How To Build Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Website Successfully 2020

Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Website

Hello everyone today I will be telling you about Amazon ecommerce affiliate website most of the people don’t know what actually it is but don’t worry you will soon get to know what actually is Amazon ecommerce affiliate website and those who already know the insights about it I have also a lot for them. It is a website which allows you to sell your products and other people products and helps you to make a heavy commission or profit throughout the year.

An ecommerce business is really a huge headache for a beginner and can lead up to losses for them but if you do it in a proper way it won’t let you down and will help you turn up a very good money from it. Here are a lot of things which you need to keep in mind before getting started. You can fail in this business and the chances of getting success are very low.

When you are stepping in this world first learn how to make Amazon ecommerce affiliate website because it will allow you to have a stock leading without all other obstacle of owning a common ecommerce business. It is really a mindblowing thing in very cheap and low budget to collect experience and earn a good amount of profit.

There are lot benefits of having this site you won’t come across the freight, fund and support. Your work will be, to get as many as customers you can. If anyone buys a product from it you will get the commission. The more amount of product you sell the higher the commission rate will be.


How To Build Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Website Successfully

How To Build Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Website Successfully

Things needed for Amazon ecommerce affiliate website

To begin a long lasting and a successful Amazon ecommerce affiliate website you will need these simple things to keep in mind.


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  1. Name of the Domain:- The basic thing while starting Amazon ecommerce affiliate website is the name of domain. You must focus in your mind that you are beginning a real ecommerce website. Pick out the titles which really sound brand-able. You haven’t seen the future but might be you can convert it into an ecommerce store one day.
  2. Web hosting: The next step you shall take is towards the web hosting. The main thing that matters is you have to see how much features they are providing whether they are reliable and affordable or not. Search out for some coupons from google they can provide you a good discount in times of festivals and I would suggest you but it for year instead of month.
  3. CMS:-Now when you have your domain and a space for your site to host. Then you will have a floor to build your site. You will really need a word press for a Amazon ecommerce affiliate website.
  4. Woocommerce:- Right now you own a website and the moment when you own a website you must add some ecommerce capabilities. The right plug-in for this is a free plug-in called woocommerce. You can do it easily by searching for the plug-in in word press dashboard.
  5. Woozone:-This plugin is really must for the bloggers and affiliates which are involved in this business. You need not to worry about the product it will automatically pick out the product and will make sure that they are updated, it will automatically be adding the link of affiliate to each and every product. It will be costing around thirty dollars and its worth investing on it.


Amazon Niche Site Income Report

By the way guys before going further I request you to check my last year income report. and then start watching this course.

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Focus on SEO welcoming Product category Pages

You should know how to create a seo welcoming product category pages in order to get better optimized by the search engines. If you really know about woo commerce then you need not have the chance to create the SEO Optimized product categories.

One of the major reason’s why I rely on Woo commerce product categories is to get a good and flawless experience of user.You can check out some tutorials here.


I usually create my product category pages which are far better optimized by search engines. Take the full advantages of product category keyword:-

Please Do install yoast seo:-This plugin helps you to take a great control over the seo in your site. The moment you have installed the plugin just make sure that it you have noindex all your product category pages.

Page Category:- For creating a new seo optimized product category page normally create a new page like any other. Just make sure to make it of full width. It will be very beneficial for you if you include the links on the page to other product category pages. It will surely work if you are planning to build links.


Optimize your Product pages

The woozone plugin is really very helpful for the set up of Amazon ecommerce affiliate website. I have seen that a lot of people who are using this plugin just upload a bundle of product and thinks the site shall give profit to them. This is not the way to work; you have to only focus on the product which suits your niche.

Those products must have a selling price of hundred dollars or more than that and have a star rating of 4.You can also add the lower price product which are being searched a lot by the people this a best way to get some visitors.


What actually Optimizing the product means:-


URL’s of the product (Amazon ecommerce affiliate website): – The most common mistake which I have noticed which results in downfall is the size of the url the lengthy urls. You have to make sure that you are updating product url also. I tell you how to do it quickly just copy the new title of the product, click edit by the permalink and paste the title there.


Title of the product (Amazon ecommerce affiliate website):- When you are importing the product from amazon keep in mind the title of the product should not be long for you. If you aren’t really sure about the title of the product what to put the title do some research on the search engine to get a clue what are the suggestions?


Description of the product (Amazon ecommerce affiliate website):- The most critical thing you can do is make remarkable item depictions. I know it’s an agony yet do what needs to be done! No doubt there are hundreds if not a large number of sites utilizing the same item depictions you have.

It’s likewise the ideal time to make your item pages more advanced for your essential word. Attempt and incorporate at least 500 words if conceivable.


Product pages with full width (Amazon ecommerce affiliate website):- The most important thing which I personally do is I limit the amount of links which has been there in the pages. When are making the product pages full width it helps you to make more authority without cracking it to other pages.


Give reviews of product and write articles for sales

One thing I have noticed in many Amazon ecommerce affiliate website is that they think ecommerce store is enough for their sales it doesn’t mean that you shall only have that in your website.

When you actually write the review and go in deep with the product it increases the quality of the product and it will surely bring you a great traffic to your site.

Any time when you all are in search for reviewing a product, I suggest you all to review the product which is very popular on Amazon. The products which are being released recently are the best one to be reviewed.


Giving the review will be easy if you try this plugin:-

EasyAzon For Amazon ecommerce affiliate website: – This plugin will let you put the buttons, images and whatever you require to finish a great and successful article review. The best and most exciting part of this tool is that it will let you have foreign commission without realizing any characteristic code. From my side I will say it’s a instant way to get more commission.

Note  – I prefer these two review theme also because it has been developed for amazon affiliate website only –  Juno review theme and  this best price comparison theme 

Author H review For Amazon ecommerce affiliate website:- Author H review just offers plugins fro amazon only though they are few but they are worth. They will help you to add rich snippet data to rate the star in serp results.


WP Robot For Amazon ecommerce affiliate website:- I’ve been utilizing this plugin for quite a long while and it really gives a mind blowing experience to use it. It has been used as a great shortcut to generate a good amount of leads and income from the site.


All the above things which I have shared are really amazing and it will surely benefit you a lot if you follow this steps it will help you to build Amazon ecommerce affiliate website and make it successful and long lasting. Amazon affiliate ecommerce website is not very easy to handle as it requires a lot of skills and especially it’s very tough for the beginners to master with.

Amazon niche sites are targeted by many of the bloggers worldwide but some of them only are successful if you really want to master in the field of Amazon ecommerce affiliate website then you should try ANSF.



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