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    The Skyrim Mod Takes You To the Capital of Grahtwood | The best Skyrim mods to install

    The best Skyrim mods to install: A mod by ArminZX12 on the popular platform NexusMods recently added the capital of Grahtwood to Skyrim. While the project was only launched earlier this week on October 1, it has already gained the attention of players, racking up downloads as a result.

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    “Hi everyone! After six months of modding, I couldn’t resist publishing a first release of my new mod which will take you to visit the city of Elden Root and its huge forests,” ArminZX12 said about the project, Elden Root: A Tale of Valenwood. “Polish your armor, let’s go to Valenwood!”

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    Since Elden Root: A Tale of Valenwood does not declare any dependencies, players can apply the mod directly to the base game.

    “To get to Elden Root, just go through the portal that appears in the Falkthreat Forest near Roadside Ruins,” ArminZX12 explained. “The map is not very extensive, but it’s full of details and little secrets to discover.”

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    A number of impressive features are included in the mod. These exhaustively consist of “new ingredients to find in the jungle; new animals to hunt, some hidden and others very difficult to catch; new critters, some very rare and others that will only appear at certain locations and times; new enemies like cannibal tribes, lurchers, and fairies; new Bosmer-style weapons, armors, amulets, shrines, spells, and a station to create new types of magic arrows; new foods, drinks, and recipes typical of the wood elf lore” as well as “new loading screens during fast travels on the map” in addition to a “small player home with some essential amenities and a cute new animal follower!”

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    “This is currently intended as a finished mod, although there will be updates for the inevitable errors or bugs that will be reported. If I’m motivated in the future, I could add a quest,” ArminZX12 remarked.

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    Grahtwood is located in the southeastern region of Valenwood. As its name implies, Elden Root’s capital city is a hollowed out Graht-oak tree. Until now, this part of Tamriel has only been featured in the massive Elder Scrolls Online.

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