AWS certification for business analyst 2022

Achieving an AWS certification as a business analyst can greatly enhance your career growth, thus if you want to achieve this certification, and need information, you have come to the right place! In this article, we talk about the importance of the certification and guide you on how to achieve it. So let us dive in!

All about the AWS certifications for Business analysts

The certification for you- AWS certified solutions architect, comes at two levels; associate and professional. Needless to say, the associate level is relatively for beginners while the professional is for experts.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

If you are a business analyst who can develop, design and manage applications using the tools provided by the AWS services then you are it for this certification! This will help you further furbish your skills and further improve your skillsets! Following skills are what you would be tested on:-

  • AWS and its work related to multiple networks
  • Client interface management and its importance in the AWS platform
  • Ensuring the design of efficient and secure applications connected to the AWS services, and how to troubleshoot and debug them when needed
  • Deploying hybrid systems
  • Having skills and knowledge pertaining to the following domains: AWS, AWS-related data security practices, disaster recovery techniques, and troubleshooting

The exam only consists of multiple choice questions with multiple answers. The time duration is 130 minutes. The registration fee is USD 150 but can vary according to your geographical location.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

If you have achieved a certain degree of expertise in your field, and work with businesses as a consultant about their business models, infrastructure and architecture, then you should go for the professional level certification!

You would be tested on your knowledge in the following areas:-

  • AWS application architecture and designing
  • Automation of systems on AWS
  • Effectively managing cost and investment while AWS use

The exam format is of multiple choice questions and multiple answers. The exam duration is of 170 minutes, and registration would cost USD 300. The perquisites required for this exam are AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification, 2 years worth of experience working with Cloud Applications.

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Why should you take the AWS certified solutions architect examination?

If we listed down every single reason for why this AWS certification is important for your careers and its benefits, it might take you hours to read them all! However, we have compiled what we think are among the most prominent ones. Here they are as follows:-

  1. You develop skills and knowledge

Even if it is not a necessity of your job to require an AWS certification, having one would make you a rather competent IT administrator! The knowledge and skills you would gain can be applied to your field of work, and would thus make you a better and more productive employee.

  1. You get direct career benefits

Some of the benefits you will reap can be more directly related to your career. Firstly, you would be able to apply to the jobs that only require individuals who are AWS certified solutions architects, due to their experience and competency in managing a business and administrating the network.

Secondly, being a talented and skillful employee would also lend you more promotions, salary increments, and non-wage benefits. This is due to the fact that employees who have the AWS certification are considered as a valuable resource by companies, who give them benefits and show leniency for employee satisfaction. Studies have time and time again showed that companies who focus on their employees’ well being and comfort end up outperforming other companies, due to more effort and loyalty shown to them by their workers.

  1. You can use this course as a prerequisite

There can be two ways to achieve this. Firstly the skills and knowledge that you acquired while preparing to be an AWS certified solutions architect can be re-used if you are preparing to sit in another examination for a different certification. Secondly, some higher level courses straight up require the AWS certification as a prerequisite. This means, that passing this certification mandatory in order for you to apply for some of the other more reputed certifications.

Tips and tricks to prepare you for your AWS certification

  1. Take preparatory classes

It is understandable why you might think that you can prepare for the AWS certified solutions architect on your own, but let us assure you that it would be better to get tuitions an already AWS certified individual! You could appoint a home tutor or join an academy for your training! If you want to do it online, you could look for a reliable tutor on skype or result in educational sites like Udemy and Coursera. Each method has its own merit, thus ideally you should assess how much time and money you are willing to spend on your preparation and choose your option.

  1. Take practice questions

Having a well and thorough preparation would alone not help you pass the exam! It is essential that you learn how to put the knowledge you have learned to use! Ideally speaking, you should have attempted the maximum number of practice questions and past papers in order to be familiar with the questions.

  1. Learn time management

Again, we stress, all your preparation and skills would go to waste if you do not learn how to put them in use! Thus, it is essential that you learn time management, to prevent leaving your paper incomplete. This will maximize your chances to score well and pass!

  1. Find a study buddy

Learning about developing, deploying and debugging applications can be extremely repetitive, exhausting and uninteresting. Thus, having a partner who is preparing for the same certification as you would be very helpful to keep you on track. Along with this, not only could you both help each other with your weak points and solve queries, but you can also track each other’s progress and encourage to work harder.

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