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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Best Lockwood MK2 Build In COD MW 2

    Best Lockwood MK2 Build: You might not think of sawed-off, fast, and powerful when you think of Marksman Rifles. The Lockwood MK2 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can be any of the aforementioned. Great scoreboard results come with great power and great Aim Down Sight Speed. a little out of the ordinary for this type of weaponry, but very lethal.

    Although you won’t be using this weapon in the same way as many other Marksman Rifles, it can be very effective in the right hands and playstyle. The majority of the time, this weapon will be a one-shot kill, leaving you to wonder why you haven’t used it before.


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    Lockwood MK2 Build – Best Lockwood MK2 Build In COD MW 2

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    This weapon is deadly, swift, and portable. The best of all worlds for Killstreak achievers. with only a slight reduction in Recoil Control, the emphasis is on Damage, Range, Mobility, and Handling.

    Even though the Recoil Control is in the red, you’ll discover that it won’t be a problem because you’ll be one-shotting opponents most of the time in close-quarters and medium-range combat. You might have the best luck using this weapon with a mobile run-and-gun playstyle to see where it excels.


    Slot Attachment Name Pros Cons Tunes
    Barrel 25″ Buffalo Barrel
    • Damage Range
    • Hip Fire Accuracy
    • Bullet Velocity
    • Movement Speed
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Recoil Control
    • Hip Recoil Control
    • -0.50 lb Weight
    • -0.40 in Length
    Laser VLK LZR 7MW
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Aiming Stability
    • Sprint to Fire Speed
    • Laser Visible when Aiming Down Sights
    • N/A
    Optic Forge Tac Delta 4
    • 5.5x Magnification
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Very Small Sniper Glint
    • Aim Walking Movement Speed
    • -3.00 oz Weight
    • 0.00 in Eye Position
    Guard Lockwood Commando Guard
    • Crouch Movement SPeed
    • Aim Down Sight Speed
    • Sprint Speed
    • +0.20 lb Weight
    • -0.22 in Length
    Stock Cut Off Stock Mod
    • Movement Speed
    • Sprint to Fire Speed
    • Aim Down Sights Speed
    • Hip Recoil Control
    • Aiming Stability
    • Aiming Recoil Control
    • Flinch Resistance
    • N/A
    Some players might find the Forge Tac Delta 4 Optic choice to have a little bit too much magnification. Feel free to choose whatever Optic choice you like if this is the case. In the end, the decision is a matter of personal preference, and the weapon will still function effectively whichever option is chosen. This weapon is an excellent option for individuals who enjoy running marathons on the map and killing enemies along the way because it places a strong emphasis on Aim Down Sight Speed, various forms of movement speeds, and Sprint to Fire Speed.

    Loadout – Best Lockwood MK2 Build In COD MW 2

    You’ll want to make the most of this swift and lethal Lockwood MK2 by choosing the appropriate loadout options. You should choose options that make this mobile and quick setup stand out because of this.

    Slot Name More Info
    Tactical Flash Grenade When you need the added advantage of blinding the enemy to eliminate them, flash grenades are fantastic. Who doesn’t appreciate a strategy that gives them a significant advantage?
    Lethal Semtex The Semtex Lethal option is excellent because it sticks anything it hits, including walls and enemies. You can get a double kill or more if you throw this at an enemy and watch them turn back into teammates. Another great option in this situation is the frag grenade.
    Perk Packages Scavenger, Bomb Squad, Fast Hands, and Quick Fix Bring Scavenger along to collect ammunition from fallen foes as you run over their dead bodies since you will need ammunition while you go on a rampage. You will be able to survive those close calls with explosives thanks to Bomb Squad, which will assist you take less damage from non-Killstreak explosives. Your use of Fast Hands will speed up the reload times for this weapon. Finally, Quick Fix will make sure that after each kill, you regain some health so you can continue to battle.
    Field Upgrades Dead Silence and Portable Radar You might wish to make silent movements as you circle the map. With Dead Silence, you may prevent your adversaries from hearing you dash around, giving you that crucial advantage. When you need to reload or hold down a position and want to know where the adversary is approaching you from, the Portable Radar is fantastic.

    Personal preference may dictate changes to the Lethal and Tactical options here, but the remainder of the loadout will unquestionably highlight this weapon’s best features and guarantee your survival in a variety of combat situations.


    The ideal strategy for using this weapon is to move quickly and shoot quickly to eliminate the enemy before they realise what is happening. It is designed for a rather quick run-and-gun playstyle, but with sufficient practise, you can get those kills and victories.

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