Steam Decks can now be ordered without reservation and shipped in 1-2 weeks | Buy Steam Deck Without Reservation

Steam Decks can now be ordered without reservation and shipped in 1-2 weeks | Buy Steam Deck Without Reservation

Buy Steam Deck Without Reservation: Just a few short months ago, Valve seemed impossible to accomplish. By increasing production in July, Valve was able to fulfill all Steam Deck reservations before the end of the year, even exceeding their own expectations by completing all orders for Q3 before OctobThis meant that you could order a Steam Deck now and receive it before Christmas.

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You will no longer have to wait until November. According to the official Steam Deck website, reservations for the Deck have been removed, and orders will now be fulfilled within one to two weeks.

According to SteamDB, which examines Steam’s back-end, all reservation lists have been removed about an hour ago. Consequently, SteamDB reports that the 64GB model of the Deck may go back to reservations as a result of the influx of new orders. It is still not indicated on the official website, and Steam itself does not currently indicate a reservation wait.

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Although Deck production is set to ramp up for the holiday season, Valve is set to make a great deal of money and there will be a lot of satisfied PC gamers this holiday season.

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In addition, Logitech’s new handheld cloud-gaming console, the Logitech G, may be an alternative for those who do not have enough cash to buy a Steam Deck. Despite the absence of the Deck’s fancy touchpads and large internal storage (for some models), it comes with Microsoft Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now preinstalled, and you can stream games directly from your Xbox or PC to the Logitech G. Additionally, it is much cheaper at just $299, or $349 if you do not order it during the pre-order period. The shipping process will begin later this month.

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