Amazon Niche Site Case Study – Update 2

Hello awesome readers I am back with my Amazon Niche Site Case Study – Update 2. First of all I would like to apologize for being so late :p .. I am getting emails from my reader and and subscriber who are asking about the case study 2.

if you are reading this Amazon Niche Site Case Study first time then I would suggest you please go here and read Amazon Niche Site Update 1 – Case Study .

The last case study I posted in Mid July and then I was working on my site. My focus was to post high quality content as much as possible and I think I did that. I saw some good traffic improvements. I stopped building list for some time but ll start again once my all keywords are on top of page.

So shall we start ?


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Amazon Niche Site Case Study – Update 2


Amazon Niche Site Income Report

By the way guys before going further I request you to check my last year income report. and then start watching this course.

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  • Benefits Of Posting High Quality Articles On Niche Site.
  • What To Do For High CTR From Niche Sites
  • How Product Reviews Articles Can Help You To Get More Targeted Traffic On Niche Site.
  • Benefits Of Amazon Native Shopping Ads On Niche Site
  • Benefits Of Amazon Mobile Popover On Niche Site.
  • Benefits of Using Banners Ads Of Amazon Niche Site
  • Power Of PBN’s To Rank Keywords Of Your Niche Website.

If you are following me than you must have noticed that I have 2 niche sites. One is doing good for me and this one is just started. I am making this website case study public because I want to motivate my readers and subscriber to start niche start for passive income . And this case study ll help me track every thing + ll be able to rectify my mistakes from expert views also.

If you follow this case study closely then I hope you ll able to start making money from niche site also. Before going further you must bookmarked below mentioned pages.

Recap Of Niche Research For Niche Sites

  1. Do not over complicate things
  2. Pick a niche on which you can write or have interest. If you can build your interest in any niche then pick it up.
  3. Focus on keywords but do not depend solely on it. Use your common sense while searching for keywords.
  4. Do not forget to check the competition.
  5. Do not pick high competitive niche.
  6. Can Write 100 articles on this niche.
  7. CPC must be atleast $2.
  8. Product must have price of atleast $50.
  9. If you can see forums , question answer site , article page or any other niche site then pick the niche. If they can rank ,we can also rank.

Recap Of Keywords Research For Niche Site

  1. Pick a keyword which at least has 3 words and more. (Go for long tail keywords)
  2. Minimum searches should be 50. I know people say that searches are too low but don’t worry I also have keywords with 22,200 + monthly searches.
  3. Maximum Keyword competition that I look for was less than 30. (After new update in Long Tail Pro the maximum KC is 40 )
  4. Amazon should have products related to your keywords.

The following terms are considered as ready to purchase terms. To find more buying keywords for niche site you can refer to below mentioned prefix and suffix.

  • Best/Top Rated + Product Type / Name
  • Cheap + Product Type / Name
  • Quality + Product Type / Name
  • Product Name + For Sale / sale
  • Bargain + Product Type / Name
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Online
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Review
  • Best + Product Type / Product Name + Year
  • Buy + Product Type / Product Name
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name / Product Type
  • Product Name + Vs/Or/Compared to + Product Name
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • Product Name + Coupon
  • Top 10 Product Type / Name
  • Best Best/Top Rated Product Under $xxx.

High Quality Content Writing For Niche Sites Update

Last time I updated that I had 24 Articles + 5 Pillar Articles + 18 Review Articles .

Total = 47 Articles 

Now I have 30 List Kind Of Article + 5 Pillar Article + 37 Product Review Articles + 1 Round Up Post + 1 Info-graphic Post 🙂

Total = 74 Articles

You can noticed that I am focusing on posting more and more content. Some of you may disagree with me but I have seen good growth by publishing content in such pace and ill be doing it in future also.

I have published 3 kinds of articles so far –

  1. List Kind of article with on an average 12000 words
  2. Review article with at least 800 + words
  3. And my pillar articles have 14000 words at least

When ever I got email from subscribers I always suggest them that do not compromise with article quality. I prefer to pay more to my writer for article quality. High quality articles ll help you to rank and bank for long term and if you are looking for flipping the site then also high quality content ll help you.

High quality means no grammatical errors , honest product suggestion , Write negative points also , article should be lengthy and update frequently.

Note –

Do read this section For more Traffic , SEO And Outreach Guide –

Setting Up a Niche Sites 

Link Building For Niche Site

As I already told you guys on my previous niche site case study was that I was building links via blog commenting and Press Release. Now lets see what I have added these month on my link building zone.

