Amazon Affiliate Sites – Step By Step Guide On Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites 2020

Amazon Affiliate Sites - Step By Step Guide on Amazon Niche site

Amazon Affiliate Sites – Step By Step Guide on Amazon Niche site

Hey Fellas , I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Couple of days ago I had a communication with email subscriber about amazon affiliates site (I share 80% tricks with my emails subscribers only make sure you also subscriber my newsletter) . I wanted to know how many of them interested to know about amazon affiliate niche sites or how to setup successful amazon affiliate niche site.

I got overwhelmed response my list as usual so I thought to write the “Amazon Affiliate Sites-Step By Step Guide On Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites“.

I hope all your question which you have asked me over my emails like “amazon affiliate sites example ,best site on amazon affiliate wordpress,how to setup a amazon affiliate website,which is the best wp plugin for amazon affiliate store,wordpress amazon affiliate,successful amazon affiliate sites,best amazon affiliate sites etc.”

I had a good success with amazon affiliate sites specially with amazon affiliate WordPress site. I personally like wordpress because it is quite easy to setup the amazon affiliate niche sites with some click only and even newbie can do it with out proper technical knowledge.

I personally feel that most of the information about amazon affiliate niche sites are scattered over the internet and very few sites have covered this topic . Those who covered the topic are usually selling the content for some good dollars. So this post is based on my experience and I may be wrong on some topic so I welcome you if you find m mistake then please correct me and drop your comments so that we all can correct that mistake.

Amazon Niche Site Income Report

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Amazon Affiliate Sites – What Will You Learn

1.Why you should build Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites / Amazon Affiliate wordpress Nice site
2.Build a website specifically for Amazon from scratch.
3. What kind of niche sites or category works best for Amazon Affiliates
4. How to choose a profitable Amazon niche
5. How to build a website that converts and make you passive online income for long
6. My strategy about content on amazon affiliate sites.
7. My secret trick to make successful amazon affiliate sites and get load of traffic.
8. Use Analytic on amazon affiliate website

Why you should build Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites / Amazon Affiliate wordpress Nice site

The first questions is Why you should build Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites / Amazon Affiliate wordpress Nice site – So that answer is that amazon niche are highly profitable and getting $100 CPM is very uncommon with amazon affiliate niche sites and amazon affiliate sites usually have a high CPM than this.

The part of amazon niche sites is that you are already out of earning penny on some click and impression. Here you can make 10 times more than a adsense site which are getting 70,000 per month.Yes you heard me right if you have 3000 unique visitors on amazon affiliate niche site than you ll be making more money than high traffic adsense site.

Amazon affiliate website or niche sites always have a straight forward rule that you when you sale you make make commission that it.You just have to follow the TOS of amazon which is very easy if you wanted to play for long term. You dont have think about click fraud ,adsense banned or other stupid things which other companies do.

If you are making sales from your amazon affiliate wordpress sites than no matter how much you make amazon is always ready to pay you.

Amazon affiliate niche sites are evergreen sites is you are selling clothes then no matter what brand came and out people will be needing for clothes and they will buy. and one of the good side is that when you sell some thing from your amazon affiliate website you are selling to people and that product is worth and value to money for your buyers. So you can sleep easily at night that you are providing value to your buyers and visitors.

Build a website specifically for Amazon Affiliate from scratch

This is the very commons mistake is made by people that they did not build a amazon affiliate niche sites from scratch. They usually start with out proper plan and when they realized that they have to add amazon link ,they add it but rarely make any sale.

To get best of the amazon affiliate wordpress niche site you must develop your site from the beginning by keeping in mind that you are going to make sale and bagging some great commission. SO this means you should add Adsense on your site The big mistake you are making is that you are sending your visitor out for some penny and who knows if they stayed on your site you can make some sells to them.

