8 Effective Ways to Optimize Product Pages for Higher Conversions On Niche Sites 2020

Optimize Product Pages for Higher Conversions: For an e-commerce business, it is your goal to lead your customers to your product pages and to encourage them to make a purchase thereafter. There are many factors that can affect whether these potential customers will decide to buy or would decide to leave. The most important thing is to provide safe and secure environment, especially during the payment. Account verification excludes frauds, and the best offer on the market is video identification, by Fully Verified. Click here to learn more about Fully-Verified.

Here are 8 ways on how you can optimize your product pages so that you can have higher conversions:

Simulate popular stores’ strategies

There’s nothing wrong with simulating what successful sites are doing. Of course, you cannot copy everything they are doing, but what you can do is to understand how they design your site and take inspiration from it.

Take time to understand all the site elements of popular e-commerce stores and assess your own. How much faster do their sites load? How did they design their navigation? How do they lay out their product pages? It would be great if you can simulate what’s good with their site, and where possible, do even better.

Make use of product photos to your advantage

Product photos can be a great help for your product pages. You should give your product photos a lot of attention as most of the time, your customers would focus more on the photos than the product descriptions you will provide.

Make sure to make use of high-quality photos, and that you provide a focus on them. Also ensure that these photos, despite being high-quality, would also load quickly because it might defeat the purpose of using them if they load too slowly.

Make all costs visible

One of the faults of a few e-commerce sites is hiding costs as to help make the products appear cheaper. But at checkout, all the charges would eventually show up, and your customers would take these as hidden charges. A lot would be turned off with this.

What you should do is to be upfront with all pertinent costs from the beginning. There’s no use making your product appear cheap if, in the end, there are unaccounted charges anyway that will surprise your customers.

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If you really aim to please your customers, just provide some promotions that can help make transacting with you a lot better than doing so with your competitors. Promotions such as free shipping for a minimum purchase works well.

Make your product descriptions more substantial

When a customer has questions regarding your products for sale, your product descriptions are the usual avenue to find the answers they are looking for. However, not all product descriptions are able to provide the answers all the time.

In this light, you should make it a point to provide a meatier product description as compared to your competitors. It is always a great idea to provide substantial product descriptions so that those who are really interested in your products can be encouraged to make a purchase.

Some of the basic information you should include are the product material, features, care instructions, and manufacturer information.

When you provide a more substantial product description, you will also help yourself by lessening the number of inquiries made through calls, as well as lessening the number of returns brought about misalignment with the customers’ expectations.

Make your call-to-action stand out

Calls to action are only effective if they are noticeable enough, and if they are inviting enough. Some strategies involve making use of straightforward CTA buttons. And implementing a similar strategy may also be of help to you.

For your product pages, make it easy for your customers to choose the product specifications that work for them and if they are interested in completing their purchase, the add to cart button should be just around, waiting to be pressed by your customers.

After pressing the add to cart button, you also have a choice of just showing a message that a product has been added and your customers will remain on the product page they are on, or that your customers will be directed towards the checkout page. This is more of a personal choice.

On product photos, use a consistent background

One of the best practices for product photos on your product pages is the use of a consistent background – normally white. This helps show that you are consistent in everything you do, and it is also a lot more appealing than having random backgrounds for your product images. White helps highlight your product best.

Make sure to use of the right image size

Aside from having a consistent background for your product images, it is also best if you maintain a standard size for your photos. It is also ideal to maintain square-shaped photos to help make it easier to maintain the aspect ratio from whatever device your site is accessed from.

Also, make sure you use of an appropriate size – not too small, but not too big as well. Just make sure that the image can also be zoomed as a lot of customers want to take a closer look.

Make Use of Live Chat

One of the modern tools that can help you improve your conversion is live chat. This helps provide your customers with answers to questions that your product descriptions are unable to address. It also helps solve hesitations that your customers may have, promoting better conversion in the process.

These tips can help optimize your product pages so that you can also have better conversion rates. Implement these tips and you will surely feel the change. Some little tweaks can help bring about great results.


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