Best Trimmer under 500 in India 2018

Nova-Trimmer-1011-Best Trimmer under 500 in India 2015

Nova-Trimmer-1011-Best Trimmer under 500 in India 2015

Best Trimmer under 500 in India 2015

Today in this professional world, most of us feel the need to be in a gentlemen’s look. There are some men, who find their beard as one of the greatest fashion accessory while others curse their facial hair every morning for adding 15-20 minutes to their daily routine.

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Best Trimmer under 500 in India 2015: Immaterial of your view point for beard and all its controversies, a solid ergonomically shaped Trimmer is a necessary expenditure if you want your face look fresh most of the time. Here is a list of some of the best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015 which will match your need!

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  1. Nova 1011 Trimmer

Here’s an easy to operate trimmer suitable for men of all ages who choose to groom their beards without any difficulty. The Nova trimmer comes with a stainless steel cutting blades that trims your hairs properly. Furthermore the variable cutting length and settings make trimming an easy task.

With solid built quality, this nova trimmer is ergonomically designed with a non slip handle. The trimmer is wireless that means one can carry it anywhere and work it out. Nova 1011 is fitted with a highly efficient rechargeable battery which requires 720 minutes to get charged up.

The trimmer is provided with a charging dock along with LED indicator. Apart from this it includes cleaning brush and oil container. This trimmer with such catchy features is on top of the chart for the best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015 with a price of Rs.399.

  1. Nova Cordless NHT 1045

This ideal trimmer for men comes with a powerful motor and UltraTrack skin friendly blade that trims your hair up to 0.1 mm. the trimmer is so designed as to minimize the discomfort of the user while operating it.

The nova trimmer is cordless making trimming more convenient task. It requires 60 minutes to recharge the single cell battery and can be used for 30 minutes without any break. The trimmer contains an additional cleaning brush for removing the stuck hairs. Nova NHT with these specifications is on the second position for the best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015 with a price of Rs. 399.

  1. Brite Shaver 550 Trimmer

If you are not that brand cautious then this Brite Shaver 550 Trimmer can be a good choice for you. The trimmer comes with a Cutter Block Blade that helps you to groom your hairs easily.

It required a minimum power of 220 V to recharge the battery. It is also a cordless trimmer which makes it easier for you to trim your hairs anywhere. Additionally it is provided with a cleaning brush.

Keeping the users fascinated with its design this device with a price of Rs. 244 is amongst the best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015.

  1. Nova NTH 1014

Shaving becomes so convenient with the Nova NTH 1014 trimmer. With a sporty look and ergonomic design it becomes easier to hold. The trimmer comes with sharp blades for clean and precise shaving.

It is a cordless device, thus setting you free from sockets and messy wires while using. It need 480 minutes of recharge time with a charging indicator and runs for 45 minutes. With a price of Rs.299 this trimmer is the best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015.

  1. Maxel Xpressive AK-702 Trimmer

The last in the list is Maxel Xpressive trimmer which comes with Cutter Block Blades which gives a smooth finish to the skin. The trimmer has a decent design and is cordless involving less complication while using.

This trimmer requires recharging time of 50 minutes and runs for 20 minutes. Comprising of these specification with a selling price of Rs. 298, this last trimmer is yet another best trimmer under 500 in India in 2015.

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