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ahrefs review-the best online link analysis toll

Ahrefs Review

When did you analyzed links to your blog recently? Google is keeping an eye at your link profile, so you should also be. One such tool that lets you to analyze your link profile is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a site explorer and a backlink ascendant service, which involves a big ocean of links and vital data updates within every 15 minutes.

Ahrefs is a multinational company that has its roots from Ukraine. The company’s headquarters is situated in Singapore. This company is generally known as lean startup company.

The platform acts as an accomplished tool for denoting informal links, existing anchors and relative domains. Ahrefs motivates the stagnant back link analysis and give the new competition to the SEO providers. According to the Ahrefs Review the company has set up itself as a leading back link analysis tools.

Ahrefs trusted on consistent growth and believed in step by step establishment. The Ahrefs Reviews by different clients states that it is one of the most favorite link building tools. They provide the largest index of the live links along with the platform for link builders to analyze their link profile.

This gives you a good idea regarding the current status of the link and ensures if all the Google guidelines are followed properly or not.

Ahrefss Review is based on the activates they perform for the link building tool. For Ahrefs Review here are some of the picked up areas to look at:

  1. Ahrefs Backlink checker-Ahrefs Review

The Backlink checker does an analysis of the links to your website from external links. You can have a glance on the analysis of previous days, month, or year etc. The reports are also going to show whether, as well as getting new links you have also lost links. Here are some of the reasons why you have lost links:

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  • Server is down- if the website that is linked to you is not available during the report then there is no other way of recognizing the link.
  • Homepage issue- A lot of websites has a summary of their latest content on their homepage and if the link to your article is here, then it will show that the link has vanished when the website replaces this content with more recent article or post.
  • Link removed- website can remove the link or remove the webpage on which the link is on.

If you are losing more links than gaining them, then you need to analyze the link that you are losing if it’s something to worry. It can be just a link for someone’s homepage that are now within blog post which is not something to worry about. If they are valid links, you could contact the website owner to link back to your site again.


  1. Link discovery-Ahrefs Review

If you are planning to build a new link campaign or you have already started a new one then link discovery can help you out with both easy and hard to duplicate link as well give you better insights on which technique will work perfectly for you and your website.

Ahrefs is a technical tool but the interface is has been designed in such a way that even a non technical person can also explore it with ease.

It lets you to have a cross check on the rank, internal and external links, page URLs and other necessary information. For ease of understand, you can use its filter option to check only those link which you desire.


  1. Anchor Phrase-Ahrefs Review

An important Ahrefs Review is Anchor Phrase, an important part for the SEO of any site or blog. Anchor Phrase is the one that you write inside <a>…</a> tags.

For example in the link <a href=”http://commonstupidman.com”> commonstupidman </a> is the Anchor text for the link.  In the old SEO days it was crucial that the links to your used words that directly matched the keyword you wanted to rank with the article. But now those days are gone.

Now if you have received 50 links from 50 different domains and all are using the same anchor tags then the search engine will consider those as spam. Alternatively you should use different variations of Anchor Phrases. Like you can use different combinations of Anchor Phrases while building a link.

By making use of these links you can recognize these links and if you find all the domains have used the same Anchor texts then you can request the owner to remove or edit the link.


  1. Pages/Domains linked you-Ahrefs Review

By using Ahrefs tool you can get detailed report of all the Domains you have received links. By utilizing this report you can analyze the performance. If there is no increase in your link then you should reconsider your content strategy and look for useful and attractive content so that your bloggers can link you.


  1. SEO Audit and Report- Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs allows you to run report on your blog and website and analyze each aspects of SEO. This report will provide many results. The main aspects are:

  • Description for all articles
  • H1/H2 tags used
  • Error while accessing any pages
  • Performance of pages

As H1/H2 tags are essential for SEO of any website, so if you don’t have ample amount of tags, check up your post and try to create.


  1. Competitor Analysis- Ahrefs Review

One of the best Ahrefs Review based on the clients is to analyze the competitor’s performance. By comparing your blog with the top blogs in the business you can analyze other sites and can see how they are performing well.

As per Ahrefs Review you can say that it is a power pack research tool for your blog by which you can not only analyze your blog but also check your competitor’s performance. So try this great tool and share your experience.

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