Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    Priyanshu Singh


    Priyanshu Singh is a gaming and entertainment enthusiast with a passion for all things fun and exciting. He is constantly on the lookout for the next big adventure and loves nothing more than losing himself in a great game or movie. Whether he's battling enemies in a virtual world or kicking back with a good book, Priyanshu is always up for a good time. So if you're looking for a partner in crime to share in your love of gaming and entertainment, look no further than Priyanshu Singh!

    Yamini Rai

    HR Head And Soft Skill Trainer

    Yamini Rai Works @CommonStupidMan.Com as HR Head And Soft Skill Trailer. Yamini Rai is a soft skill facilitator & a corporate coach & a psychologist, she is passionate about knowing & developing personality traits of people & nurturing mental health by providing one to one coaching & counselling. She helps people to build their soft skills to face the professional world. And Obisouly a GAME LOVER

    Shahnawaz Sadique

    Editor And Web Master

    Meet Shahnawaz, a lifelong gamer and avid news follower in the gaming And Entertainment industry. He brings fresh perspectives and in-depth analysis to the latest gaming news and releases. Follow him for all things gaming

    Shashank Yagnik


    Shashank Yagnik is a gaming enthusiast who spends his days playing the latest and greatest video games. With a passion for all things gaming, he is always on the lookout for the next big title to sink his teeth into. Whether he is strategizing with his team in a competitive online match or exploring the vast open worlds of his favorite games, Shashank is truly in his element when he is gaming. Whether he is streaming his gameplay on Twitch or sharing his thoughts on the latest releases on his blog, Shashank is a true gaming aficionado and always has something interesting to say.

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