Backblaze Cloud Storage Review 2021 – Lowest Cost Cloud Storage

In this post “Backblaze Cloud storage Review” of mine I am going to tell you about all the aspects of this product or can say it’s a Backblaze cloud storage review.  Backblaze asserts to be the world’s most easiest and cost-effective online backup provider.

Its interface is direct and its price ambitious, it’s one of the lowest and less feature filled product we’ve tried. In case if you’re a lenient type of individual, Backblaze might be for you, because, unlike the major online backup providers, it draws a conclusion what things should be backed up – before you get a opportunity to accept it choices. Designing the service is an effort, however, don’t think about distributing your files of cloud storage.

Backblaze Cloud storage Review

Backblaze Cloud Storage Review - Amazon S3 Alternative ,Microsoft Alternative

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Getting started With Backblaze Cloud storage

Setting up account on Backblaze cloud storage is simple maybe too simple. Joining requires just an email address and a secret key, without authentication for either.

Backblaze cloud storage creates a custom installer before, bound to your record, so even if you didn’t remember the password, you won’t access your account, and there’s no password restoration schedule.

This is an extraordinary example of the potential for Backblaze’s cloud storage review straightforwardness to get in the direction of usefulness. Utilizing a password manager can easily take care of this problem; however it would be better not have any issue in any case.

Backblaze cloud storage programming is accessible for both Windows (XP through Windows 10Free at Amazon) PCs and OS X (10.6 and later) , and the installation is an easy, if its a long, process.

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When Backblaze  is installed, it scans and search for viruses to your whole hard drive for certain files (media files and documents), and begins backing them up instantly—without your say as much. Dissimilar to most online backup providers, it doesn’t allow you to show particular folders or files to back up.

Backblaze is about being simple, and the most basic and easiest approach to back up a PC is to have the service chosen for you. The notably pleasant installer cautions that this procedure may take several days, or even weeks, to finish. This was tolerated out in our speed tests, yet more on that later.

Note that while Backblaze storage cloud back up all user records on your PC, it won’t duplicate system files or applications. In case you’re searching for a completely bootable backup, attempt Acronis True Image Cloud$99.99 at Acronis. All things considered, Backblaze can back up an inserted USB hard drive, something you have to pay additional for in Carbonite.

In case you’re on a Windows PC, Backblaze cloud storage places a symbol in the notification bar, which gives you fast access to application settings, an alternate way to the Backblaze site, and the choice to trigger a full system backup.

Not at all like Norton, the Backblaze interface is solid and well organised. We didn’t have any issue finding settings for selecting which hard disk to back up or when to program backup. The same is valid on Macintosh, where Backblaze inserts its settings where they are supposed to be: in the System Preferences menu. Other Mac designers ought to observe.


The enormous issue is with the interface, however, originates from the service provider aim for making it easy and simple. It’s much harder to determine the folders you need back up than with most benefits. You need to indicate folders to avoid, not the different way. Most services demonstrate to you a folder tree and give you a chance to uncheck and check whatever you need and don’t need backed up.

With Backblaze cloud storage review, you can set backups to happen on a set form or schedule, but by default it looks for changes and makes upgrades to your back up regularly. This is our most loved strategy, since the scheduling choice may miss a file modulation you made a 10 a.m. on the off chance if your pc crashes and your backup isn’t planned till 6 p.m.

The presence of Backblaze’s cloud storage on your PC is negligible. It doesn’t, for occurrence, include record framework combination, for example, right-click alternatives for adding documents or organizers to your reinforcement. That is on the grounds that Backblaze cloud storage goes down all that it considers a client document. We incline toward the more adaptable methodology of different administrations.

Backblaze cloud storage is clear about its security conventions. The Security settings clarify that your documents are scrambled before exchange and remain encoded when very still on Backblaze’s servers, and that the administration utilizes SSL while transferring your reinforcement.

In case you’re worried about Backblaze cloud storage staff, a programmer, or a law implementation office snooping your reinforcement, you can deal with your own particular encryption keys.

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Pricing Of Backblaze cloud storage

You have two options either you can choose $5 per month or $50 for a year’s dedication forthright for limitless cloud backup storage for one PC, Backblaze truly costs less exactly as compared to other different service providers.

The standard is $59 every year for limitless storage. Backblaze, in any case, doesn’t offer a everlasting free account level like MozyHome  ,IDrive’s 5GB free record and SpiderOakONE’s free 2GB . However, You can have a trial for 15 days.


Backblaze’s  limitless storage is liberal, mainly when compared with Norton Online Backup, which will costs you $50 for a pitty 25GB of space. However, you’ll need to purchase another membership to add another PC to protect.

Different services, for example,IDrive$59.50 at iDrive,SOS Online Backup$59.99 at SOS Online Backup and CrashPlan, let’s you add numerous PCs in one account.

You additionally need to go through the loop if you are having one license and need to exchange it to another machine—if you really utilize Backblaze cloud storage for its proposed reason for reestablishing your back up to another PC, for example.


