6 Underutilized Online Marketing Strategies That Yield Results 2022

Website? Check. PPC ads? Check. Social media accounts? Check. You’ve covered all the obvious content marketing bases, so what more can you be doing to boost traffic and increase conversions? Quite a bit more, actually. Read on to learn more about the top six underutilized online content marketing strategies that have the potential to generate more traffic, increase sales, and introduce your brand to new audiences.

1.    Relaunch Old Content

It happens to the best of marketers, and it’s bound to have happened to you. You wrote an epic blog post, published it, and then … Nothing. You didn’t receive any comments, backlinks, increases in traffic, or any type of engagement at all. Should you just chalk your efforts as a loss?  Mark Crumpacker says no.

If at first you don’t succeed, assess what you did wrong and try again. Maybe your content lacked images? Maybe the blocks of text were too overwhelming? Maybe you needed to back your assertions with a case study? Review similar, high performing content to see what it does that your content doesn’t, and make the appropriate changes. Once you’ve revised the content, republish it and wait for the magic to happen.

2.    Use Hashtags

Hashtags are so overrated, or are they? There’s a reason you see hashtags everywhere, and it’s because they work. Hashtags make your content searchable and help to promote your content beyond your network. To use them effectively, make sure your hashtags relate to your content and include popular search terms for your industry or product. If your brand isn’t synonymous with your offerings (think Apple to smartphones), refrain from using your name as a hashtag.

3.    Repurpose Old Content

One of the easiest ways to boost website traffic is to repurpose old content, yet so many marketers fail to do just that. Go through your old content to see how you can make it better. Maybe you can combine two shorter posts into one in-depth article, or add images and links to a mediocre performing post. If you want to share a post to a different channel such as, say, LinkedIn or Tumblr, adapt the post so that it’s in line with the audience’s preferences and expectations.

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Other creative ways to repurpose old content include making a video from a blog post, creating an infographic that contains the condensed information of a long-form article, and using snippets of content for social media posts.

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4.    Post to Social Media

Speaking of social media, if you’re not on it or posting to it regularly, you’re missing out. Your audience hangs out on social media, a lot. The key is to determine on which outlet or outlets your audience is on the most. If you want to advertise to busy CEOs and driven entrepreneurs, turn to LinkedIn. If you cater to the artistic types, consider Instagram. If you want to catch people late at night or early in the morning, post to Facebook. Regardless of which outlets you use, social media is a free and effective way to expand your reach and catch your existing audience’s attention.

5.    Target Long-Tail Keywords

“How can you increase your website traffic?” “Is social media effective?” “Should you outsource your content marketing or keep it in house?” These are all search queries people are likely to use, yet so few marketers incorporate the full query into their content. Instead, they target keywords and phrases such as “content marketing” or “social media.” Considering how saturated the internet is with information, many businesses struggle to gain traction with the standard keywords. If you’re one of them, consider using long-tail keywords.

Think of ways in which consumers might search for your products or services and incorporate those exact queries into your content. Doing so will give you an opportunity not only to rank higher but possibly even rank in the top three positions.

6.    Interlink Your Posts

You link to other business’s posts and credible sites all the time, but do ever show your own posts some love? If not, maybe it’s time to start doing so. After all, you have all this great information in your other articles, which you took considerable time to research and write. In fact, your other posts show such thought and insight that others feel comfortable linking to them, so you should be too.

It’s okay to link to your own content. In fact, Quicksprout encourages you to, as it provides for “stack-abilty.” Stack-ability increases the amount of time a user spends on your site, which lends to your credibility and boosts your search engine rankings. Just be careful that when you do link to your own posts, the posts to which you link are relevant to the content on the origin page, otherwise Google may ding you for “link-baiting.”

There are dozens of steps you can take to generate awareness, increase traffic, and boost conversions. Begin with these six to start seeing measurable results quickly.

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