Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide 2022

I have created this exact step by step process that we use to make hundreds of dollars in passive income which only increases with each passing month by amazon kindle self publishing. The method is so simple to understand, learn and follow that even a complete newbie can do this. We have divided the entire process into small steps to give you a clearer picture of how this guide can help you finally achieve what you have always yearned for.

I am going to give you a walkthrough of the entire process and teach you how you can make money online as well by simply copying the things we do!!.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide

The method we are taking about is Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide . See below what I am going to teach you in this article.


Chapter 1: Why Kindle is for you

Chapter 2: Pick up your profitable and winning niche for your kindle books

Chapter 3: Researching like a PRO

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Chapter 4: Writing and Formatting guide for kindle Ebooks

Chapter 5: Publishing your awesome kindle eBook

Lets begin the amazon kindle self publishing journey –

Chapter 1: Why Kindle is for you [Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Guide]

I can give you plenty of reasons to demonstrate why Kindle is for you and how you can increase your business from Kindle.


  1. Your Business Needs a Kindle Platform


As an offline marketer you must be remembering the times when people asked you to use social media for your business. They must have supported their argument by saying that social media gives your business an online presence. Because of the feedback and response you got from your near and dear ones, you decided to try it out and well. After you tried it out, you were hooked and now social media has become an important pillar of your business.

Now, the same things go for Kindle. Actually, if you observe it carefully, you will find that all this is closely intertwined with each other. At the moment, Kindle and e-readers are selling like hotcakes. Kindle has given people the freedom to read a book anywhere and at any time. Moreover, Kindle books are really very cheap!

Many of these books are even free and out of the remaining ones, the majority is priced under $9. People love sharing. If someone stumbles upon a great informative book which delivers immense value, there is a very high chance that they will share it with their friends. Often, there have been instances where all the sharing leads to making the book go viral.

One incredible book can have hundreds of people going after it. In fact, there is a possibility that if done correctly, this could be turned into a profitable business venture.

Are you getting the big picture here?

The possibilities for establishing yourself and taking your business to the next possible level are endless. I will tell you a fact. Kindle books are out selling paperback books like crazy. For every 100 paperbacks sold on Amazon 125 Kindle books are being sold too.

Also, there are more than 80 million customers at Amazon! Kindle offers you an incredible opportunity to take your local business here and start benefitting from it. I’ll advise you not to get left behind!


  1. Positioning yourself as an Expert


The biggest advantage of publishing your Kindle book is that you are positioning yourself as an expert in the market. People value experts and they tend to follow the advice given by the experts. Projecting yourself as an authority or an expert in a niche dramatically improves your brand value and brand awareness. It also, helps you get global recognition and establish your identity, giving you a chance to reach out people in the corners of the world, which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

You can write your Kindle book about something which you are passionate about. It could be something in which people see you as an authority or expert. You could even write about the issues or topics your friends and family seek help for, from you of course.

You don’t have to write a very long book. Rather, you just have to try and solve one specific problem in your book with one best fit solution for that. The book should contain practical tips and advice along with actionable steps that can be taken upon immediately.

To give it another perspective, think about how you can introduce people to your business. In order to do this, you could make a list of the most frequently asked questions and then with their best possible answers, pack this information in the form of a book.

When you take a look at the Amazon Kindle bestseller’s you get a clear idea about what books are doing great right now and what are not. On deeper inspection you can even find out why the books on the top are doing well, while the rest of them are not. One more thing you could do is to check the books that are selling consistently. This gives an idea about what you can write and also how will it prove to be a critical factor for your business’s success.


  1. Generating Leads from your Kindle Book


Irrespective of whether you have an established business or you are trying to set up your business in both, online or offline space,getting quality leads is a must. The best reason why Kindle would work for you is that it can be easily set up to generate leads for you on an almost daily basis, even when you are not working. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

While creating your Kindle book you can include links of your website and social media channels at the end or put up your office address if you are looking for local leads. You could thank your customers for buying your Kindle book and offer them a discount coupon, a free consultation or service, a free giveaway or an additional report which can immensely help them in their business.

