Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    BTS Jungkook Shops and Meets Fans in Qatar: Internet Goes Crazy

    BTS Jungkook in Qatar: The internet is ablaze with excitement about Jeon Jungkook (aka JK), the newest member of BTS, participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony. Even casual football fans are anticipating his performance together with the ARMYs.

    Here are a few pictures of him that fans have taken:

    People believe that Jungkook’s performance will overshadow the match’s enthusiasm because of the craze.

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    Fans go Crazy after watching BTS Jungkook in Qatar

    Since the Euphoria singer’s agency, Big Hit/HYBE, confirmed his appearance for the big night, several hashtags have been trending on Twitter all over the place.

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    After observing him peacefully wandering around the mall, ARMYs posted their experiences and images to social media:

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    What are your thoughts on the BTSxFIFA phenomena that is sweeping the globe? Post your comments below.

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