4 Important Areas to Focus on to Boost your Home’s Curbside Appeal 2020

Curb appeal is an imperative factor when selling your house. The National Association of Realtors reports that a whopping 63 percent of homebuyers will drop by to check a house they saw and liked online.

That’s the number of potential homebuyers you are losing by putting up uninviting photos of your home on the internet. By the I also use cleaning services on NYC so that my house and its items looks more decent. 

An awe-inspiring first impression not only brings you more admirers in the marketplace but also ensures buyers don’t change their mind when they drop by your place.

So how do you enhance the curb appeal of your home? What should you work on?

The front entry

The first thing potential buyers bump into when they walk into your home is the front entry. It should never be ignored as it can make or break your chances of selling the house.

Revamp the following areas:

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  • The lighting on your entryway should set the tone. Not many buyers are ready to go beyond the front door if the entryway doesn’t impress them. Ceiling lights and sconces combined with accent lighting can work the magic here. Ensure all pre-installed exterior lights are working and that spider webs, insect wings, and dead bugs are cleaned from the surface of the lights.
  • Also, consider adding a layer of new paint on your front door with a neutral but noticeable color. Just be sure to align it with shades on adjacent features such as pillars.
  • Any metals, including doorbells, knobs, and house numbers should be cleaned and polished.
  • Adorn your front door by adding urns on either side of it. If you have them installed already, consider spray-painting them to give them a new and fresh look.
  • One other way to enhance your front entry is to add a wreath or some other decorative item to the front door.
  • Check your mailbox too and repaint it, dress it up, or replace it altogether if you must.
  • Install outdoor seating – something like a bench or a couple of rocking chairs.

Driveway or walkway

Albeit you are trying to spend as little money as possible revamping your house, you might want to upgrade your driveway using a paving contractor. If you are on tight budget, placing a series of pot plants on either side can be a cut-rate but effective way to distract your visitors from the dull concrete.

Simple flaws such as missing bricks and cracked concrete can be a turnoff to some buyers. Have it fixed or replaced before your first visitors can set foot on the property.

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A professional landscaper is the best person to entrust your landscaping needs with, but this will set you back a fortune. If you are physically capable of doing it yourself but are clueless on where to start, you can get ideas online and implement them without paying a dime.

Start by choosing the right plants from the local nursery. The staff there will help you choose the plants that mature quickly and have longer bloom seasons. You may also want to choose plants that bloom at different times of the year and mix them up to ensure your entire backyard doesn’t dry up when one of the plants if offseason.

Fill up the bare patches on your lawn with grass and mow it regularly while your property is on the market. Remove any leaves and sticks lying around and clear the gutter. If you have a live fence, trim it and do away with drying sections.

When planting, ensure the spacing is appropriate for the specific flower in question. This is where expert advice comes in handy, so make good use of the guys at the nursery.


The roof can be seen from miles away, and it sure is a vital aspect of your curb appeal. Replace the rusty gutters with newer ones or repaint and fasten the old ones if they are still serviceable. Irrelevant additions such as holiday decorations and Christmas lighting hooks should be done away with.

Clear dead leaves off the roof and gutter and reinforce any loose nails or screws. If the roof is discernibly too old, you should consider replacing it. This, of course, can be pretty costly but its impact on your property’s value cannot be matched. An expert can help you determine if you really need to change the roof or if a comprehensive revamping can do the job.

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