Apart from these 3 powerful reasons, there are many benefits obtained from writing a Kindle book. Some of them are:

  1. It is very easy to publish your book on Kindle and you can do it quickly too. As soon as you have put your book on Amazon in the next 24-72 hours it will appear in the Kindle listings.
  1. Even Amazon helps you promote your book. They provide you an international platform where you can display your skill, expertise or knowledge in front of the whole world i.e. globally.
  1. You can earn royalties from your Kindle Book. If you write regularly, Kindle is an excellent income source which can be scaled up accordingly. Also, you can set it up for passive income.
  1. Your market reach expands exponentially when you use the Kindle platform. This helps you as well as potential customers or clients to find the best possible deals for their respective businesses.
  1. Additionally, it is very easy to publish a printed version of your Kindle book to show to prospective clients or give it away.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s just get started on how to write a Kindle book and market it like a PRO

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Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide - Kindle Success Stories

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide – Kindle Success Stories

Guys Ill be coming with Chapter 2: Pick up your profitable and winning niche for your kindle books  soon. Till then enjoy this amazon kindle self publishing step by step guide and let me know if you have questions.

Chapter 2: Pick up your profitable and winning niche for your kindle books

Before you start with your Kindle book, the first step is to pick a winning niche. I always recommend picking up a niche before writing and not think about the niche once you have started writing your book. Many people find this part dull and boring but in reality if you learn how to find a niche just like I do, you will never find it boring. In fact, it will take not more than 10-15 minutes to find a niche that is both profitable and best for your book.


Making your choice: Fiction or Non-Fiction


Before deciding on your niche, you have to decide whether you want to write a fiction or a non-fiction book. From my own experiences I would highly recommend you to write a non-fiction book. It’s very easy and simple to write a non-fiction book. Moreover, your non-fiction book is actually solving problems of people which is an excellent thing.

Also, there is heavy competition in the fiction category while the non -fiction category has low or moderate amount of competition. You can easily get your pie of visibility if you write in the non-fiction category.

It takes a great amount of time to write a fiction book and high power of imagination as well as creativity. Not everyone is good at it. Personally I suck at writing fiction books. So I always go for non-fiction books as they offer a greater chance of visibility, royalties and are easier to sell.

But hey, that’s my recommendation. If you think you can write a fiction book of exceptional quality, go ahead and just do it. If you think a non-fiction book is the deal for you, proceed with that.

However, in the course of this book I will be telling you how to write a high quality non-fiction Kindle book.

So let’s commence with finding the perfect winning niche of your non-fiction book.

STEP 1: Things you are good at This could be some skill, your area of expertise or something people often refer to you for or come to you asking for a solution to specific problem. Take your time on this and then prepare a list of at least 5 such topics. When I think of such things, the topics that come to my mind are:


  1. Relationships
  1. Cooking
  1. Computers
  1. Basketball
  1. Driving


See. It barely took me 2-3 minutes and I came up with 5 ideas on which I could write my non-fiction book. You need to think about this and write your ideas on a piece of paper.

Let’s call each of these ideas as a primary keyword.

STEP 2: Checking the demand – Now, with these ideas, you need to check if there is enough demand in the market for these ideas or not. If there is, then after some more research, you could start writing your Kindle book. To check the profitability of these primary keywords, you can go to

The method that I am going to tell you about, is an advanced method used by many marketers who never disclose this to anyone. But hey. I am telling you this because I know you need to know this. To run this method, we need software called KD Spy. It’s the only research software you would ever need for Kindle. Once you have got the software, it will be embedded in your browser as an extension.

This is what KD Spy extension looks like.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-1

Now you need to go to, select Kindle store from All and type your primary keyword. In my case, I typed Driving and then hit enter. The search result was something like this:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-2

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide-2

Now, you have to click on the KD Spy extension and you will get something like this:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-3

Once you get till here, you have to carefully observe the 3 columns on the lower right hand side of your analysis from KD Spy. As you can see, the popularity is average but the potential is very low and the competition is very high. Hence this primary keyword is not suitable for our book.

However we can’t quit our primary keyword here as the analysis obtained is very broad. In fact, what we do is that we go to, change All to Kindle Store and type Driving, our primary keyword but do not hit enter. This time we hit a space and allow Amazon to give us keywords that include our primary keywords.

