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99CentArticles Review

99CentArticles Review

If you are wondering how to write a fruitful article then definitely one thing that will strike your mind is content of the article, well it becomes vitally important to think because content is the boss or you can say it is a ruler. Whatever content you work with, you have to put on your thoughts, idea, viewpoint and concept in a structured and convincing manner to another prerequisite such that the visitors to your article should value your work. The writing should be simple, correct and easy to digest English.

The articles provided by 99CentArticles.com are of such type. The professionals working at 99CentArticles to write articles, submit articles, create press releases, and top quality SEO campaigns for your business to earn maximum profit and help achieve 1st page Google ranking for your website. This company has been in the run for a while now and they are still growing up and running. It seems like this business is taking a steep positive slope. This website really understands how difficult, time consuming and totally tedious article writing and marketing could be. In a recent survey writing articles and submission articles was said to be one of the most time killing task internet marketers’ face day to day.

99CentArticles is skilled enough in submitting the articles to places like EzineArticles, one of the best and toughest article directories to be approved online. Looking over all 99CentArticles reviews, you will find that this had been possible due to the quality writers ready to provide service to their customer round the clock. While going through the first   99CentArticles review you can find delighted customers with fantastic reviews and quiet impressive too.

Before ordering or purchasing any product or service what will you do first? If I am not wrong you want to know all the pros and cons of the product and service before you use them. Internet is the best medium to share the reviews and suggestion for the product or service of your interest.

Here are some of the 99CentArticles Review by customers of different business groups:

  • Ruth Hendrickson

I just received 3 articles and they are of excellent quality, better than expected. They were received quickly too. Thanks Michel!

  • Malex

Hi Michael,

I have been one of your regular customers. With a good work ethic and excellent services provided I am very satisfied, its nice when I am working with you guys. Many times you’d surpassed my expectation. Articles written always been solid and well researched while order delivery mostly ahead of schedule.

Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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Thanks Michel. I am absolutely delighted with your service.

  • Kevin Barham

Wow! -An absolutely fantastic service. I am totally delighted with my articles. I gave Michael a rather tricky brief and he delivered in all areas. I have previously paid other suppliers far more than I paid 99Cent Articles.com and have not received articles of this high quality.

I am 100% satisfied with the end result and the turnaround. Michael you were totally efficient in answering my questions before ordering. I will certainly be ordering more. Thank you 5 stars! Will be in contact soon.


The more you come across 99CentArticles review, it sounds as if created by a client that is really satisfied and happy with the service they have obtained. If some how you come across a semi bad 99CentArticles review, it ends up with a good review as the company will rewrite it to the customer’s preference. If there is such condition where the client is still not satisfied with the work of the company or the content, then the company will make sure that customer is pleased or they even refund their money to save the company’s integrity and it’s relation with the client.

With so many 99CentArticles review you will come to know how much dedicated and serious the company is on getting the work done. They take almost every customer to their core and demand nothing more from them. If the buyer is satisfied then the business along with the writer is only content which will eventually lead to satisfaction of the writers and the company.

No matter which ever company it is, how famous it be, what position it has secured if the company has some pros then you can find cons also.

Here are some of the pros based on 99CentArticles review:

  • Unique content: If you run a website, it demand purely unique content in order to gain top rank in Google and this content is provided by 99CentArticles. The articles are fine with WEB 2.0 spamming and content cracking needed to build blacklinks to your website.
  • This site invites for a 500 word article for not more than $5, which is quiet good offer.
  • They have good potential to process large quantity of articles within a reasonable period of time.


The cons based on 99CentArticles review are:

  • It requires massive editing if you want to submit them to quality edit content sites like com.
  • Some sentences are running short of making any sense.
  • They were trained to plagiarize content for the given subject by the customer.
  • Articles are written by non English speaking writers and the company claims that all writers are 100% native English speaking writers.
  • No screening process for writers and they doesn’t even check on articles using CopyScape before sending article to you.
  • Writers many times fail to understand most of the topics even popular ones like Affiliate Marketing, SEO etc.


After going through this 99CentArticles review you might be wondering whether to place an order or to just escape this site, well as per me,

You will get what you pay for, low price but inferior quality- if you are okay with it then you must go for this site else escape it. For more help and information on 99Cent Articles review just click over 99CentArticles.com and find out all about this site if you find something fruitful for you then go for it!

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