Amazon Niche Site Update 1 – Case Study

Hey awesome readers 🙂  . I am back again and this time with an amazon niche site case study. By this case study series you are going to see the exact step by step process for Niche Site , From scratch to end

I am not a guru and I am always learning and this amazon niche site case study is not here to show how great I am but to show you the real process. I am expecting from you to participate via comments so that we can have good discussion.

By this niche site case study update , I am also judging my self that how punctual I can be on my to do list lolzzz. I ll try to niche site update in every 2 months.

So shall we begin ?


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Amazon Niche Site Update 1 – Case Study

Amazon Niche Site Update 1 - Case Study


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Amazon Niche Site Income Report

By the way guys before going further I request you to check my last year income report. and then start watching this course.

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What Will You Learn

  • How To Launch Niche Site
  • How To Find Profitable Niche for Amazon Affiliate Site
  • How To Do Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Site
  • How To Write Content For Niche website
  • How To Make Money As An Amazon Associate With Affiliate Niche Site.

Ok so let us move forward towards our Amazon Niche Site Case Study Update 1.  I am running 2 Amazon niche sites and one of them is making good income for me and the other niche site has just been started.

I am following some awesome people to be on the right track in this niche site business. Let me give you some reference websites which you can also follow.


These sites have enough information to help you launch your own niche site. If you follow their advice and tips then you will definitely make a nice niche site business for yourself.

I have put together a resource for Amazon niche sites so that you can get everything in one place. I am updating this guide frequently so that every user can get maximum value from this, time to time.

So let’s start now. This is going to be my first official update but I am still confused whether I should write this niche site’s update monthly or quarterly. So I request you guys to please tell me what I should do in the comment section below.

Niche Research

To select my niche I simply go to Amazon, spend some time there trying to find out what niche has some healthy competition, what kind of pages are ranking in top 10 places in Google and can I achieve those rankings?. If there are forums, communities and Amazon pages there, then I know that I can out rank them for sure.

Let me share some pages that you can easily outrank so that the next time when you see these pages you can decide on niche right away!

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profiles
  • Yahoo Answers, Quora, Q & A sites.
  • Article directories
  • Forums
  • Web 2.o sites


Some other important factors to consider when choosing a niche are: What kind of products does the niche have, are the prices of the product more or less than $50, do users need these products every month or do they buy these products just once in lifetime and most importantly, can I expand my niche site in the future?

Also some people see that the CPC of keywords in that niche should be atleast $2 . They do this because if they want monetize the site via adsense then they can make good money with this CPC.

I would like to suggest here that do not over complicate things. If you are comfortable with a niche and can write 100 articles, then go for it. If you want to learn more about how to pick niche with amazon then refer this article of nichehacks.

I cannot reveal my exact niche but I can tell you that I picked “Baby And Kids Niche”

Places For Inspiration To Find A Profitable Niche .

  1. Amazon.Com
  2. Clickbank.Com
  3. Jvzoo.Com
  4. Yahoo Trending
  5. Google Trending
  6. Reddit
  7. Flippa
  8. Ebay Popular
  9. Google Suggest
  10. Com Popular Page.

Take Away From This Niche Selection Section

  1. Do not over complicate things
  2. Pick a niche on which you can write or have interest. If you can build your interest in any niche then pick it up.
  3. Focus on keywords but do not depend solely on it. Use your common sense while searching for keywords.
  4. Do not forget to check the competition.
  5. Do not pick high competitive niche.
  6. Can Write 100 articles on this niche.
  7. CPC must be atleast $2.
  8. Product must have price of atleast $50.
  9. If you can see forums , question answer site , article page or any other niche site then pick the niche. If they can rank ,we can also rank.

Keyword Research

After finding my niche, I opened my long tail pro and went deeper into it. Below are some points which I used to pick my keywords.

Note – To generate more seed keyword you can use . Once you get the keywords, you can put those keywords in long tail pro. Get Long Tail Pro 3.0 Trial in $1 Here ..

  1. Pick a keyword which at least has 3 words and more. (Go for long tail keywords)
  2. Minimum searches should be 50. I know people say that searches are too low but don’t worry I also have keywords with 22,200 + monthly searches.
  3. Maximum Keyword competition that I look for was less than 30. (After new update in Long Tail Pro the maximum KC is 40 )
  4. Amazon should have products related to your keywords.

So these are some basic steps which I follow.  Actually I learned all this from the above mentioned websites and you can do the same as well. Just start researching and you will find your golden keywords.

Golden keywords are the most valuable keywords online. These are the ones that will convert well and make you money.I call a keyword, golden keyword when I can find these features – Buying Search Intent, Search Volume, Low Competition, and Money potential.

The following terms are considered as ready to purchase terms. To find more buying keywords you can refer to below mentioned prefix and suffix.

  • Best/Top Rated + Product Type / Name
  • Cheap + Product Type / Name
  • Quality + Product Type / Name
  • Product Name + For Sale / sale
  • Bargain + Product Type / Name
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Online
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Review
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Year
  • Buy + Product Type / Product Name
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name / Product Type
  • Product Name + Vs/Or/Compared to + Product Name
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • Product Name + Coupon
  • Top 10 Product Type / Name

If you want to know more about keyword research and buyer keyword combination then refer to the 2 URLs mentioned below.

I would like to add one more point here that everyone has their own keyword research strategy and you will get to know yours only when you start doing it.

Content Writing For Niche Site

So after finding my keywords with the above mentioned combinations, I ordered my writer to start writing articles for my website.

