Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Black Adam’s MultiVersus Release has been delayed to an unknown date

    Black Adam MultiVersus Release Date: MultiVersus’ release of Black Adam has been delayed to an unknown date, possibly also delaying the release of the attached Arcade Mode and any other inclusions in his update.

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    Considering that Black Adam seemed to be an obvious way for MultiVersus to have some synergy (ew) with Warner Bros., his inclusion in the game has been a bit of a mess. Having been confirmed as one of the first characters for Season 1, he has since been delayed several times, the most recent being indefinite.

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    MultiVersus’ official Twitter account confirmed that Black Adam would not be arriving any time soon while providing us with our first glimpse of the character in-game. According to the tweet, “The Gods have spoken and Black Adam is not quite ready to change MultiVersus’ hierarchy. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience, Mortals,” while Black Adam emotes and indicates that he is not quite ready to join our “legions.”

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    It is not the first time that a character has been delayed in MultiVersus. Previously, Gizmo, who was announced and then scheduled for release within a few days, had to be pushed back a few days. As the delay is indefinite and the team has not provided an updated release date, this is a somewhat unusual situation. MultiVersus’ first season ends on November 15, so we shouldn’t have to wait very long for Black Adam to be added.

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    Additionally, it appears that this is not the first time Black Adam has been delayed. According to an email from Warner Bros. just a few days ago, Black Adam will be released on October 25, in line with the launch dates of other characters. As it turned out, that did not happen as an announcement on the same day stated that he would be coming with Arcade Mode sometime during this week.

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    This tweet does not confirm whether Arcade Mode has also been affected by this delay, but it appears likely that the mode and everything else within the update will arrive alongside Black Adam and are therefore also indefinitely delayed.

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