3 Best Affiliate Marketing Business Model For Newbies 2021

Best Affiliate Marketing Business Model – 

I plan to create this guide because I was getting email everyday from newbie that how they make money online on long term basis. I asked them always what their skill /what are the interest areas but most of them just wanted to make money and don’t know their weakness and strengthens.

After giving suggestion of CPA, YouTube Marketing to newbie I found that many of them are losing  money and getting demotivated. As you also know CPA marketing take lot of testing to get a successful campaign.

I started work on a niche site just to test how this ll go and I found it very lucrative. Even I also failed in initial stage but later we finally cracked the code. So I thought to make a guide on this topic and cover all the area. You ll see that we have covered all the areas of this particular topic and try to make it easy so that everyone can understand.

Common Question We Get From People like – How to start making money on internet marketing, How do I get started with internet marketing?”,how to make long term income from IM , How to make passive income via blog, How to make a affiliate review site , how to make authority affiliate blog,which is the Best Affiliate Marketing Business Model etc

So we are going to cover the most lucrative business below by the way my simple answer – Pick a niche, create a blog / website around it and make affiliate commission .

Pretty simple right? But no this is not that simple, When we start making a niche site we faced tons of issues which you ll be going to face for sure. And all those issues ll be covering below.

3 ways to build a profitable niche sites – Best Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Note –  There are more ways I know but I prefer these 3 ways as of now . Let me know if you have more lucrative business model.

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Chapter 1 –Affiliate Marketing Business Model 

So let’s start first with How to Create Your Own Product Review Sites


After researching a lot I found that there are two kind of affiliates sites which make money Authority review site and mini review sites.

Authority Sites  – These sites are like which promote products on a very wide range and due to authority flow they get sales and traffic also . For example – A internet marketing based niche site – www.matthewwoodward.co.uk

Mini Review Sites – These sites are my favorites , generally they cover very narrow niche like health >> Pain >> Hill Pain ,  beauty  >> Bigger Butts – http://howtogetabiggerbutt.info/

Remember one thing both of them belong to different model Authority Sites take much time, tons of content , need to be update regularly, quality back links etc so that they can get rank whenever they publish post. Have to invest $$$$$ to start making money from authority sites.

Whereas mini review products sites need 20-30 content pages, good keyword research, very near to set and forget system . So it depend on you which site you want to create but remember if you are going for mini review site then –  “Don’t make it so narrow because if you model get success then you must have a scope to expand the site.”

Pick very carefully because both models have different pros and cons , Authority sites always have more benfits then mini review site and if you have time and money than go authority site . if you don’t want to invest much on one site then go for mini review sites.

Let me tell you details about both model so that you can decide easily –

Authority Site

There are tons of authority sites available on every niches ,Even they cover many categories of the niches, to get recognize as a authority sites of that particular niche you have to create Awesome piece of content.  This is the only way people ll trust you and give you their money for your advice and suggestion.

To establish as authority you must know about that niche and find your competitors, look on their content and make your content more lucrative. You can use Skyscraper technique to do this.

Again I am saying Authority site have to deliver quality content because poor content is not at all acceptable.

Advantage of Authority Site


  • Can build a brand on that niche that is memorable and well known in the niche.
  • People ll love to hear from you and do what you say. They ll come on your site again and again.
  • Expansion has now limit , You can expand your site for unlimited categories.
  • You ll high engagement and low bounce rates. You ll be making passive income also.
  • Search engine ll not be the only source of traffic , You ll get tons of direct and referral traffic .If you are building list then you ll make more money for sure and get visitor whenever you want.

Disadvantage of Authority Site


  • Need to work a lot ,constant update required on blog / website .
  • Required expert level of knowledge on particular niche.
  • Set And Forget system can be very difficult on this model.
  • Becoming as a brand and expert on that niche ll take too much time and very difficult also.

How To Make Authority Affiliate Site Which Provide Value


As I said earlier authority sites has to deliver value, So you may be thinking how you can do that right ?

You have to write about latest trends, news of that niche, write HOW TO related article on that niche ,solve people problems, review products , compare products ,release infographic , guest post etc .

But make sure you have written article which of high quality and after reading it visitor want to visit again and again your site . This is long term approach which requires time and efforts.