We should have something like this:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-4

You could even come up with some of your own related sub primary keywords and check them too as well. For example, I checked “learn driving” and here is the result I got:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-5


Again I can see that this sub primary keyword is not profitable too, although if I go along the competition I can easily dominate this niche. But hey, if there is no audience or potential for this keyword, what would be the benefit of putting all the hard work in writing when I know there will be no one to read this.

So I do this for all of my primary keywords until I have got either one primary keyword or one sub primary keyword which has the earning potential and the competition is low. Popularity comes in at last for me but it can vary from person to person.

Using this method you can easily zero in on your winning niche. However, if you feel that this method has not given you any results or winning niches, don’t worry, I have another alternate method for you as well.


Go to this link:

If the link doesn’t work you can simply search for “Amazon Best Sellers in Kindle eBooks” and you will have a page looking like this:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-6

Now you can browse through each category one by one and then each sub category of the main category till you find something you are passionate about.

I found my winning niche in Cooking, one of my five primary keywords. The topic was natural foods, something which I know I have a fairly good amount of knowledge, skill and expertise. Also, there is a good earning potential as well as the competition can be easily beaten too.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-7

Now, you can easily find out your own winning niche from any of the two methods you like. This whole process will barely take 10-15 minutes but hey, don’t skip it; else you might have to pay dearly for all your efforts and hard work.

I have also done the entire research for you and have handpicked 101 niches. You can start writing your book in these winning niches. I have compiled everything from popularity to potential to average monthly revenue a book is making in a particular niche.

Moreover, I have included the sales rank of the bestselling books of all the profitable niches. Ranks of number 1 book, number 20 and 100 have been put up in the “101 Killer Profitable Kindle Niches”.


  1. Ezine ArticlesEzine articles is a huge web directory of articles. I often use this website to get ideas for Kindle books. What I do is that I simply look at the categories in which we can submit our articles. This gives me a fairly good idea of what will work for me and what will not. Once I have my own list of ideas or keywords, I check the profitability and competition with KD Spy.
  2. ClickbankIt is a platform where you can see what products people are selling and which products are not. It also gives information about which niches are Again you need to make a list of the ideas you get and check them with the help of KD Spy.
  1. JVZooJVZoo is almost like Clickbank. It is another place where you can check and do some research for your ideas and then using KD Spy, you can figure out whether the ideas you finalized upon are profitable or not.
  1. Your Local Bookstore – This is the most ignored place of all. I use it many times when I can’t get ideas from any of the above mentioned methods. What I do is that I spend some time in a local book store near my house and check out the latest books and magazines. I make sure that the books and the magazines I am referring too are recent, at max a month old. From here I get plenty of potential niches and categories in which I can publish my Kindle book, of course after checking the two most important parameters: Profitability and Potential with the help of the awesome research tool, KD Spy.

By now, you must be getting the big picture about choosing your niche. I am pretty much sure that you have realized that the opportunities and niches are practically vast and endless. This technique of researching a niche can be used for both, fiction as well as non-fiction books.


  1. As this is the first step to write your Kindle book, it can be very frustrating and You might feel agitated that you are not getting your winning category. This might be your first time while researching the niche of your book or nth time.

At times, even I get frustrated when I can’t find the best category for my book.

But don’t give up. This is natural. This is the part which puts you ahead of more than 50% of the people as the rest of the people who get stuck, they give up.

The key is that you have to keep your momentum up and you need keep moving forward and make progress. And most importantly, don’t quit, do not give up.

  1. I wish the whole process could be as easy as writing and publishing and making money. But it is not. You have to be realistic about your topic. Most of the people who want to write and earn money from there Kindle books often go after the niche that is not at all profitable. They end up with little or no sales. Hence you would like to write your book in a niche where people Buy the books. Else, your book could be an outstanding piece but it wouldn’t sell.
  1. If you are a first time author I recommend you to do this. Take a look at your own book collection. Watch carefully what types of books you are regularly Chances are the type of books you are buying could be the type of books you could write about. Because if you wouldn’t have been interested in the topics for which you buy the books, you wouldn’t have bought them.

