Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    Bugs cause Battlefield 2042’s limited-time event to be turned off after 30 minutes | BATTLEFIELD 2042 UPDATE #2.1.1 The Liquidators Event:

    Battlefield 2042’s The Liquidators Event: It was necessary for DICE to turn off Battlefield 2042’s The Liquidators limited-time event less than one hour after it went live as a result of serious bugs.

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    Despite going live on time at 9am UK time, the event was taken offline at 9:32am after DICE discovered that its progression system was malfunctioning.

    “We are temporarily disabling The Liquidators mid-season event”, the official Battlefield Direct Communication account said on Twitter (below). “We’re seeing that the unlock rewards and progress for the event are not tracking correctly, and cannot be equipped when showing as unlocked.”

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    In response to a follow-up tweet, DICE stated that it aims to have The Liquidators back online later today, which will include the Tactical Conquest mode and new missions.

    “We’re working to ensure all players can progress towards and receive the unlock rewards for The Liquidators event before we turn it back on,” it said.

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    Battlefield 2042 has not had a smooth first year on the market, launching its Season 1 in June (seven months after launch) after it was delayed to focus on more pressing matters such as adding a scoreboard.

    Around the same time, publisher EA admitted that Battlefield 2042 did not meet expectations, and soon after a petition asking for refunds began to circulate online, to which more than 230,000 players have now signed. In the meantime, Battlefield 2042’s number of players had decreased, as in early March it had fewer players on Steam than Battlefield 1, 4, and 5.

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