How To Build Website That Converts 2022

Most business owners, regardless of the organization size, understand that online presence is vital for their survival. Some of them decide to hire an in-house team and others decide to hire a computer programmer or a whole team remotely to, at least, build a simple website. We all know that the digital market is growing, and the statistic speaks for itself. With over 2 billion dollars sales in 2017 and expected growth up to 4.8 billion by 2021, it is a great market with over 1.6 billion of digital buyers, and this number is going to reach 2.14 billion in 2021.


Sounds like a great reason to explore the options and hire a team of experts to work on your website, right?

Traditional Conversion Rates

Today we would like to focus on the correlation between the average website conversion rate and some of the practices that can help website owners achieve better results.


Let’s have a look at a regular website conversion funnel. Among all sessions, approximately 43% of clients will open pages with specific products they might be interested in. However, less than 15% will add a product or service to the cart, and these numbers drop dramatically, once the client is supposed to check out.



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What does it mean? Among the 1000 people that will visit your website, less than 35 are likely to become your clients. Yes, this data can vary, depending on the industry, but general statistics are sad.

However, some companies report that they have top conversion rates possible. So what’s their secret and how can you achieve better results?

6 Tips That Can Help Raise the Conversion Rates

Create a great design

First, think about the way your website should look. Not knowing how to design a website, can result in an ill-looking website that is impossible to navigate or interact with. The best choice would be responsive website design, that will look great on virtually any screen and will work well in major browsers. Look for great website design ideas and some of the best examples of the website in your industry.

Take care of development

Next, pay attention to the execution of the design. If you have to Google on ‘how to build a website’, it might be better to hire someone to help you out. Even though web developer salary in the US might be overwhelming, the cost of outsourcing is not that high, and you do not have to sacrifice the quality of the final product. Important tip: make the website as fast as possible. Did you know that even one-second delay in website loading results in a conversion results decrease?

Keep your focus

Test your website and keep your target audience. Even though your friends and Granny might like the website, it doesn’t mean that your clients will. Any user interface should be appealing to the client, so do your research and learn what devices your clients use, do they perfect mobile or desktop, do they trust reviews, etc.

Polish the content

Did you know that almost 20% of mobile users will not proceed with the order if they cannot see the details of the product? Make sure you have a full description of the commodity, and if possible, let the client compare this item to others within your website. For more interesting information, check the above-mentioned report of SmartInsights.

smartinsight 1


Make smart choices

There are so many options you can help your client have the best experience on your website. Offer push notifications to inform the client about new products or when the product they are interested in is back in stock. Create a ‘Related Products’ section, that will either offer accessories or things the client might be interested in as well.

Navigate the path

We mean it! Website conversion optimization begins not only with an in-depth knowledge of how to write a call to action (which is important) but should focus more on the overall user experience. It means that your website should offer a smooth journey from the moment a website visitor opens a specific landing page up till the moment you receive feedback from the client.

As one can see, creating a website or landing page that will have a higher conversion rate is not hard, however, it requires a thorough research and planning prior to the execution. A well-designed page, that loads quickly and has all the necessary information is bound to have a better conversion.

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