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    Bastion has been removed from all modes of Overwatch 2 following the discovery of an extreme exploit | Overwatch 2 Pulls Bastion

    Overwatch 2 Pulls Bastion: The Bastion ultimate ability has been removed from all modes in Overwatch 2 following reports of an exploit that allows you to spam as many artillery strikes as possible within the time frame. Within eight seconds, you are only allowed to fire three shots anywhere across the map, but due to this bug, you are able to fire as many shots as you wish.

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    Upon acknowledging the bug, Blizzard temporarily removed Bastion from the game, which means that he is not currently available for play in any mode. The Hero Gallery does not even contain a picture of him.

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    Bastion is not the only one that has been removed. In all modes except Quick Play, Torbjörn has been disabled due to an exploit that makes his Overload ability last twice as long. While [Blizzard] attempts to fix a few bugs in their ability kits, the two are taking a quick trip to the workshop.

    It is important to note that if you have not played Overwatch 2 and are confused by Bastion’s artillery cannon, it is his new ultimate ability, which replaces his original chain-gun turret. He is now capable of firing shells across the map to bombard his enemies, converting him from a mobile tank and robotic gunslinger into a stationary artillery cannon. You will have to wait for his return if you wish to see it in action.

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    There are other bugs reported as well, but they do not affect exploitable hero abilities. Those who play on Xbox get booted out of games when they earn an achievement, while players report that hitboxes are a bit generous. The process of obtaining headshots has been made much easier this time around. As a result of these bugs, Overwatch 2 has been rated 1.4 on Metacritic by its users.

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