Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide 2020 – Get Started Now

Hey Guys, After a long time I am writing a article on Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide. I feel that after selling some cool courses still my readers need to understand that affiliate marketing has some basic way to go on. So today I am going to give you some working way to make money online via affiliate marketing.

Note – By the way before going further I would like to remind you that I am running Shopify store since two months now and its going awesome so if you have any question regarding Shopify course or any thing related to eCommerce you can ask me any time.

Now lets get started Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide  And I hope you will not have excuses after reading this.

Overall there are 4 step to make money online via affiliate marketing .

Affiliate Marketing Cheats – Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide

  • Understand why people need your affiliated products and solve their problems.

If you products is solving some one problems , or giving some real value to the end users than only people will buy otherwise they are going to ignore it.

  • Build trust and credibility among your readers .

To Build trust and credibility among your readers , you have to put everything honest online, Do not promote junk products ,low quality content or something just to make some commission.

  • Need To Deliver Value To Your Customer

You have to give them real value that all you have to do. Be HONEST with your readers.

  • Select high converting offer and high EPC’s (Affiliate marketer would understand what I am talking about here)
  • Do not promote any products which has high Refund Rate 
  • Use and buy those products which you are recommending ,This will create more value among your readers.
  • Check out weather the products is reputable or creator has some good track record.
  • If there is problem ,You have to provide solutions 
  • Check the sales funnel yourself before promoting products.
  • You also have to make sure that product creator is not sending some spam or promotion mails only.
  • Check the upsells and OTO’s also (one time offer) also before promoting sales funnels.
  • Ask yourself would you like to buy this for yourself.
  • Make sure your are building your email list , giving value to them and making sales over and over
  • Do not send the direct traffic to sales page directly , You must capture your customer email,phone ,name etc.
  • If you can build a blog and build a trust and increase sales.
  • Always complete your commitment with your subscriber.
  • Do not give up on free traffic , after some time this free traffic is going to turn up for sure.
  • Always remember Email traffic is the best traffic source for affiliate sale.
  • Paid traffic is so scale-able and so first get traffic , capture their email and then send them to valuable products. 
  • Take your business seriously ,This is the only way you will build trust and you will know your number before promoting anything.
  • Use some attractive headline or email subject so that people love to open you emails.
  • Clickable images will get you more traffic on the sales page / landing page.
  • Scarcity always work – If products is going to hang up for little time on the web than you should tell people and create scarcity.
  • Re-Send email to your readers again so that your open & click rates will increase.
  • Test More And Track everything in your promotions. Tracking is the sign of the mature affiliate marketers.
  • Get written some good email copy and make them templates. I use some copy email and this will definitely increase sales,conversion,interaction etc.
  • Story telling is work like a charms but this should sound real and honest.
  • Email segmentation will give more money and control on your email marketing campaign.
  • Send regular emails to your list to build trust.
  • Send some valuable emails to your list other than promotions also.
  • Do not use same kind of headline over and over
  • Countdown timers also work to create scarcity , I use them also.

I hope you are enjoying Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide , If yes then please share this with your friends and family.

Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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  • Pick profitable niches to make more money online with affiliate marketing.
  • Provide result based email to your readers and see your commission skyrocket.
  • Honest review emails always convert , So write them with out hesitation.
  • Bonus email increase sales also.
  • Try to cover all the FAQ’s
  • Most sales will come on first and last day . So do not forget to remind your readers.
  • Send some case study also , People love case studies.
  • What ever you are telling on email , If you have proof of that than see the sales skyrocket yourself.
  • Add multiple links on email, There is no harm adding link in your promo emails.
  • Try to understand what your reader needs and provide them 
  • Review video over a shoulder these days working best for affiliate marketers.
  • Promote those good products which can bring you some recurring income .
  • Do not hesitate to promote high end products .
  • Promote products which is tested by you or created by some one who has good reputation.
  • Include powerful words like – discover,Imagine, dream etc
  • Remove the banner ads , People overlooked them these days
  • Be original and honest , You ll see a good number of followers soon.
  • Stop being a salesman , Be a helper 
  • Do not promote only for commissions
  • Show products comparison if possible .
  • Stick with those niches where you have some hold.
  • Get personal and build a good relationship with your readers 
  • Put call to action , People need a guidance that what they have to do .
  • Do not hide that you are getting commission , Be honest with your readers.
  • I personally avoid hype and you should I guess.
  • Avoid  swipes files. I mean create your own swipes and build a connection with your readers.
  • Do not just promote every time , Give your reader value content more.
  • Show your data, screenshots, video to your reader so that they can rely on you.
  • Get your reader to click on the link that it, Selling is the job which is done by sales page.

I hope guys you liked my “Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide”  you will also implement this tips on your affiliate marketing campaign.

Let me tell you the basic steps once again of this Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner’s Guide.

  1. pick high converting offer / products.
  2. Drive targeted traffic to the sales page.
  3. Or drive traffic to your landing page , build list then promotions.
  4. See your commission hitting the top.

Now you have affiliate marketing cheat sheet with you, implement it and ask me in the comment box below if you have any question.

Remember I am always available on email so its better to subscriber my new letter.



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