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    Breaking Bad – PS1 Gameplay: Someone Turned Breaking Bad Into A PS1 Game

    Breaking Bad – PS1 Gameplay: Despite the fact that Breaking Bad is unquestionably one of the greatest TV shows ever produced, it has been so popular that it has infiltrated popular culture as absurd memes, has been regularly mashed up with other properties, and even has a dedicated group working to get Walter White into Multiverse. This is why it should come as no surprise to see someone take a look at what Breaking Bad might look like if it were pitched as a video game in 1996.

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    The video titled “Breaking Bad – PS1 Gameplay”, uploaded by a YouTuber called PotBoiler (thanks, Destructoid), represents their vision of what a GTA-inspired Breaking Bad title would look like on a PlayStation 1. As the player controls Jesse Pinkman, they rush off to kill Gale before a timer expires. While on his way to Gale’s house, Jesse hits a police car and rushes to Saul Goodman in order to remove the fuzz on his back. Upon arriving at Gale’s, he runs out of time before he can perform the act.

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    It is unfortunate that this video does not represent an actual video game you can download, but rather an illustration of what a PS1 Breaking Bad game would look like. The Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan once actually pitched a Breaking Bad game to Apple employees, pointing to Rockstar’s GTA series and stating that it “still makes sense” to him. Sadly, Gilligan’s idea never advanced beyond the pitch, but at least we have this video to see what it might have looked like.

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    It seems that PS1 demakes are all the rage these days, as several popular titles have been remade. Some of these titles include Horizon Zero Dawn, which featured Aloy taking on a very imposing Watcher, and Bloodborne PSX demake, which reached 100,000 downloads in less than a day.

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