So basically build a amazon affiliate niche site for amazon only , choose a profitable niche or category from amazon, do a proper keyword and include buying keyword phrases ,write content in a way to increase your sales,niche site or amazon affiliate website design should focus to convert visitor in to buyers ,ranking your buying keyword phrases in google and other search engine. etc .


Note –  If you are looking to build amazon affiliate wordpress niche sites then I would highly recommend FRESH STORE BUILDER . Do check out it because it is one point solutions for amazon affiliate sites.

If you are planning to make review site then use Juno review theme or want to build a price comparison site the this best price comparison theme . These two theme and store builder are highly convertible.


Profitable Niche For Amazon Affiliate Websites

Home Improvement Tools:

Porter Cable Oil Free Compressor with Accessory Kit

Ingersoll Rand Super Duty Air Wrench

Senco Horsepower Compressor

Ingersoll Rand Inch Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand Super Duty Impact


Danby Beverage Centre

SPT Countertop Dishwasher

Panda Compact Washing Machine

SPT Compact Fridge Freezer

Danby Cheste Freezer

Arts & Crafts

Brother Feature Rich Sewing Machine

Sillhouette Cameo Starter Kit

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Machine


Tekonsha Brake Control

Royal Purple API-Licensed Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

Red Line Manual Transmission

Delphi Fuel Injector

Baby Care

Baby Booster Seat

Pritax Pinacle Booster Seat

Graco 4 in 1 Seating System

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Lotus Travel Crib


Kindle Paperwhite 6”

Yamaha Front Surround System

ASUS Wireless Router

Pelican Protect Gun Case

Samsung 32-Inch TV

Personal Care

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Flex Sleep Monitor

FitBit Smart Scale

UP24 Jawbone

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Home & Kitchen

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Tuft & Needle Bed

Stork Craft Hooper & Glider Ottoman Espresso Set

Walker Edison 3 Peice Corner

Office Star Air Chair

Patio & Garden

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

GreenWorks Amp Corded Snow Thrower

Solar Panel Starter Kit

Reliance Controls Portable Generator

Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

Pet Care

Wireless Containment System

2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper

Farm Innovators Model 4200 Pro Series

Cosequin For Horses

Purple Bravuara

P.S – Click Here To Find Link To Your Niche And Niche research has been taken from

What kind of niche sites or category works best for Amazon Affiliates

As you see above that I have added some of the best niche as per my knowledge on which you can start making amazon affiliate niches site right NOW. You can find your won niches by your research also but make sure those niches is long term ,you can write good quality information, good review,comparison tables,high quality images etc.

So if you can add this stuff on your amazon niche affiliate websites than can surely have a success amazon affiliate niche sites.

There are tons of plugin available which can scrapped niche on amazon and create 1000 pages for you but my personal experience said that you can not go fat with that strategy. Try to create a authority site where you can have a trust of your visitors .

Now let me give one of my favorite technique to make money online any time. From the day one please please start building email list. This is the best to connected with your visitors and buyers. I wrote a guide on how to build email list and make money online fast do check out and use GetResponse as your email autoresponder.

High quality content , proper information, review, images + ranking in SERP are the best strategy to implement to find that hungry buyers.

How to choose a profitable Amazon niche

Plenty of information is already available on the internet so I am not going to rehash them. Here i would like to write some practical tips for you. The first important aspect is you better select those niche which you can rank in Google because SEO winner will take all the money at the end.

Doesn’t matter what keywords you are targeting but it has to be within 10 sport of SERP. It is always better to be on number 1 rather than number 10 . You will make more money by being number 1 for a 320 Exact Monthly Searches keyword than being number 10 for a 3200 Exact Monthly Searches keyword or being number 20 for a 32000 Exact Monthly Searches . The winner takes it all, and the number 1 advantage is real for amazon affiliate niche sites.

For me golden keywords are Best Product Category and Product Category Reviews , If you are thinking to pick niche of cookers than must find that how many searches available for best cooker category , best cooker review etc.