For example, when I look at my own collection, most of the book are on making money, investing and personal development. You can easily notice that all of my books are closely related to each other and come under one or two specific niches. Often when I am running out of ideas on what to write my next Kindle book; this book collection gives me ideas. Therefore, I strongly advise you to check out your collection too.

  1. Checking out the Amazon best sellers Kindle book ranks also gives me a fair idea about the competition and profitability of my niche. If the top 20 books are in a rank of 5000-80,000, I instantly know that I can easily publish and rank my book in this category or niche. The books in this bracket are usually doing well.
  1. You have to make a decision for yourself. If you have a passion for football but you see that there aren’t many books selling well on Amazon for football, it’s better to give up the category. I am not discouraging you to quit your passion. What I am saying is that if you are passionate about football and you write 15-20 books on it, there might come a time when this category becomes popular and you become a bestseller. But, the question is, how long are you willing to wait? If you think it will take a couple of years for the category to rise, then there wouldn’t be a better time to rethink about your decision and pick up another niche.


More Chapter will be coming soon on this “Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide”.

Chapter 3: Researching like a PRO

Once you have decided on what topic are you going to write or in other words, your winning niche, then you can immediately proceed to the next step which is learning how to research for your Kindle book.

Doing research might not be your favorite work but think about this for a second. What do all companies invest in the most? It’s simple. It’s not HR, it’s not PR rather it’s R&D!

Yes! You read it correct. Research is by far the most important and critical factoring for the success of any individual or business.

I have done the iron lifting for you here. I have broken down the entire research process in 4 very easy to follow steps. You need to follow only these steps and nothing else. These are the exact steps I have been using since so long to create such insanely awesome Kindle books in less than 3 days! So here we go.

Step 1: Questions are the answers – The winning niche you are going to write about is your passion, skill, area of expertise or something for which you are often approached by people for consultation. This is the best place to start with.

Think about the questions you have been asked, the answers you have given and the questions you couldn’t answer. Document all these questions and answers. Make sure that you make a list of at least 20 questions, their best possible answers and try to further add counter questions or follow up questions to those initial questions. This when compiled should be an exhaustive document of high quality information. Now, let’s proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Leveraging search enginesGo to and search for your passion. For example if my passion is baking a cake then I will Google how to bake a cake. The result would be:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guides

I would not recommend you to copy the exact information given in these articles or links.

But to know the flow of content, how a professional writer writes, what are the common problems faced, their common solutions and how you can solve these problems with your unique take or perspective.

Now, you need to just change the result page from web to videos. This gives you the top videos related to your subject, niche or idea. For example the result I got for how to bake a cake is:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-9


Take note of all this information. The information you come across from these results is the best possible information on the internet for the specific problem you are focusing on or for your idea. The information procured from the search engines is itself enough to write at least a series of books for the given niche or topic or idea.

STEP 3: Browsing Q&A sites and forums – Another place to check out could be Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a question answer site. Here, people like you and I ask questions and other people share the best answers with them.

There are many other question and answers sites available which you can go through. You could start with putting up the same question there too.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-10

Now, there are tens and hundreds of forums too where people ask a question and others help that person with their own life experiences. To find forums for your idea or niche, simply Google, “Your idea+Forums”.

For this instance I Googled “How to bake a cake+forums” and look at the result I got:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-11

These forums are highly specific and have targeted user base which makes them very popular amongst the people. They are also considered very reliable as they often offer high value and genuine user experience.

These 3 above mentioned steps should be sufficed for researching for your Kindle book. But we don’t want to leave any stone unturned. So let’s move to the next step.

STEP 4: Amazon, The ultimate place for researchGo to and search your primary keyword. Lookout for the results you get. For “How to bake a cake” I got this result:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-12

When you go and check the results one by one, you will notice that most of these books are of 20 -50 pages in length. This gives you an idea about the length of your own book too.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-13

Remember one thing. Kindle books are crisp and to the point. This is why people love them. They cut the chase and deliver high value to the readers. You have to adhere to this too. Else, chances are you can lose your readers.

Now, you need to click on the cover of this book. As you do so, you will see a TOC or Table of Contents. This TOC will give you deeper insights about the major problems these top selling books are solving and which problems could you focus upon. When I checked TOC of a book on baking, this is what the TOC looked like:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-14

After looking at this TOC, I have had several ideas on what problems could be solved further when it comes to baking. If check out TOC of 3-4 more books, you will find a pattern of problems that could still be solved or catered to. You just need to identify those problems.

