5 Lesser-Known Tools for Digital Marketers


From standing on street corners to managing social media accounts from the comfort of our homes, marketing has changed a lot in the past century. And that’s a good thing! With this evolution comes diversification of the industry, and there are so many fields in marketing that anyone could land themselves a job in marketing.

Never has there been an easier time for marketers. The growth of the Internet has allowed marketers—specifically digital marketers—to take advantage of software—tools that make their jobs a lot easier. And trust me when I say there are many tools made just for digital marketers.

Not only do some of these software tools help marketers, well, market, but some software tools make digital marketers’ jobs much easier and can help them market more effectively. So, that said, what are some of these tools?

5 Software Recommendations for Digital Marketers

1. A VPN to Encrypt Your Data

Digital marketers are always on the move, meaning they are constantly accessing their tools and websites from public hotspots. But this is less-than-ideal due to the often-lax security standards public networks follow. Cybercriminals lurk on public networks looking for their next victim, someone they can steal data from and spy on.

When connecting to a public network, it’s important for digital marketers to take necessary precautions, one of which is encrypting their data. There are multiple ways to do this, but I recommend to download VPN software for guaranteed data encryption.

A VPN encrypts your device’s data and makes sure your online activity is masked from any cybercriminal on the network, letting you work in peace.

2. Feedly to keep Track of Popular Sites and Topics

Part of being a digital marketer is scouring the Internet for the latest hot topics—scrolling through pages and pages of results for what will bring in the most clicks. Doing so can be frustrating, but with Feedly, staying up-to-date has never been easier.

Feedly compiles multiple news feeds into a list and lets you filter what you want to see. For example, if you want news stories only related to video games, you can do that! Feedly is an important part of any digital marketer’s arsenal.

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3. Grammarly to Fix Grammar Mistakes

Nothing is worse than spending hours working on your latest article only to have it sent back due to typos. Absolutely nothing. To make sure your writing stays up-to-par, install Grammarly.

Grammarly is free and scans your document to find any grammar mistakes, both minor and major. Admittedly, the free version is a bit limited in what it can do, but it’s still worth it.

4. Hootsuite for Social Media Marketing

Feedly helps digital marketers find the latest news stories and headlines, but it doesn’t help them reach out to others within that industry, people involved in the stories. However, social media allows marketers to work with people and find the best ways to market.

Managing social media can be a tedious process, however. But with Hootsuite, it doesn’t have to be! Hootsuite allows digital marketers to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule tweets/posts, and more. If you deal with social media on a regular basis, do yourself a favor and install Hootsuite.

5. Canva to Create Unique Designs

Not all digital marketing involves typing up articles and interacting with social media on a regular basis. No, some digital marketers stick to creating unique, eye-catching designs that will help a business or service attract customers.

Doing this by scratch, especially when needing to create multiple designs, can be difficult. This is where Canva comes in.

Canva is an intuitive program that allows digital marketers to choose from a myriad of templates or create their own. Best part? Canva projects can be shared team-wide, making it a great tool for marketing teams.


It’s important for digital marketers to open themselves up to other types of software besides software dedicated to marketing. Yes, mastering marketing software is important, but so is your security. So is your efficiency. With these software tool recommendations, you’ll open up your world to software that will not only help you market better but will also allow you to become more efficient and more secure.

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