Avoid brand keywords because they have limited potential ,always to try to find broad keywords niche but low competition and enough broad so that can create at-least 40-50 pages.

Always choose high price products on amazon because in this way you can make good commission also by writing reviews and those people are searching for best cooker in amazon will not buy $40 cooker ,he will definitely able to buy $300 cooker because he is looking for best products. if you find a niche where $100+ product is not available then drop that niche and start looking for other niche.

If you dont have niche idea and dont want make amazon affiliate site on above mention niche ideas then look here –

How to build a amazon affiliate website that converts and make you passive online income for long

The price of the product in you niche ,quality of traffic ,ranking your amazon affiliate site for buying keywords is the determinant of your conversion. As I already told you start writing content for most expensive product in your niche and then move on to other low priced product.

The important point on conversion is that you must sent your visitors ASAP to amazon site once he entered there then a cookie will be placed and what ever he buys you will get a commission for that. Sending you visitors to amazon site ASAP has a one more advantage is that amazon site is already well optimized to get high conversion ,even site understand the behavior buyer also so you will get your conversion for sure.

Some people don’t like to add lots of link, images and call to action on their site but I prefer to add those and always try to send my visitor amazon so that a cookie can be placed.

Always Use Comparison Tables – Comparison tables are also most important factor to get more conversion from your amazon affiliate website , If a user can get all the information at a glance and above the fold then chance is huge to get good sales.

Here I am giving you link to some good free comparison wordpress plugin- 

Tablepress plugin
Websimon Tables plugin

You must add a image in the table of product and must have click here , read more ,buy now etc Call to action in the table also. Do not forget to add your affiliate link in these call to action and send visitors to amazon right away.

Some studies also shows that people dont like to click on links but they surely click on the images of the product you do not hesitate by using images as much as you can with your affiliate link. and also add CALL TO ACTION button every where .i.e BUY NOW

My strategy about content on amazon affiliate sites

Always remember that long tail keywords are the key to bring quality traffic and buyers to your site. So when you start working on your content do write 2000+ words article on main keywords .These kind of articles are base of our amazon affiliate niche sites, here you have to use comparison table and detailed information about the niche.

Use keywords in these base articles and mostly long tail keywords with buying phrases.

Then write articles on specific product in your niche ,Here you have to write review on products and add call to action to get visitor to amazon sites.

You Must have 50 + pages to dominate your niche and the more you write base article on targeted keyword with 2000+ words  the more buyers traffic you will get.

Example of base articles

best electric shaver for men
best electric shaver for women
Best electric shaver under $200
best electric shaver for black men
Best Phillips electric shaver

My secret trick to make successful amazon affiliate sites and get load of traffic

This trick is actually work on every niche for me you just have to add year phrases (2014 , 2015) in your already written articles, or in the article you are about to write . See an example below

best electric shaver for men 2015
best electric shaver for women 2015
Best electric shaver under $200 2015
best electric shaver for black men 2015
Best Phillips electric shaver 2015.

BUT dont add the 2014 or 2015 in the ULR , You have to add in the title only because once your year gone then you can add in the title next year name.

Use Analytic on amazon affiliate website

Always remember to track every thing in on your amazon affiliate websites , This will give you more power to find more keywords , to rank more keywords,to analyze the buyers behavior ,track conversion, track CTR  etc.


I have not added any link building strategy here because I assume that you guys are already aware of guest blogging,article posting , blog commenting a,social bookmarking, forum posting and directory submission .If you have PBN then  you can use it but use it very carefully.

If you want see an example of Successful amazon affiliate sites then see this –


I have written a Amazon Affiliate Sites-Step By Step Guide On Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites and hope that your questions are already answered but still if you have any question dont shy just drop in the below comment box.

if you are motivated and feeling to start to your own amazon affiliate website then use below resources.

I have added all the useful resource above you just have to do little investment and start making good money from amazon affiliate sites.



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