL MG Build – Best RAAL MG Build In COD MW 2

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    Range, Accuracy, Recoil Control, Mobility, and Handling are the main aspects of this RAAL MG setup. Unbelievably, none of the stats of this weapon have decreased. That accomplishment stands on its own. You’ll discover that, aside from the slow Aim Down Sight Speeds in comparison to other weapon types, it’s not all that bad and superior to the majority of Light Machine Guns. With its potent and precise gunfire, it will make up for it.


    Slot Attachment Name Pros Cons Tunes
    Muzzle BVM-338
    • Horizontal Recoil Control
    • Vertical Recoil Control
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Aiming Stability
    • -0.80 oz Weight
    • +0.35 in Length
    Optics DF105 Reflex Sight
    • Precision Sight Picture
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • -3.00 oz Weight
    • -2.25 in Eye Position
    Magazine 50 Round Belt Mag
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Movement Speed
    • Sprint to Fire Speed
    • Reload Quickness
    • Magazine Ammo Capacity
    • N/A
    Rear Grip Bruen Q900 Grip Wrap
    • Sprint to Fire Speed
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Recoil Control
    • -1.00 oz Weight
    • -0.45 in Width
    Laser FSS OLE-V Laser
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Aiming Stability
    • Sprint to Fire Speed
    • Laser visible when Aiming Down Sights
    • N/A

    RAAL MG Loadout

    It’s fantastic to have a powerful weapon, but in order to assure those Killstreaks, it must be partnered with a strong loadout. You should select options that emphasise the drawbacks of this weapon. Make sure, for instance, that you can reload fast and continue fighting when necessary.

    Slot Name Description
    Tactical Smoke Grenade You may easily defeat an enemy by throwing a Haze Grenade on top of him and letting off a clip into the smoke. Additionally, it can be useful if you need to flee. Another practical choice in this situation is a flash grenade.
    Lethal Frag Grenade Like burgers and fries, frag grenades and light machine guns work well together. You can ensure as much destruction as you can by doing this. Another excellent choice for this slot is the Semtex.
    Perk Packages Double Time, Scavenger, Fast Hands, and Quick Fix Even though this Light Machine Gun has excellent mobility for its class, a little bit more wouldn’t hurt. To navigate the map more quickly, use Double Time. If you collect ammo from the enemies you kill, Scavenger will make sure you never run out of ammunition. For any Light Machine Gun, Fast Hands is a necessity. This will be very helpful because the reloads are usually slow. When you have those close calls and need to resume the next fight, Quick Fix is fantastic. After each kill, it will grant you health regeneration so you can keep doing what you do best.
    Field Upgrades Smoke Airdrop and Portable Radar The Smoke Airdrop can be useful if you need more smoke grenades or if you don’t have any on hand. You can escape or blast enemies inside or on the other side of the smoke wall by dropping a wall of smoke. They won’t be aware of what is happening while you are shooting at them. When you are defending a target or location or simply want to know where the enemy may be, the Portable Radar can be helpful. It might be all you need to keep the enemy on their toes to display nearby enemies on your minimap.



    The majority of these choices can be customised to suit individual tastes, but the Quick Fix and Fast Hands Perks are essential. Remember that this is a Light Machine Gun, so even with Fast Hands, reload times are not the quickest, and it’s possible that the Aim Down Sight Speed will need to be adjusted.

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