  • Daily 5 comments on relevant niche blog. Daily 5 comment a day keep a penguin away 😀
  • Done Press Release
  • Done With Hoth Network Links . I bought a basic web 2.0 creation.
  • I Got one backlink after same niche blogger after publishing round up post of 8 bloggers. Good Guide Is Here –
  • I am active on top 3 niche relevant forums. I got backlinks + daily referral traffic also. Being active on forums also help me to find out other low competitive keywords.
  • I am also sharing my article on Reddit. You can also use Reddit sub categories to extra traffic boost. And trust me Reddit can send you tons of traffic if you content is powerful.
  • I am building links from Info-graphic also. I am working on submission these days so ll update about infographic links next time . But as of now I am getting good referral traffic from reddit by sharing infographic.
  • I sent 18 PBN links so far and experienced huge boost in rankings. I have build my PBN’s manually but for scrapping I have use Hammerhead Domains. If you want to cut down you work and want to hire some one then you should see PBNHQ.
  • I have failed on my guest posting target. I ll start working on guest posting soon after finishing my PBN target. If you are good at Guest posting then please comment below and help me with this.

For Guest Posting You Can Read These Articles –

For More Advanced Link Building You Can Read This Section –

Niche Site Google Analytics Stats

Now I think you gonna like this section. I cant say that site has achieved a lot but the I am very happy to see the growth. See below old screen shot which is showing 2-3 month traffic stats.

1 March 2016 – 31st May 2016

amazon affilaite niche site case study - google analytics stats case study

1 June 2016 – 22 October 2016 [Remember October is still going on ]


As you can see the traffic is growing day by day. Site received sessions – 8184 ,User – 7127 , Page Views – 10773 , Page/Session – 1.32 , Average Session Duration – 01:01 , Bounce Rate – 83.35% 

My highest referral traffic is coming from – 2530.

Google Analytics Channels 


Amazon Niche Site Earning

Old amazon earning screen shot.

amazon affiliate niche site - amazon niche site case study amazon income

New Screen Shots Of Amazon Earning 



Total = USD 207.00 [Growth= 217%]

Amazon Clicks Stats 


This time I posted native shopping ads , mobile popover , product links and banner links stats. This stats ll help you to create proper amazon clicks strategy for your niche. Native shopping ads ll give your site awesome BOOST.

Amazon Niche Site Reputation

1000’s of keywords are ranking under 100 now . Trust there are tons of long tail keywords ranking on google first page with out creating any back-links.  The more link building I do the more traffic and ranking ll be increase.

Let’s see previous stats

Amazon affiliate niche site case study - ahref site details

Update Stats Of Niche Site


Note – Remember my PBN backlinks is not counted here because I have blocked all the bots to crawl my PBN’s site. You can also see that number of backlinks has been reduced , It is because my press release links has been removed from some sites.

Authority of Niche Site 

This is old DA , PA update of Niche Site.

Amazon Niche Site Case Study - DA And PA Update

The new DA , PA is still same and Moz haven’t show any changes . May be after some time they ll update their database.

Facebook Custom Audience 


Niche Site Keyword Ranking

This is very important for every niche site owner. Last time I showed lots of keywords , I am not even trying to rank all those keywords but still I showed here Lolzzz.

You can see the keywords and ranking here –

After posting the case study I decided to cut down the keywords tracking and added some important one there.

So Let’s see the new ranking of some new high search volume keywords .


Howzz The Keyword Ranking ? The niche is quote competitive so I am happy with the result. Ill be sending more PBN’s link now and ll try 100% to rank the high search volume keywords.

I am using serplab for my keywords ranking tracking. I would suggest you to use this same site for tracking. I am using free version and that why there is some limitation.

I hope next case study ll have more good news about keyword ranking.

Before wrapping up the this amazon niche site case study I suggest you go here and read all the popular case studies which I have shared some time back.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you have enjoyed this case study . If I did anything wrong then please forgive me because I am not very use too to write case study. I am trying to convey every thing via case study so correct if I am missing any thing.

I am trying to make this case study a complete tutorial for newbie . I am also outreaching expert of this niche with this case study. I am hoping that they ll provide their inputs if they feel I am doing something.

So many valuable information already available out there , If you are really willing to create successful niche sites then please TAKE ACTION that all you need to do.

If you have any questions then please drop a comment below in the comment box and I will try to answer every question. I’ll be posting more Amazon niche site case study updates on my blog in future, so stay tuned.

Till Then Take Care,Have Fun And Don’t Forget To Subscribe And Comment


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