If you feel that all the problems have already been covered, then you are making a mistake. Practically, it’s not possible to cover all these problems and there lies so many others problems which you could highlight and address in your book.

While doing all this research, make sure you are documenting everything else you will have to go back and do a particular step again. By now, you must be having a truckload of information covering both problems and their respective solutions.

The key is to figure out which problem are you going to solve via your book. Also, now would be the best time to organize the information that you have accounted and go through it once to see whether you have covered all the information you need or not.

This research plays a pivotal role for the success of your book. Do it twice and then cross check it because the performance of your book depends on the research you do now.

If you think you can’t do this research even after reading these simple steps, then don’t worry. Ask a friend or someone to help you out. We all get stuck in some problems. But we can’t move any further until we don’t take any actions. So just go ahead and take action, even if it requires taking someone’s help!


Chapter 4: Writing and Formatting guide for kindle Ebooks

Here comes the part which many people dread, writing your own Kindle book. I don’t know why many people are afraid of writing. Writing is one of the easiest forms of communication. But often, writing is considered the most daunting step in this whole process.

Many people believe that this is the step which stops them from being successful. Well, if that’s the case then watch out carefully for the things I am going to share with you because they will surely break all your beliefs about writing and would help you write your book in less than 3 days.

STEP 1: Preparing an outline – Rome was not built in a day. Well, that’s indeed true. Whenever something outstanding occurs or is made, we rarely see the foundation stone of that event or construction. Outline! The outline of an event or construction is the most fundamental step on which the whole of the event or construction will sustain.

Similarly, preparing an outline is the fundamental step for writing your book. You don’t want to feel while writing in the middle of your book, right? To avoid such a situation, you have to create a draft of the outline with clear flow and structure of content.

To create the outline of your book, you can take help of the TOC you checked out of your competition books. This will help you to prepare an outline of your own book. Study carefully at least 10-15 books before creating your own outline.

Once you have studied these books, you need to break down your book into manageable sections or chapters. Ideally, you should have at least 5-6 chapters in your book and you could increase them up to 11 or 12. You wouldn’t want to go beyond that number because then the reader starts losing his interest too.

Now, you must be having some chapters in your outline. Check each chapter and see if it can be elaborated in sub chapters. If you think that is possible, then now would be the best time to do it. Just segment your chapter into sub chapters according to the requirement and you will do great.

After dividing the chapters into sub chapters, write bullet points for each chapter and sub chapter. Make sure the flow of these points make sense. They should not be put up in a haphazard manner.

You could even put the bullet points according to the introduction, the meaty part and then conclusion, followed by final words for each chapter. This would be all when doing the outline.

STEP 2: Creating a TOC – This step should not be difficult. As you have already structured your entire book in the form of an outline, you just need to make some refinements in the outline and BOOM! You will have your TOC ready.

Yes! It’s really that simple. Many people make the mistake of writing all the content first and then making a TOC. But I would highly recommend you to go the other way around. By making a TOC beforehand, you would have clarity of what you are writing and transparency in the whole system as well.

STEP 3: Putting up the contentThere are two parts to this step. The first one is that you are going to put up all the content that you have documented before according to the chapters or sub chapters they belong too. This is going to be very easy as you are already equipped with all the information you need and you just have to put up under the title it belongs to.

Once you have done this for your entire book, you will be having an exceptionally large piece of document at your computer or laptop. Now comes the other part. You have to go through the entire document. You need to go through it twice.


You need to take care of a couple of things while you are reading through your manuscript. One of them is to keep on rectifying any grammatical errors you come across or change any phrases that don’t make sense. The second thing would be to filter out the content you don’t need.


You have to remove the useless content and add some relevant and meaningful content at the places which you think are lacking in terms of quality. Your goal should be to deliver high value through your content. You have to make sure that your content doesn’t stink; it isn’t copied from somewhere else nor has some information which is incomplete, wrong, and insufficient or has become obsolete.


STEP 4: Adding other necessary pages – After putting up the content and taking out shreds and pieces you don’t need, it’s time to add some other necessary pages. These include a Legal disclaimer, introduction, final words, conclusion and a thank you page.