This is not an easy task , You have to invest more time and money . I prefer to hire bunch of quality writers ,hire a graphic designer and then start off.

Do not just pick a niche like Health , try to go little narrow but don’t go too narrow , Always maintain the scope where you can write review of new upcoming products .

Tip – I always pick a niche where tons of product launches happen and I never get out of review idea 

List Building


Now let me tell you a secret which is known by every one but very know how to use it. You may be get thousands of visitors on site and making few sales also but is there any way you can reach them again ?

I guess your answer is no .

That why have to go for list building I do for my blog also  🙂  , Catch up your visitors via email marketing also and see tremendous result.

Always make your sites aim to get high quality and responsive email list, this will give you more independency on sending traffic whenever you create new blog post , it will also help you to build relationship with your visitor and you can also make promo on list.

Always give value and more value to visitor , The moment people ll started loving you ,trust you that moment you can start promoting products and make cash.

You can start with GetResponse Or Aweber ($1 Trial Offer) .. These two email marketing services are well established and trusted.

Mini Affiliate Site


Mini affiliate sites consists not more than 20 pages. They have review pages, product comparison page and all the page are ranking back to home page. This kind of site can be create in less time and less effort .

You have to be very good in keyword research and domain selection as most of traffic comes from search engines only.

People always get confused to pick domain name –  I always recommend to go for branded domains and not for exact match domain but still some people are making good money from extract match domain also.

Tip –  For keyword research use Long Tail Pro .

Mini affiliate sites can be created by anyone who don’t want to put much effort and looking for easy approach.


Advantage of Mini Review Sites


  • No Need to invest too much money and time. Very less content are required.
  • Kind of set and forget system after implementation successfully .
  • No need to focus on email list and social love.
  • Just capture buying keywords , as they convert more and get you targeted keywords
  • Maintenance is very easy of such sites.


Disadvantage of Mini Review Site


  • Very limited scope and cannot be expand easily .
  • Have to depend on search engine only for traffic . No other traffic source .
  • One time sales only and then your customer ll gone . You cannot catch them back.
  • The moment google punish you everything will be lost
  • You cannot rank for every keywords .

How To Make Mini Affiliate Review Site Which Provide Value


Mini review sites deliver very less value as far I  have seen , Even most of the time sites owner never used the product but recommend to visitor. Very few of mini sites are delivering value . Content is the only to deliver the value .

You have to make sure that your visitor click on amazon or any other retailer link and rest of the work retailer site ll do . These kind of retailer sites are very high convertible and even cookie has been placed. if you user bought the product today or later you ll get commission for sure.

Example – pickmyshaver.com , DoubleStrollersGuide.com, Bestadjustabledumbbells.org

Now you must be thinking how you can build a mini review site right ?

Just navigate to amazon search for products options (pick a product category) and then open your long tail pro , Try to find low competitive and decent search keyword and create a review site around that keyword only. Make sure to write high quality review articles so that people forced to get buy .



Now you have idea about both affiliate marketing business model, authority and mini sites review . You must pick after doing a quite research . You must know your resources and budget and then pick a model.

Both kind of model is profitable it’s just a matter of decision and thinking

Chapter 2 – Affiliate Marketing Business Model 

How To Make Price Comparison Sites

Here we are talking about some serious business Yes guys , This price comparison sites are very huge business. One source said that 40% car insurance has been bought from comparison sites only. People always love to compare products and then buy. Even we do it right ?

Some of the big affiliates / multi millionaire affiliates are using this model and this is long term too .

Visitor visit the comparison site >> find the suitable price for the product >> click on the price >> redirect to main retailer sites >> BooM Commission Incoming

Seem Easy !!! But it is not trust me

To attract visitors you have to give more value and information, Need to post continue and have to update your blog when ever new information comes related to the products.

I am not saying that we cant make comparison site , What I am saying is do not pick generic category or niche ,go little narrow and then make a comparison site.

People are making comparison site for laptop, mobiles, cycles , etc so you can make comparison site on any niche.


