Animal Crossing and Splatoon Concert Announced by Nintendo

Animal Crossing and Splatoon Concert Announced by Nintendo

There will be two digital concerts for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Splatoon 3 – DJ K.K. Paradise Mix and Deep Cut. The performances will be broadcast on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel at 10 am BST on October 9, although no subtitles will be provided.

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The event will also be an in-person event, similar to the Splatoon concert in 2019 that was opened by K.K. Slider or a digital rendition of K.K. Slider. A new Animal Crossing content has been incorporated into the game this time around. Paradise Mix is no doubt a nod to his festival in the Happy Hope Paradise DLC ending, where K. K. sits on the beach with his kit and blasts his biggest hits, so now you can catch a ‘real’ version of this.

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As part of the celebrations, Nintendo is selling themed merchandise that can be purchased in person or at the Japanese My Nintendo Store. There’s a light-up K.K. Slider wristband, a DJ K.K. shirt, and more.


It is entirely free to watch online, since it is being hosted directly on YouTube – it has already been scheduled, so you can bookmark it while the countdown continues. However, it does not begin with the concert. A DJ named K.K. will perform between 6-7 pm Japan time, as Nintendo Switch Sports opens the event.

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Considering Splatoon’s success in Japan, it is not surprising that Nintendo is hosting another concert. With sales of 3.45 million copies in only three days, this is the best-ever launch for the Nintendo Switch in the United States. Animal Crossing: New Horizons previously held that record, so this will be an all-star show featuring two of Nintendo’s most popular games.

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