You could either do this yourself or model them from somewhere else. The introduction page is the make or break part of your Kindle book. Amazon allows its readers to check out a few pages of a book, before they actually buy it. Just like I checked TOC of various books. So having a powerful introduction is a must.

Your introduction is the first impression on the mind of the reader which is also the last impression. You have to stand out from the crowd by being different and the introduction part offers you just that. If a reader likes your introduction, he will definitely buy your book. If he doesn’t like it, there are very slim chances that he will purchase the book.

Just the way introduction is important, the same way conclusion is important too. Your readers should feel homely and comfortable if you have written the book like it should be. To end the things on a positive note, a solid conclusion is a must. You should aim to put up a brief summary of all the important things that you have mentioned in your book along with some actionable steps for the readers to follow. You should also motivate your readers to take action in this part.

STEP 5: Revision and Proof reading – This can be a hard part. I wouldn’t deny that. Revising and proof reading your own book which has been totally written by you is tough. Agreed. But it is also important as this portrays your image in the mind of the reader. If the book is full of mistakes and flaws, this would project a negative image of you as an author and an individual in front of the reader.

I would recommend you to go through your book at least twice. Read it out loud. It would help you to identify the flaw, mistakes, both grammatical and contextual and much more. When you are reading out loud, there are more chances that you will find some mistake that you could easily rectify to further increase the quality of your book.

Don’t spend too much time trying to make your book perfect. Accept it that nothing is perfect. You have already done your best to make the book qualitative enough. Now is not the time when you would want to make some unnecessary changes or stuff.


STEP 6: Formatting your book – By this step you must have completed your book. Now is the time for formatting your book and make it look more presentable. The word

Formatting simply means making your text and data visually aesthetic or a visual treat. It includes laying out margins, putting out different colors, changing the fonts etc.

Formatting is often ignored by many authors. People don’t give it the attention it deserves. Unfortunately this is one of the biggest flaws while publishing your book.

Formatting is the easiest part to master and requires no additional skill or knowledge. It can be learned easily. If you think you have the creative flair, this should be the part you will love.

To implement formatting immediately, copy all the texts in a word file or open office. Don’t put up anything at well. Do the things in an organized manner. Firstly, introduce a page bx`reak wherever you feel you need to start a new chapter. To insert a page break, you simply have to press “Ctrl+Enter” and you will land up on a new blank page.

You can increase the font of the names of the chapter, make them bold and align them in the center. Same can be done for the sub headings or sub chapters. Also, you can break down heaps of text into small paragraphs. People love smaller paragraphs in Kindle books.

Don’t forget to highlight the important facts and figures and other information (bullet points of the content). In Kindle, there are limited fonts so I would advise you to stick with the default fonts.


STEP 7: Converting your book to MOBI format – Your book should be complete by now. The next step is to convert your book in to MOBI format as instructed by Amazon. There is tons of software to convert your book into MOBI format. But I personally prefer to use the free services of an online tool. Here is the link for the tool I use:

You can upload your text or word file here and then fill in a couple of details like the type you want your book to be converted into, name of the author etc. and then click the “Convert” button. This might take a few seconds. Once the book is converted in the

requisite format, it will be automatically downloaded. If for any reason, the book doesn’t get downloaded, you can download it manually too.


STEP 8: Look on Kindle previewer – Amazon has done a favor by providing us with a brilliant tool called Kindle Previewer to check how a formatted book looks like on the Kindle devices. You can download this tool from here:

Once downloaded, install the setup and simply open up the book you want to preview using this tool. You can preview your whole book to check whether it meets your expectations or not. If you feel that some changes can be made to improve the quality of your book, go ahead and make the changes. Look again on the Kindle Previewer to see how your final draft of the book would look like.

These are the only 8 steps you need to follow in order to write and format your Kindle book. Go through these steps again if you feel the need. Make notes if you want. Don’t skip any step else the outcome can be disastrous.


