How I Invested $2.7 And Made $30 With 1011.11% ROI In 2021

Hey Folks , Today I am sharing one of my email (Audiencepress review) which I sent to my subscribers couple of days ago. As I already mention before that I share 80% tricks , tutorial , product with my email subscriber only . So if you want to be on pf them then join my email list and awesome content.

So without wasting much time let me write that email here for you so that you can also how I managed to get 1101.11% ROI. And yes my campaign is still running and ll share the result soon with you.

My Email To Subscriber Cum Audiencepress Review

First of all let me say SORRY to you that I have been away from some days ūüôĀ .

Yes I did it because I am facing some medical emergency issue in my family and we are still
trying to recover from it.

By the way I am sending this mail to you because I test out some stuff and works great for me,
So I thought I Should share the method with you also so that you can also make some sweet money.

So Let’s Start The Small Guide – ¬†Audiencepress Review

Step 1 –¬†I choose a product which is¬†thrive conten builder.¬†I have this and I love it so if you do not have this yet
you must get it now. So that your traffic conversion ll increase 100% .

Step 2 –¬†Opened my¬†long tail pro 3.0¬†and searched for the buyers keyword. Again if you do not have¬†Long Tail pro
then you are still away from buyer keywords mine. So grab it and stop wasting time here and there.

Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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Step 3 –¬†I ¬†found some buyers keyword and will be revealing some of them here , not all but Ill reveal some keywords.

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Step 4 –¬†I setup my new¬†audiencepress¬†tracker to track everything on my blog. If you doing into IM then you must
use this Audience Press 1000% . Grab this now.

Step 5 –¬†Head to Bing Ads and create a new campaign , I already showed you guys to create a campaign but if you
want to see it again then click here –¬†¬†¬†

Step 6 –¬†I applied for my affiliate link from¬†, and after getting the link , I have added in destination URL in
bing campaign.

Step 6 –¬†Start sending traffic and see what’s keyword working for you and then optimized accordingly.

This is not end of the post :p , I am going to show you some image screenshots so that you can understand how this thing works.

See the Bing Ads Stats Below –

Bing Stats Details - AudiencePress Review

Now See What AudiencePress Tracked For Me

Audiencepress trackers stats - AudiencePress Review

Huge Difference right ? Bing Showed me 5 click but actually I got 15 clicks. tough extra money is not cut from my account but still
I have correct data with me.

Not only clicks can track but various thing can be tracked like image below , Please take a look and see how this tracker can work if we know to use it.

audiencepress cpa track link details -AudiencePress Review

After receiving 5 click from bing and 15 Clicks from¬†AudiencePress¬†I¬†made one conversion and bagged $30.00 ūüôā

thrive content earning details -AudiencePress Review


As you can see that making money online is not too tough , A proper offer with proper marketing you can make some good money.

I have to tell you that I made some serious mistake on this but campaign but at the end I got good ROI. So I am happy about it.

You Want To Know About Mistakes ?


  1.  I did not send traffic to a landing page . You must do this and for that grab thrive content builder.
  2.  I did not include re-targeting code in AudiencePress.
  3. Spit testing is still required

As of now I am going to change this 2 thing on my campaign and ll run it again.

By the way I am highly suggesting you to grab audiencepress now , if you want to know more benefits check below details


Features –¬†Audiencepress Review

Audience Press is the ULTIMATE link tracking software for all your niche marketing needs:

Link Cloaking –¬†

Shorten and cloak any link. Track cost per click on every link you promote.  Cloaked links look better and cant

be blocked, so you can share on affiliate links on Social Media
Retargeting –¬†

Use FB, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Retargeter or any other service you like. Get cheap clicks, as low as $0.01 per click when you retarget your traffic using Audience Press.
Affiliate Marketing –

Manage affiliate links from multiple networks in one central dashboard. No iFrames are used, so AudiencePress review is unblockable.

Know Your ROI –

Track affiliate commissions from any affiliate network, even networks that do not allow pixel codes. 

Country-Based Redirects‚Ä®‚Ä® –

Automatically redirect visitors based on their geographic location & IP address. Perfect to maximize your income from promoting CPA offers.

Avoid Downtime –¬†

If your main URL is not accessible, you will receive an email alert.

Audience Press will ping your main URL around the clock; if the affiliate site you’re promoting is down, Audience Press will automatically redirect your traffic to a backup URL.

Fully Integrated –¬†

This software is fully integrated with your favorite affiliate network. Easily track the data all your data across multiple affiliate networks from one central dashboard


So tell me what your excuse now ??

I know you wont have any excuse now because this is most simple technique to make money online , Just dont wait much grab the tools I suggested and BOOM.

Tool 1 – Thrive Content Builder
Tool 2 РAudiencePress 
Tool 3 РLong Tail pro 

Wait Wait Wait !!!

I am also giving you bonus on this tools ūüôā

As you can see that all these thing are working for me , so just grab the tools , make money for yourself and take away awesome bonuses.


  1. Create Profitable YouTube Videos on a Budget – UDEMY COURSE
  2. Create the Perfect Home Studio for Cheap

These bonuses are awesome TRUST ME but a part from this bonuses this guide can make you tons of money . So let’s start working mate.

Ask me if you have any questions

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