So far I have published 24 Articles + 5 Pillar Articles + 18 Review Articles

I have published 3 kinds of articles so far –

  1. List Kind of article with on an average 12000 words
  2. Review article with at least 800 + words
  3. And my pillar articles have 14000 words at least

So as you can see that I am not compromising on the article length and quality. My plan is to create a site as a niche site but I also actively look out for the scope to make it an authority site if I get a chance.

I am using my keyword in URL, title, H1,h2 ,h3 and image . I am trying to check all the boxes of one page SEO.

I am adding affiliate links as much as I can but I am focusing to add some brand links and other authority sites list as well.

My writers are still writing as I have planned to add at least 100 high quality articles with the combination of list + review articles. Next month I will be doing some roundup post as well with the influencers of this niche so that I can attract some more traffic, links and can give more value to my readers. (For roundup 7 guest post I am using Ninja Outreach)

Note – Follow SILO Structure for your niche site, I follow this and loving the it. I am linking a very latest post from my friend Dom From

Setting Up a Niche Site

When I got my profitable niche, long tail keyword and high quality article then I started working to setup my site. So I rush to get a few things done.

  1. Bought an EMD domain from GoDaddy
  2. Bought a hosting from Bluehost
  3. Setup the niche theme from thrive themes and l love thrive content builder also. If you seriously want to start niche site building then you must have thrive content builder
  4. Ordered a logo from Fiverr
  5. Worked on site speed optimization (Again thrive content builder is one point solution)
  6. Removed un-necessary links from footer
  7. Created and added custom FB audience & added tracking pixel
  8. Created a better sidebar and footer opt-in forms
  9. Created Welcome page and thank you page for opt-ins (I use Thrive Leads for this task)
  10. Wrote email swipes for my email subscribers. (I use GetResponse as my Auto Responder)

Note – I am also using Easyazon on my niche site. I read some negative comments about this plugin but as of now I am loving easyazon.

Link Building For Niche Site

There are tons of good guides available out there on link building for niche sites. One thing I would like to tell you is that if you are not building links for your amazon niche site then you are killing your site.

But as my site is just 2 months old so I do not want to build links now, at least for another 1-2 months . As of now I am commenting on niche blogs (Comment love enabled), did some good directory submissions and ordered a fiver gig for PR release.

I am assuming that my site is still in Google sand box and so I followed Matt’s guide Reduce Sandbox Length by Timing your Backlinks. Matt knows his stuff and thanks to him that he wrote pretty straight forward and to the point guide on his blog. Follow Matt’s guide if you feel that your site is still in the sand box.

You can read this niche link building guide if you want to explore more in this ..

My Link Building Effort

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. One small PR release from Fiverr

Future Link Building Ways

  1. Expert round up post.
  2. Guest post
  3. Sending juicy link from my own PBN network  (I am working on it and it will be active in one month I guess)

Note –  For Round Up Post / Guest Post you can use Ninja Out Reach Software , For backlink creation you can use HOTH network as they are giving good link to create a link diversity 🙂 . And for PBN’s You can PBNHQ . PbnHq People are very helpful.

My google Analytics Stats

As you can I see I have put some good efforts on my site and it is just a 2 month old site so I am expecting much traffic after some time. But after my guest post and PBNs there is going to be more traffic for sure.

amazon affilaite niche site case study - google analytics stats case study

I would like to add here that I am also focusing to build some branding and followership on Twitter and Pinterest. Next time I will show you my Pinterest traffic too.

I do not have much to talk about traffic at the moment but in my next case study I think I will have something good in hand to share with you.

Amazon Earning Shot

amazon affiliate niche site - amazon niche site case study amazon income

Here is the best one. I have seen people not making any money for months but my niche site started making money from the very first month.

And I know once a site starts making money, you can expect to grow it gradually.

Amazon Niche Site Reputation

100’s of my keywords are ranking under 100 and I don’t expect more because I haven’t created any authority links for my niche site. I am sure I’ll see some more improvement in the future when I send some more high quality links.

Ahref shows that I am getting traffic for 2.2K keywords.

Amazon affiliate niche site case study - ahref details


Amazon Niche Site Case Study - DA And PA Update


As of now let me show you my ranking stats –


Niche Site Keyword Ranking

This is very important section. This is going to tell us that we are doing it right or not ? I think I am on right track and have to do what I am doing.

So as you can see that the rankings are already coming slow and will come fast when I send some more high quality links.

Amazon Niche Site Case Study - Niche Site Ranking

I am sure when next time Ill update you with my ranking you gonna be surprised for sure. Let’s hope for  the best.


Wrapping Up


As you know this is going to be ongoing case study for the reader that is why you will get to learn a lot from this case study.

This is not a complete guide for niche site but I have tried to explain as much as I can. You will see the bigger picture in upcoming case study updates. Do read all my amazon niche site case study so that you can understand the whole process.

If you are looking for a blueprint then I suggest you to take a look on below mentioned guides.

  1. How I Build, Scale & Flip Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites
  2. How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Building Niche Site
  3. Niche Site Tutorial-Make Passive Income with Amazon niche sites

There are many more guides that you can follow but you have to implement all the suggestions. If you have any questions then please drop a comment below in the comment box and I will try to answer every question. I’ll be posting more Amazon niche site case study updates on my blog in future, so stay tuned.


Till Then Take Care,Have Fun And Don’t Forget To Subscribe And Comment

Note – You can place your order online for custom case studies at

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