  1. Even after following this whole process, if you feel that you can’t write your book or format it, then don’t worry. Outsource this whole process. It will cost you a few bucks but would save a lot of time and hassle on your part. There are many ghostwriters out there who can write very high quality books for you and format them as well. The entire process of outsourcing would cost you around $250-350 for a 5,000 word Kindle book.
  1. If it’s hard to find some content ideas for your book then lookout for PLR material in your niche. This could be videos, eBooks or presentations. Don’t copy the exact content but just take ideas from the material and write or outsource on your own.
  2. Take a survey of potential customers or prospects to know what problems are they currently facing and what solution to these problems do they expect. Then only start writing your book.
  3. While writing, don’t focus much about editing and formatting at first. Complete your whole draft and the format it accordingly. I would recommend you to wait for a couple of hours after you have finished writing to format your book. In this time just go through your book and make the changes that you feel are important.
  4. Stay focused while writing your Kindle book. Don’t get distracted, don’t quit. If you need have an accountability partner to keep check of your progress.
  5. Don’t fall for perfectionism. Just follow the flow of the course and you will do When you run for creating the perfect book, you are chasing a ghost and it only delays the entire process of writing and publishing your book.


Okay. I can get it that you have been trying hard to right for long now. First of all I would like to congratulate you on taking action. By now, you are already ahead of 95% of the people who never take action on all the information that they consume. And because you have taken action, I am going to share this little bonus with you.

You might be finding it tough to write for so long. Or as they say, the writer’s block must have gripped you. But don’t worry now. If you have tried everything in the old books but still can’t find a way to get out of the writer’s block then these 9 techniques are solely for you. So let me quickly tell you about these.

TECHNIQUE 1: Brainstorm – If you are finding it difficult to find ideas, then now would be the best time to brainstorm. When I am full of doubt and don’t know what to do, I simply brainstorm for ideas. Idealization is one of my favorite things to do as it refreshes my mind and gives me the energy I need to work again. I put up all my ideas on a sheet of paper and then make rough drafts for each of them. I continue doing this till I have put down all my thoughts on a piece of paper. I would suggest you to do the same and don’t stop in between. Complete this process once and you will witness the magic happening in front of your eyes.

TECHNIQUE 2: Identifying your purpose – Before you even start writing, you need to understand this. What do you really want to accomplish with your writing? What purpose do you want to fulfil? If you know your purpose of writing, you can build the momentum you need. Else, without purpose, you would be just running in circles. So having a clear purpose is a must.

TECHNIQUE 3: Focus only on value – When I used to have a writer’s block, I always closely looked about the things that were going in my mind. I always thought about my center of attention and focus. Soon, I had found this center of focus as providing value. It was the fact of providing value that helped me come out of my writer’s block. When you focus on value, everything else really doesn’t matter much for you. The more you focus on value, the better your focus become and the more value you deliver.

TECHNIQUE 4: Identifying your ideal reader – This is another method to break the block and come out of the shell. If you know who are you writing for, then there are really less chances of getting stuck somewhere in the middle. But if you are writing for crowds and hoards of people, I can personally assure you that you are soon going to get stuck in the writer’s block. The key is to find out your ideal reader and think from his perspective.

Put yourself in his shoes and think about the problems he faces and the solutions he expect from you. If you think in this manner, this will motivate and inspire you to come out of the block and deliver exactly what your ideal reader wants.

TECHNIQUE 5: Modelling successful people Take out some time and find out the people who been successful in your industry. Research more about them and find out what were the reasons that made them successful. Model these reasons and you will be amazed to see your own level of success growing. Often, a great source of inspiration is to look at people who started from the bottom and made it big. This motivates us to move further and reach to our ultimate goals.

TECHNIQUE 6: Getting over your fear – There is only one way to get over your fear. By taking rapid action. If you take action, the worst thing that will happen is you would have some content that is not good at all. You will find that you wrote horribly. But this is an accomplishment in itself. While you might have written horribly, the thing that was of utmost importance was to take action. If you take action a couple of times again, you will find that you would be writing better and your fear of writing would be fading away. So just go ahead and get rid of your fear by taking action.

TECHNIQUE 7: Setting up deadlines – Before you start with your writing schedule, set up deadlines to work in a more organized and efficient manner. For a person like me, setting up deadlines helps me to keep a track of my progress. It helps me to do things before time and avoid doing things at the last moment. When I am leveraging the power of deadlines I have set up, there are less chances of failing. If I put myself in uncomfortable zones, I tend to be more productive and expand my knowledge base and horizon exponentially. So just try it out. All you need to do is to set up deadlines.

