Agency SEO Reseller Guide -The Ultimate SEO Reseller Guide For Agencies 2021

Agency SEO Reseller Guide – In today’s world where everything is just a click away, courtesy the internet, companies are on their toes to grab eyeballs. With competition so fierce and cut throat, every company with a website has probably heard of the term SEO or search engine optimization.

If your site is not optimized, your chances of appearing on the first page of the Google search are almost zero.  Research shows that more than 70% of the users click on organic search results instead of paid ads.

While SEO is very important, it also a complex process, and understanding and implementing it requires professional expertise. It is better to hire professional white label SEO companies, like Caffeinated that you can safely outsource to, rather than doing it yourself as it is highly unlikely that you would be able to understand and implement it as efficiently as they would.

Agency SEO Reseller Guide

Agency SEO Reseller Guide -The Ultimate SEO Reseller Guide For Agencies


How will outsourcing help you?

When you outsource your SEO, you get the professional expertise of a company whose core business is optimization. They have a dedicated team and a complete structure designed to give you maximum results.

They have highly skilled copywriters who will create SEO friendly, relevant content for your site. This content will be analyzed and monitored to produce desired results such as increased traffic and, improved search rankings.  

They can also help you with PPC ads, link building and audits to make all your digital marketing tools work together and produce excellent results.  

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Why Should You Outsource?

  • Outsourcing your SEO is cost-effective and more efficient than doing it in-house. You get your SEO managed by a team of experts and free yourself from the hassle of learning it or hiring employees for this purpose.
  • You will have access to more information by putting in less time and effort. When you try to do it yourself chances are you will be making a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of time. You may not even know where you went wrong or how to do it the right way.
  • On the other hand, when you outsource it, the company will provide you with a portal where you can see exactly what is happening and track every activity. This process not only lets you keep the control in your hand but also keeps you informed about every activity.
  • Outsourcing SEO will produce better results for you and your clients. Your partner company’s only goal is to produce better results and they have professional expertise in the field. You can try doing it yourself, but that will only take away the share of your time which you should be investing in your core business activities. You will have one less thing to worry about as it is already being handled by experts.
  • Reselling SEO will result in happy clients. Retention rate will increase and with good services being provided, you will be able to land new clients.  You will have experts working for your clients.


How to Select a Reseller

When selecting a reseller, you need to focus on the values that the reseller practices. This is equally important to the work that they produce.

Any reputable company will practice the right kind of ways to produce results. There may be easier ways to get results but they are mostly short lived and the users may even question your client’s credibility.

A good SEO company follow what is called white hat SEO. White hat SEO are techniques that focus on producing relevant, quality information to the audience. The opposite of white hat SEO is black hat SEO which uses tricks and methods to manipulate the search engines, you can see the differences between the two types of SEO

Some of such techniques are spam links, cloaking, paid links and stuffing keywords. Not only is it bad for your clients’ business, your client may even be penalized for adopting such practices.


Other Things to Look at

  • You need to make sure that the company you are hiring has the capability to handle multiple tasks with ultimate efficiency. This simply boils down to their expertise in producing results. They should be able to explain any concept or information to you. They should have some prior success stories to share and provide with tools which help you track their efforts.
  • The content writing material that the company produces should be of high quality. They should understand your clients’ business and the kind of content they are looking for. Your partner company should be communicative and keep you informed about the ongoing activities and progress.  They should be willing to spend time brainstorm ideas.
  • You need check the company’s reputation and quality of service. You can do this by checking for reviews about the company. They should have good online rankings and reviews.
  • Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to check for relevant experience. You should look for a company which has experience working with your industry.

Outsourcing SEO will benefit you by increasing productivity and efficiency. Managing everything In-house is not always a wise decision especially when you have little or no knowledge about the subject. This should be a task for experts.

It is important to keep in mind that quality SEO may not produce immediate results and may take time to show progress but when it does, the results will be exceptional, and that is what you are aiming at.


Bio: Richard Dean is a Director at Caffeinated, one of the fastest growing link building and content creation agencies. He has started and invested in a number of startups since 2008, but found his real passion with digital marketing.

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