8 Jobs for College Students to Earn Money Online

College is quite expensive, and students should find different ways to make money. As a student, you have so many opportunities for part-time jobs. All you have to do is make sure you come up with a working schedule. You should never miss lectures because you’re working. Conversely, you shouldn’t also disappoint your employer because you don’t find out exactly when you have lectures.

You need excellent time management skills to pull this off. Make sure you wake up early whether you have classes or not; whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. This way, you can complete most of your tasks in the morning and have the rest of the day to find ways to make money.

The best part about working part-time as a student is that you’ll get the experience you need when you finally graduate. As you know, companies and organizations like to employ candidates who have commercial experience under their belts.

If writing is your forte, you should consider offering fellow students essay writing services. This way, you get to revise your notes and get money in the same breath.

Here are 8 jobs you should consider as a student to earn money on the side.

1.     Working at the School Cafeteria

The school cafeteria is always on the lookout for employees. If you’re good at serving food, you should apply for a job here. This is an excellent part-time job because you get to work within the school premises. Another advantage is that you’ll have an easy time explaining your absentia in case of an examination.

2.     Librarian

You can choose to work at the school library or at a public school library away from the school premises. Working as a librarian is pretty easy because all you’ll be dealing with is inquiries.

Since the library is so quiet, you get ample time to study and earn your money at the end of the day.

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3.     Gym Assistant

If you love to work out, you might as well take up a job at the gym. As a gym assistant, you get to help people stick to their workout regime.

Remember to get appropriate gym wear to maximize on this opportunity. You can get your daily workout in as you help other people do the same.

4.     Cleaning Hostels

This is another easy job because most of the hostels are clean. Ensure that the schools provides you with all the tools you need. Check out cleaning service Chicago to see one real example.

5.     Tutor

You can choose to tutor primary, secondary and college students. To be a tutor, you have to be proficient in the subject you choose to teach. This means that you’ll excel in your academic exams as well.

6.     Baby Sitting

If you love babies, this is the perfect job for you. You get to spend time with kids and get paid for it.

7.     Walking Dogs

Are you a pet lover? If so then you’ll love walking dogs for pay.

8.     House Management

This is an excellent opportunity to explore different home designs for when you’re finally ready to own one.


As a college student, you should find a suitable part-time job so you get extra cash to purchase all the supplies you need in college. Make sure that you manage your time well so your academics do not suffer as a result.

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