Advantage of Comparison Sites


  • No need to write review articles like we have to write on review sites or affiliate blog site . Just create a comparison table and update that when ever new info comes.
  • Untapped market (insurance , car, mobile , laptop etc generic niches are covered but still huge scope available )

Disadvantage Comparison Sites


  • Ranking on search engines is very difficult as content ll be too low but we can manage to get traffic social media and referral
  • Require a team and budget to setup a working site. Most of generic niches has been already dominated

How To Make Price Comparison Site Which Provide Value


No matter you are building a big comparison site or a small site you have to offer value and more value . This is the only way you can get loyal visitors. Try to give something extra as comparison to your competitors.

You can give info about a product like –  price ,data, reviews , user guides , statistics , etc These are some common info which every one gives ,you have to dig more in your niche and have to find what else you can give.

The more information you ll give to your visitors the more they ll visit your site again and again .This is how you can gain trust and loyalty.

The best is to alert your visitor when ever price go down or high, new color arrival, send them new products review , coupon code, promo code ,discount code etc.

I hope you are getting my point give them extra always and see the sales coming in for sure.

Skyscanner and Moneysupermarket are example of big comparison site ,swogo and wine-searcher.com is the example of niche based comparison sites.

So go out now and search about your interest and pick your niche , Do not just go too oblivious ok .

Narrow down your niche, start a clean site and dominate your niche with your extra ordinary information.

Chapter 3 – Affiliate Marketing Business Model 

How To Create Discount And Coupon Code Sites


Before starting this section let me tell you one thing that I never liked this model until I read a awesome post on viperchill. After reading post I got to know that this is also a untapped market and have lot of potential.

I used to think that why retailer site like amazon is giving commission to a discount site for giving a sale on such a low price , Even the buyers is searching for amazon coupon code that means buyers is ready to buy from amazon.

Amazon knew that buyers is going to now or later but he ll buy then why amazon is giving commission and spreading coupons . But after some time I realize that this is also a way to get new buyers and give more value to existing buyers.

Now those people are started buying online who never bought anything and guess what after getting good products on such a  low price they are becoming a loyal customer to amazon or any other retail website.

How Discount and Coupon Site Work ?


I know your thinking how coupon site work , So basically they create a coupon or discount code , buyer click on that and a new amazon tab open with  a cookie placed . The moment you buy coupon site make the commission .

Some time they placed a coupon code and make you to click on the affiliate link ,you buy and they get commission.

The good news is that this coupon market has not been penetrated yet so you can still dig in and placed your mark any time.


Advantage of Coupon Code Site


  • Those people who don’t like to write much content then this is business model for them.
  • Discount and some extra info can give value to customers.
  • Industry is untapped and tons of retailers are out there which can be applied.
  • There are many niche still untapped other than the generic like fashion,technology,travel, etc
  • Ranking will be easier as comparison to other site because most of them getting backlinks from junk sites. If you can manage to get high quality backlinks then BOOM.


Disadvantage of Coupon Site


  • Tons of competition in the market and your may require funding also
  • Have to depend to search engine / SEO to drive traffic . Otherwise have to pour money on the paid marketing.
  • Have to come up with some extra ordinary idea to get visitor and backlinks.


How To Make Coupon Site Which Provides Value


So these kind of coupon or discount site can deliver value by just giving nice and decent discount to the visitors .

If you are able to give nice discount then you are already giving value and your buyers ll come again on your site for sure when is planning to buy.

Reatilmenot and fatwallet are the some example of big coupons site and they successful also. And if you are looking for some small coupon sites then just visit google and search them you ll find tons of them.

Coupon Site Conclusion

Coupon site are very lucrative business which is still untapped . What you can do is pick a niche do not go too oblivious and make a coupon site around it . Before making a coupon site make sure that people are spending money on that niche and affiliate program are already available .

Creative with you traffic strategy because you cannot depend on Google only or any other search engines. It is wise decision to build list from the day one and then promote coupon code via emails.

Wrapping Up The Whole – Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Now you have read the 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Business Model For Newbies  and I am sure got a good idea what affiliate business model you can go for. I am not saying that this is the only affiliate business model out there . You can find more or create one also but the way trends is changing I prefer to go with these three as of now.

Let me know if you have nay other business model I would be very happy to add in the articles.

I know that some of you didn’t like these three business model you still looking for some thing else, In this case you can contact me via emails (Subscribe my mails to connect with me) but I have one condition Ill help you only if you are willing to invest atleast $5 for your future .

Looking forward to interact with you guys

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