Features of Backblaze cloud storage


Fair usage Limit                                                       No

File size Limit                                                           No

File Type Restrictions                                             No, but only supported after Removing default exclusions

64 bit software                                                          Yes

Bandwith Throttling                                                No

Operating System                                                     Mac OS 10.6+,Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, & XP

File Access                                                                  Mobile apps and Web app

Transfer Encryption                                                 256-bit

Mobile Apps                                                               Android and iOS

Support Options                                                        Self-support and Email

Backup Status Alerts                                                Email

File Sharing                                                                No


Saves Data in Bulk:- Backblaze Cloud storage Review back ups a huge amount of Data.

Limitless online back up is hypothesis sounds amazing and it truly is. But there is one warning which numerous individuals miss:

The container neck is quite often a client’s own bandwith given by the ISP. Even though you are favored and got yourself a 10Mbit/s upstream broadband connection your back ups will take a specific measure of time.

How about we accept you’re one of the fortunate guys with a decent data transfer capacity and you can upload 1GB every day. It doesn’t require a PhD to make sense of to what extent your back up is going to take. 100 days.This is one of the best features of backblaze cloud storage review.

Security:- Encryption must be a vital section of your cloud backup and any service worth considering must offer two sorts of encryption strategies:

AES encryption very still (the administration’s servers) – this technique is utilized to protect your files with a key that is put away on the servers in a protected format.

SSL/TLS encryption for documents that are exchanged from the sender to the recipient (service). This is known as transit encryption.

Backblaze offers both kind for your files and they include another security layer which is known as local encryption. Which says that you get the opportunity to pick an personal passphrase not known to anyone but yourself.

At whatever time you need to restore from Backblaze’s servers you require this personal passphrase to get to your documents. This key is just stored locally and briefly utilized by Backblaze to decode the requested information.

When you’ve asked for a restore, a protected copy is gathered on Backblaze’s data centers and automatically erased after 7 days or you can erase it by your own.

By utilizing triple encryption (transit,local and off-site) you get most extreme assurance for your files. There is one and only warning with extreme security: if you ever forget your passphrase there is nothing you can do to it. Its completely of no use. The security feature is really awesome of backblaze cloud storage review.

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Restoration of files:- This wouldn’t be a proper Backblaze cloud storage review if don’t tell you about the restoration of files that backblaze does. For a few people it might be bit nonsensical however restoring files works completely from their web interface, which means that it’s manageable to get a file at whatever place you are with an Internet connection.

Backblaze then sends a connection to a ZIP file with the content of your back up to the inbox. But, be careful this can take a long time period if restoration is huge (above 10GB), for this situation utilizing the Backblaze Downloader is the better alternative for you.

There are a few people in the comments recommending that Backblaze has issues with bigger restoration –  but for now I couldn’t repeat these issues on my end.

I would like to recommend you to just utilize the web interface for some small files that you require urgently, for instance when working with someone else’s PC and getting to your documents is not possible.

Backblaze lets you to go back up to 30 days back. Which means you can dig out or back up data which is around 30 days earlier. Whatever service provider it may be if not providing 30 days before backup there’s no chance to buy that product. This feature makes blackblaze cloud storage review unique.


Access with Mobile:-  Everything is easy with the help of mobile nowadays, and online services have appeared with clever applications for file access on the go. Backblaze launched their application a year prior and provides you with essential file access.

So if you require a file or photo, it’s simply available by means of the local application. The application works away on both iOS and Android gadgets so the larger part of mobile phone clients can make utilization of it.

Once downloaded the document from your back ups you can easily see them on your iPhone and share it with your loved ones. I have utilized this feature very much when i was on business trips: it happens when there is this one document you forgot at home.

It doesn’t act as instinctive as the Dropbox application however it is worth having it introduced on your telephone to be safe. Backblaze cloud storage review gives this interesting option to us.

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Pros of Backblaze cloud Storage:-

  • Backblaze provides you with limitless online backups.
  • The set Up is very simple
  • Easy and attractive Interface
  • Needs a small input from user
  • Gives option to restore or back up through mailed drive
  • Tells stolen device location

Cons of Backblaze cloud Storage:-

  • File explorer is not available
  • Cant share files from backups
  • Its slow at intervals of time
  • Really inflexible


So what’s the Bottom Line should you Buy Backblaze or NOT?

As a user of backblaze i would highly recommend you to buy this product because as compared to the other products in the market out there this has proven the best. The Backblaze cloud storage review which I have given is from my point of view.

Its really a good service provider which will keep your files safe and won’t let it go in wrong hands. I have used some other software’s also but trust me you aren’t going to get satisfied with the software out there in the market except backblaze its user friendly and easy accessible features makes it more interesting and demand-able product.

Backblaze is ideal for the users who are engaged in saving a huge data every now and then. Anyone who is a beginner can use it as it is user friendly. Hope you like my Backblaze Cloud storage Review.


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