Well, these are the techniques that I always use to get myself out of the writer’s block (which still happens with me, sometimes). If this happens with you as well, then don’t feel shy. Just take action on the techniques that have been mentioned above and you would be amazed to see how quickly you come out of the writer’s block.

Chapter 5: Publishing your awesome kindle eBook

Before we publish our book, we need a couple of things ready for us. Without these things, publishing can’t take place. Also, these things are the most important things when it comes to standing out from the crowd. The 3 essential things before publishing which I am talking about are as follow:

  1. A compelling description of the book
  1. Preparing our 7 keywords
  1. Creating an attractive cover

Let us have a look at each of them in detail.

  1. Description: People who come to the landing page of your book always read the It’s the first thing they do after reading the title of your book. The description of the book gives them an idea about what are they going to get when they purchase your book and how can it benefit them in the long run.

If you have a well written description of high quality, the reader would feel the same about your book. The description of the book is the first experience a user has with your book.

In the coming modules of the book, I will teach you how to write a description that would sell like hot cakes and is sure to bring plenty of sales for you. For now, let’s move to the next thing before publishing that is preparing our 7 keywords.

  1. The 7 Golden Keywords: Smart authors already know about this technique. As a Kindle author, Amazon offers you to choose up to 7 keywords for each of your book. These keywords are nothing but the most used phrases used by the people when they are searching about something on Amazon.

Based on the results of the keywords, the most relevant and suitable books come up in the search results. There is only one difference about the Amazon keywords and the other keywords. Amazon keywords are the buyer’s keywords. When a person searches for a particular keyword on Amazon, there is a very high probability that he is going to purchase it. Else he wouldn’t have been browsing through random stuff.

On the contrary, when someone uses search engines to find information about some keywords, those keywords are called readers keywords as they only provide information and nothing else. When selling at Amazon, these keywords are of no value to us and hence I will suggest you not to use Google keyword planner or any other search engine keyword tool as it will be an entire waste of time.

The keyword tool I use for finding out the keywords is:

This awesome tool helps immensely to find out the perfect keywords and in depth research and analysis. There would be more information covering these grounds in the coming module.

  1. An attractive cover: Even before someone reads the title or description, he looks at the cover of a book. A cover almost converts for more than 60% of the sales Having a cover of exceptionally high quality is a must. If your cover is not grabbing the attention or hooking up the audience, then maybe it’s time for you to change the cover and try a different cover.

The most common place to get a cover is Fiverr. Fiverr covers are of good quality. But on a personal note, I wouldn’t go with Fiverr covers when it comes to my Kindle books. After the amount of hard work I have put in my book, I think shedding a few more dollars would be good if it can get me more sales.

Let’s take a look at one high quality cover:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-15

This must give you an idea about the quality of covers I am talking about. You should use high quality images for your covers, even if you have to pay a buck for them.

These 3 things are very crucial and important before you publish your book. I will advise you to keep them ready before hand so that you can directly upload your book and publish it.

Now, you have to go to and click on the signup button. Once you sign up, you will have to confirm their terms and conditions. This part will barely take you a couple of minutes. After this, you can proceed to fill in other essential details

like your country, address and tax information. While you are setting up this account, ensure that you fill in all the information and leave no field blank else you will have to come back and fill the information at the time of publishing your book.

Now, you need to go to bookshelf and click on add a new title.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-16

Then add up the details of your book. The page would look like this:

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-17

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook - Step By Step Guide-18

When you fill up these details, you can go to the next page and fill other essential details there as well. Once you have done that, you just need to hit publish and your book would go under processing and review by Amazon. Usually, a book takes 24 hours to go live. In this time, Amazon checks many things like whether the content is original or copied, is it following the guidelines set up by them or not and much more.

When your book goes live, give yourself a pat on the back as you have just published your book which involved so many efforts and now you are a proud author. 

Guys ill be adding some more ninja techniques in future to make good amount of money via kindle books. But I hope you will like this Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Ebook – Step By Step Guide and you will share this article with your friends and family. 🙂

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