Binom Review 2020: The best alternative to voluum is here!! {FINALLY}

If you are reading this article then you must know that how affiliate marketers reacted when Voluum has increase their fees. And that was the time when I got frustrated and looking for alternative. I got my hand on redtrack and now on Binom.

Today I am writing about Binom review and this is going to be an boon for affilaite marketer. If you are paying huge money to trackers then you must this review of binom tracking software.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to a numbers game. It doesn’t matter if a campaign “feels” like it “should” be successful if the numbers don’t reflect the hunch. Your strategy needs to be data-driven, and for that to happen, you need to first arm yourself with the right data at the right time about the right campaign. And that’s where Binom steps into the picture.

Pro Tracking Excellence with Binom Tracker

A self-hosted tracking platform, Binom offers an incredible bounty of data and functionality. Everything is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Binom Review

To get more profitable campaign we always need more information and more information is not cheap right ? But I personally think Binom is the tracker which can help you to get all the data about your campaign. The data are broadly organized across intuitive tabs, so you can easily sift through your campaigns, landing pages, affiliate networks, offers, traffic sources, trends, conversions, clicklog and users. If you are marketers then you must know how important all these data are.

Binom is self-hosted, which means from one side that no one will have access to your campaign information, from other side that you will have to install it on your own hosting or VPS server.  I always recommend my students to get server close to your target audience, so if you run US traffic , be sure to pick up a server there, if it’s in Europe, get an EU server if its in Asia then get one in Bangalore or Mumbai.

You have 2 options to start work with Binom:

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By signing up you agree to our terms

  • Ready-to-go script that will install tracker and all necessary software to your server and you are good to go
  • Or if you are not that techy then just ask Binom support then will do everything for you. With in 30 min you will be able to use it

Btw, I checked some good forums also I got lot of positive review about Binom Support. So dont worry about it.

Binom Features


Binom offers one low monthly price for unlimited traffic, handling millions of clicks per day. Binom promises a click processing time of just 5 ms under any server load, Whereas other trackers can suffer from long redirect times, performance drops under high load, and click loss. Binom looks complete after watching the feature list, I has all function which you would need with click tracking, traffic redistribution, detailed analytics, and even a full API for more advanced functionality.

Binom Advantages

  • Free SSL for all domains
  • Excellent Customer Support via live chat, email & Skype
  • The fastest and most convenient user interface
  • Large-scale automated updates every 2-3 months
  • Handles up to 15 million clicks per day
  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
  • Large-scale automated updates every few month
  • The fastest and most convenient user interface
  • Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
  • The average response time of our support is 2 minutes
  • Filters and marked rows
  • Distribution by uniqueness and conversion

Binom Disadvantages

  • UI can be improved
  • Pricing plans can be expensive for some marketers

Traffic Distribution

  • Paths and rules – Paths and rules system with 20+ metrics, including uniqueness, proxy, IP-range and time of day.
  • Rotations – With Rotations you can conveniently change the distribution weight for any campaign.
  • Smart rotation – Earn more by sending users to landing pages or offers which he hasn’t seen yet.
  • Flexibility – Send clicks from one campaign to another. Send traffic to specific paths of landing pages. Create the perfect funnel.

Binom Reports that actually help

  • High speed – Most reports generate almost instantly. Forget about waiting. No more wasted time and frustration.
  • Filter system – With the help of our powerful filter system, data analysis and decision making becomes as easy as never before.
  • More than 20 analytical reports and advanced data points – Learn everything about your traffic! All basic metrics + service provider, connection type, device, uniqueness, etc.
  • Group reports –  You can see statistics for any given campaign or in groups. Cross-campaign analysis gives you a huge advantage.
  • Statistics on paths, rules, rotations – You will always know exactly how Binom distributes your traffic.
  • Marking rows – Mark sites directly in the report and use these labels for filters. Working with a team has never been easier.
  • Report on uniqueness and bots – Binom helps you can get better traffic from your traffic sources.
  • Bid grouping – Bidding statistics will tell you exactly what the optimum price is for each campaign (or publisher) so you maximize profits..

Binom Super Campaign Optimization 

  • Filters saving – Save a filter once and you can start using it in two clicks. Also by API.
  • Multilevel filters – You can filter simultaneously on multiple levels of the report, for example, publisher and OS.
  • Multi-filter – Simultaneous filter on several parameters, for example Clicks>100, ROI>50%.
  • Smart filters – Our advanced mathematical model will help you generate white- and black- lists.

Everything About Traffic To Maximize The Revenue

  • Tracking of 20+ click metrics – Including city, connection type and proxy. Highest device and carrier identification accuracy thanks to our combined databases.
  • Landing Page Metrics – Find out browser settings, http-headers, exit points and other metrics on the landing page.
  • LP Pixel – With LP Pixel you can send traffic directly to the landing page without unnecessary redirects.
  • Integrated Landings – After saving its code in the tracker, landing will open by the campaign URL without any redirects.
  • Unlimited Domains – Use as many additional domains for your campaigns as you need.
  • Event system – All you want: percent of bots, scrolls, form focuses, any metrics on landers.

Plans and Pricing: Binom Tracker Demo

Binom has developed only one paid package for the users that offers unlimited access to all the available tools and functionalities.

Binom License

Price: $99 per month or $69 per month (Billed annually)

  • One server
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL for all domains
  • Lifetime updates
  • Additional licenses – $49
  • Free 24/7Support
  • Skype, live-chat, email
  • Tracker installation
  • Server setup
  • Super-responsiveness
  • Answer within 2 minutes

Binom is also offering you special coupon COMMONSTUPIDMAN . Just follow this link .Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

I hope you have liked this Binom review article.

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